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Processing/Deportation Area


Nov 23, 2011
Rhode Island
Processing/Deportation Area

The processing and deportation area for all criminals entering into Rhode Island State Prison. All inmates are offered the choice to be executed upon arrival to avoid imprisonment within Rhode Island. If you choose to do your life sentence in the prison you are either dropped in at Misquamicut State Beach or entered in via the main entrance which is located somewhere in Kent County. The location of the entrance is unknown to the prisoners due to the fact they're blindfolded before being taken in through this entrance. Normally only violent or troublesome prisoners are dropped in via the beach and forced to swim a few miles to shore or die trying.


Nov 23, 2011
Rhode Island

Name:Jackson Pierce
Nickname: Jax
Attire: Black cargo pants, black leather studded belt with concealed blade in buckle, plain black sleeveless tee, Black Red Sox Hoodie, black converse sneakers(Classic high tops).
Location:Processing/Deportation Area
Tagging: Summer, OPEN

It was around 9AM when the USPF(United States Police Force) busted down the doors to he and his sister's Massachusetts home. The president himself among the men and women who came barreling through his house, ripping and tearing through his possessions in search of two things. Summer's laptop and his external hard drive. Both items were found relatively easily however the complete ignorance to the power of modern technology was shown clearly by the group of government puppets as they completely ignored the PlayStation 4 that was in sleep mode on the entertainment center as they cuffed the two youngest Pierce siblings and dragged them from the home and shoved them into a squad van before hauling them off to the Processing area in Kent County, Rhode Island where they would be questioned and probably beaten down for information before they either chose to die or live out the rest of their lives in the Rhode Island State Correctional Facility.

Jackson could still see the look on the Commander in Chief's face as he looked into his eyes, the words the old fool spoke before spitting in the youngest Pierce boy's face. "How stupid do you think we are boy? Did you really think you would get away with this?" ,the old man asked with a smug, overconfident, and disgustingly proud grin spread across his face. The blatant show of disrespect towards Summer because she was a woman making Jackson grit his teeth out of anger, he could still feel the tension in his gums as he sat on the steel bench outside of the Captain's office. Mr. President could've at least acknowledged the fact that Summer was even there but he didn't even glance at the young woman while his officers manhandled her like some kind of possession.

"Stupid isn't the word I would use.....Completely obtuse, ignorant, and bigoted, maybe.....but even that's putting it lightly" ,was Jackson's response before the president spat in his face and he was carried away. Now he sat here, waiting to hear the words he already knew he was going to hear. "By the decision of the United States government and it's lifetime President Captain douchecunt himself, you have been sentenced to a lifetime term in Rhode Island State Correctional Facility. You have the option to be executed on spot if you choose to not serve said term. What is you're decision?". Of course Jackson would serve, death was not an option and he'd be damned if he gave in so quickly. Sure the unexpected raid was a huge blow to the plans laid out but it wasn't the end and he was going to do everything he could to help bring down the corrupt government that was running the show.

As he sat waiting, Jackson began to fiddle with the hemline of his hoodie. The action seeming as if only a nervous reaction but in all reality it was just Jackson being the completely stealthy little genius he was. An eyeglass repair kit concealed within the small space between the hemline and the bottom of the hoodie was slowly being pushed through a hole inside the sweater until it was rested in Jackson's palm. The young man glanced over to his sister and smirked before slowly getting to his feet and stretching his arms out while yawning, acting as if he was simply stretching his muscles, the eyeglass repair kit tucked into his right sleeve before he made his way over to one of the guards. "I need to relieve myself sir" ,the young man stated as he began to walk in place, a look of urgency coming across his face as he looked to the heavily armed guard.

The large man rolled his eyes before sighing out of aggravation, "Come on this way boy and make it quick!" ,the guard snapped out as he motioned for Jackson to follow him. The young man stayed silent as he followed the guard and as soon as they reached the restrooms, Jackson bowed his head slightly while forcing a smile, "Thank you, I shall make haste and we will be back to lock me away in no time" ,the young man stated with a slightly snarky tone before entering the men's room. Once inside and the door shut behind him, Jackson immediately made his way into one of the stalls and hopped up onto a toilet seat before pushing the grate that lead to the vents open and sliding his slim body inside.

He followed the vents, looking through different grates as he passed them. His destination was the maintenance room, his goal, to shut down the power in the building and give him an opening to hack into the main gates in Kent county and open them up. Jackson had studied the building's layout various times, even drew out a mental map in his head that started from the very bathroom he had been led to. Once he got to his destination it would be easy to get the job done with the tools he had. He pulled a grate from it's place before slipping into the dimly lit maintenance room and making sure he didn't make too much noise. After successfully gaining entrance into the room, Jackson went to work.

