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Old Inn


Jun 28, 2011
It is a time of strife and violence in the Seven Kingdoms. It has been half a year since the death of Robert Baratheon and five kings have arisen to vie for the Iron Throne. With the kingdoms torn asunder there is ample opportunity for those who seek to advance themselves...

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The Old Inn, or the crossroads inn to the smallfolk, is an inn that lies at the crossroads between the Kingsroad running north-south, the River Road west through the Riverlands to the Westerlands, and the High Road east to the Vale of Arryn. The inn sits to the north of the Trident, near the Ruby Ford. An inn has existed at this spot for hundreds of years. The current inn was raised during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen, who built the Kingsroad. The inn is three stories tall with turrets and chimneys made of white stone. Its south wing is built upon pilings that rise over a bed of weeds. On the north side there is a stable with a thatch roof and a bell tower. The building is surrounded by a low wall of broken white stones.

(I would welcome a non-cannon innkeeper character!)
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