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Washington County Street/Travel Thread


Nov 23, 2011
Rhode Island
Washington County
-Thread for travelling between areas within Washington County- Info and picture from Wikipedia-

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 563 square miles (1,460 km2), of which 329 square miles (850 km2) is land and 234 square miles (610 km2) (41%) is water. It is the largest county in Rhode Island by total area and the smallest county in the US that is a state's largest county. The county's topography ranges from flat along the shoreline to gently rolling hills further inland. The highest point is a large area approximately 560 feet (171 m) in the Exeter neighborhood of Black Plain;[4] the lowest point is sea level along the coast. The northern boundary, west of Davisville, is approximately 41.60°N. The western boundary, north of Westerly, is approximately -71.79°W.
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