The power systems were relatively easy to break into once one looked past the fancy design and unnecessarily large button grid. Jackson pulled the eyeglass kit from his sleeve and popped it open before pulling the tiny screwdriver within out and getting to work on popping the cover of one of the panels off. Once he succeeded with his first task, he went to work on cutting wires, specific wires that would shut down certain areas of the building, his goal, to leave only the main computer room open. With the darkness inside the place and the utter chaos a power outage would cause within a place filled with newly found criminals, most of which believed to be wrongfully arrested would distract most of the forces inside giving Jackson a short window of time to fully carry out his task.

As Jackson had suspected, utter chaos ensued as the lights began to cut off. Detainees were starting to fight the guards and officers and whatever guards that weren't trying to control new prisoners, were heading straight towards the area Jackson was in and the young man could only hope that they got cut off by a group of rowdy convicts to give him more time. Jackson took a deep breath before moving to cut the last wire on his little mental list. "STOP RIGHT THERE KID!" ,a guard shouted angrily before the sound of his gun cocking could be heard causing Jackson's ears to twitch before he raised his hands in surrender. "Bravo Scooby, ya got me" ,Jackson stated in a bored tone before he was snatched up and dragged from the maintenance room with force.

Once he was removed from the room, a black cloth sack was placed over his head as his hands were cuffed behind his back. "You just signed your own death certificate punk! How aboutta nice swim with da fishes to teach ya a little somethin' eh?"[/color] ,one of the guards stated as they dragged the young man towards the helicopter landing where he would be loaded up and flown out to sea before dropped into the ocean and forced to swim for his very life. It wasn't exactly in Jackson's plans but he sure as hell wasn't going to let this bullshit be the end of him, the end of his work to bring the government down.

(Moving to Misquamicut Beach)
Aug 30, 2013

Name: Summer Pierce
Attire: Leopard print haulter top, black velvet vest, black slacks, platform shoes.
Weapons: None
Location: Processing/Deportation Area
Tagging: Jax, NPCs, OPEN

Summer & Jackson had been working on breaking their family out of Rhode Island, from the word go. The two were old enough to live on their own, so they got a place together in Massachusetts so that they would be close to their target destination. They each worked full time, and when they weren't at work, they were plotting, scheming and planning their way right through the front gates with their middle fingers held high. They may have been young, and innocent once, but the new world order, if it could actually be called that, put a swift end to that. The two had taken up pick pocketing, hacking mainframes, studying blue prints, and making sure they had every base covered.

Summer was just finishing up washing the dishes from breakfast when the door to their home was broken down, causing Summer to jump damn near out of her skin. Yeah, she was expecting them, it was all part of the plan, but that was the part of the plan they didn't have down, exactly how long it would take the crap ass government to figure out a couple of kids were screwing them in the butts with pitch forks and lit torches. When the door to the kitchen opened, Summer instantly put her hands into the air. She'd just freshly removed the gloves that she'd used to cover them as she washed up from breakfast.

She didn't get much time to move away however before she felt someone against her back side, slamming her hard to the counter as they ripped her hands behind her back. "Animals like you make me sick." The male that man handled Summer muttered as she closed her eyes and simply smirked. She was thinking exactly the same thing, but she bit her tongue, this was after all still part of the plan, and she knew that these pricks were just that, that she wasn't going to be treated with much of any respect as she was jerked up and drug to the living room.

Summer glanced to Jackson before looking to the men that broke into her home. She had heard what was said to her brother, the tone, and the spits into his face, they made her want to rip the eyes of the president out, and Summer was perhaps the least violent member of the entire family, Jackson being the closest second. Even Jamie who was as sweet as can be most of the time, had a mean streak that not even JC wanted to mess with. As she was thrown around like a rag doll, she made a few efforts to make the president look at her, she wasn't dressed like she was a common crook, not that there was anything common about this, and she wanted to see just how little humanity the bastard had.

When Jackson replied to the male asking if he thought that the group was stupid, a dark smirk crossed Summer's face. "Agreed." she stated calmly, backing up her brother's words, quite solidly, more to see if the president would risk a knock to his boys for spitting in her face. She was after all still a woman, but if she was going to be treated like a bitch, she was going to for sure act the part of one. Sitting beside her brother, she slowly shook her head, more in disgust than anything, though there was a bit of disappointment, not in her brother of course, but in their timing. Yes they figured they would need inside this building at some time, however, they weren't fully prepared for it, and she was not blind to that at all.

"By the decision of the United States government and it's lifetime President Captain douchecunt himself, you have been sentenced to a lifetime term in Rhode Island State Correctional Facility. You have the option to be executed on spot if you choose to not serve said term. What is you're decision?" The words for her went in one ear and out the other. She had absolutely no interest in what these pigs had to say. If they were here, that simply meant that they had to rush their plans, they weren't going to die, and they weren't going to go back home, not with their home now being what it was. When Jackson began to fidget she smiled, laughing a bit as if she were responding to her younger brother simply being nervous.

