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The Twins


Jun 28, 2011
It is a time of strife and violence in the Seven Kingdoms. It has been half a year since the death of Robert Baratheon and five kings have arisen to vie for the Iron Throne. With the kingdoms torn asunder there is ample opportunity for those who seek to advance themselves...

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The Twins, sometimes known as the Crossing, is the seat of House Frey in the northern Riverlands. It is the only crossing point over the Green Fork for hundreds of miles in either direction, from the North to the western Riverlands. It lies directly athwart the main route from Winterfell to Riverrun. It is a fortified crossing of the Green Fork of the Trident and consists of two identical castles and a tower in the middle of their bridge, making it one of the most formidable strongholds in the Seven Kingdoms.

The Freys have held the crossing of the Green Fork for six hundred years, beginning when a petty lord built a rickety wooden bridge over the narrowest portion of the river. It took the family three generations to complete the bridge in stone, after which they built timber keeps on each bank of the river. Since then, the Freys have grown wealthy by charging a heavy toll on all those who need to cross - a fact which irks many older or more powerful houses. The timber keeps have since been replaced by stone. These castles are what give the stronghold its name, for they are identical. Given their strong castle, strategic location, wealth, and numbers, the Freys are one of the most powerful bannerhouses sworn to House Tully, now able to raise about four thousand men.


Feb 1, 2016
Eleonore rolled her eyes. The entire Twins were in an uproar. Her grandfather, Lord Walder Frey, was hosting a tourney. It wasn't as if this was a grand affair with the Seven Kingdom's most talented jousters attending... far from that. It was 10 they were expecting. 10 knights, and their respective entourages. Like..... maybe 100 guests all in all. And those were mostly Frey bannermen. Which made the entire affair completely useless to Elli.
She didn't want to marry a Frey bannerman! She wanted an alliance with one of the greater houses of Westeros. No Stark.... the direwolves were far from acceptable nowadays, with Lord Eddard killed for high treason. Which meant she wouldn't take a Tully either. She knew that her House had sworn loyalty to the Tullys, but Tully sons were rare anyways, and Elli had the feeling that the Houses Stark and Tully and the young King of the North were slowly facing a very deep fall. Deep! And while her grandfather -was- supporting the young Wolf, he still had his fingers in with other Houses as well. Which thinned the ranks of important enough houses considerably. Neither Stark nor Tully bannerman were in the question.
Elli secretly dreamed of a Lannister. When she was realistic, she knew the Lannisters were out of her League, but a Lannister bannerman .... yep. That would be something she'd like. Grandpa Walder - who even knew her name most of the time, which was surprising given the number of his grandchildren - wasn't playing with open cards, and she knew he was still in contact with the Queen. The old Queen. If the young Wolf ever found out... he still couldn't do anything about that. And Elli was sick of the Twins. She yearned to be in King's Landing, she wanted to attend court. She wanted to hear the rumors when they were fresh, not after they had travelled the lands for weeks. She yearned for real feasts. Not those sorry excuses of feasts her cheapskate grandfather was hosting!
But it was as it was, and Elli readied herself to watch the tourney, dressed up in her best gown of emerald green velvet. The knights should have arrived already (Elli wasn't entirely sure of that, she had not bothered to watch them making their grand appearance before Lord Walder) and her grandfather was supposed to open the tourney in a short while.
With a last, critical look into the mirror, Eleonore made her way to the jousting grounds and took her seat among a myriad of Walders and Roslyns and Saras and Emmotts, pretending to be interested in the tourney.
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