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The Stepstones


Jun 28, 2011
It is a time of strife and violence in the Seven Kingdoms. It has been half a year since the death of Robert Baratheon and five kings have arisen to vie for the Iron Throne. With the kingdoms torn asunder there is ample opportunity for those who seek to advance themselves...

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The Stepstones are a chain of islands between the southern narrow sea and the northwestern Summer Sea. The islands are located east of Dorne in Westeros and west of the Disputed Lands in Essos. Just to the north is Tyrosh. The Stepstones are home to pirate dens, often Lyseni and Myrmen. Bloodstone is one of the islands that make up the Stepstones. It is the largest of the islands, lying the furthest to the northwest and north of Grey Gallows, one of the other well known islands.
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