"Ready?" she asked her brother in a whisper before she glanced over to the guard as her brother began to speak, then back to her brother while she waited for the next stage. This was where Jackson was going to shine, he had been next to impossible to pull away from the blueprints of this place for the last several days, he knew the building better than anyone that worked in it, for certain, and now, he was going to prove it. After Jackson was removed from the room, Summer sat silently swinging her feet back and forth. In all outward appearances she was completely innocent, however, she was counting ticks from the time that her brother had left, as the two had discussed.

After some time, Summer looked to the guard with a smile on her face while she spoke. "Excuse me, what time is it?" She questioned as the man looked to his watch. The two had run so many drills that she felt she could have been a general in the army by now, had she any interest in doing so. From the time that he would be out. Long as Jax didn't have any complications she estimated that he should be turning the lights off about now. "Why, got a date?" The male asked in a sarcastic tone before laughing, causing Summer to roll her eyes before she clapped her first foot onto the floor, then her second, and just as she went to drop her first foot again, it went onto the foot of the guard next to her, at precisely the time the lights in the room went off. The words. "Tick, tick, boom" matching each stomp of her foot.

After stomping on the guard's foot as he moved to tend to it, she got to her feet and made her way from the nearby area. The door to the room that she was in flew open. "Watch out, don't let her out!" The male who got assaulted by Summer called out, but by that time Summer was already slipped out of the room. Anything her younger brother didn't have memorized, she did. So that they could find each other again when chaos broke out. She didn't get as far as she had hoped however, stopping dead in her tracks as a familiar face came into view. "Peyton?" She breathed out before his hand went into the side of her face, in a hard slap, causing her to hit the ground. "Noble effort, to bad it failed, take her inside!" They were the last words that Summer heard on the outside, before she was drug away, to for what most would consider, a painful end.

Innocent _Angel

Mar 18, 2016

Name: Joseph Tyler
Nickname: Josie
Attire: Tight blue jeans and back top
Location: Processing/Deportation Area
Tagging: OPEN

It had been a long and hard week for Joseph. Monday had started like always. He had satisfied Uncle Mac's needs before Uncle had gotten into his car and had driven of to work. The older man that controlled every aspect of Joseph's life had told Joseph to be ready for the poker game Uncle would throw with some friends. Joseph were to be all dressed up like a sissy maid, serving the men however they wanted.

Unknown to Joseph his uncle were pulled over by the police on his way to work. But instead of stopping and getting arrested because of the pictures he knew he had in his car, Uncle Mac rammed the police. It turned into a car chase and ended in a shootout in the next town. Uncle Mac ended up dead and the police found all sorts of interesting things in his car and on his phone.

So that afternoon when Joseph was preparing snacks for Uncle's friends, the police came knocking - down the door. Joseph was dragged of - his clothes, the hormones he was on, the pictures and movies on Uncle computer were all making an air tight case.

Joseph was too confused to put up much of a fight. The prosecutor was quite cute and Joseph wanted to tell the man what he wanted to hear - "Yes I loved Uncle.", "I love to have sex with uncle", "No.... I mean yes.... or is it no..... What was the question?"

To make matters worse, Joseph didn't know anything about the legal system and really made the worst possible case for an abused rape victim. "By the powers bestowed upon me as judge I hereby sentence Joseph Tyler to life in prison on several accounts of homosexuality, incest, drug use, crossdressing and associating with a known criminal. You ought to be killed for being such a nasty piece of shit. But that's your own choice. Do you want to die you sinful and dirty creature?" Joseph had just stared at the judge with his large green eyes - he hadn't really heard what the man said so he hoped he said the right thing to make the man happy, "eeeehhh..... No sir. Please."

The man had looked disappointed but Joseph didn't have time to think before he was dragged from the courtroom. He was tossed back in his cell and told, "Tomorrow you'll go to Rhode Island." And a bag full of his own clothes were thrown into the cell as well. "Get out of the orange suit and use your own filthy shit. You might as well go to prison like the sissy you are." Laughter was heard as the cell door was closed.

The next day the guards came to get him. Joseph was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a black top. Underneath he wore a pair of thong panties and a padded bra. His feet were in a pair of white sneakers. He had been a little sad when he realized that he didn't have any heels or any makeup. But he was none the less happy to be out of the ugly orange suit. The guards blindfolded Joseph and led him away. He could hear one of the guards comment him, "Shit man. He actually looks like a chick." And inside he actually felt a little proud.

It was very confusing to be led around blindfolded. So it was a relief with the blindfold finally was removed. Joseph found himself staring down a road towards a small town. He had no clue as to where he was. Then he looked around and found to his surprise that he wasn't the only one being dumped here in the middle of nowhere.
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