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Jun 28, 2011
In the land of Westeros people think that alliances are forged through diplomacy, coin or fear. However the most effective means is through the bedroom. Behind the veil there is a group of people who use their enjoyment of sexual activities for political and personal gain. They are known as the Scarlet Rose and all of their members bare the mark of their group somewhere upon their body. As a member you work with others towards a common goal, a goal known only to the members; to assist each other in climbing the rungs of power. Members must be of noble blood, though it can be even a scant amount... even bastards can be of use and become members. Officially the Scarlet Rose is meant to be an alliance between it's members, but schisms are entirely possible, since no one can be trusted entirely in the game of thrones.

About the Scarlet Rose
  • The Scarlet Rose is a hedonistic cabal meant to advance it's members' position through intimate alliances and bargains.
  • The mark of the Scarlet Rose is usually a tattoo of a red rose.
  • Religion plays no part in the group's purpose. Members can be of any or no faith.
  • All members must have been sponsored by two others in order to join. The sponsors must have had intimate relations with the new member.
  • Members of the Scarlet Rose are encouraged to have sexual relations with other members.
Some basics...
  • This will be set during the War of the Five Kings, before the Red Wedding.
  • Canon characters are allowed and welcome. Just be sure to reserve it.
  • No original Targaryen characters, though Blackfyres are fine.
  • The setting will be open, so that people can play where they want, but be sensible! Don't have someone travel from the Shadow Lands to Westeros in a day.
  • Characters that are bi, homoflexible, heteroflexible, pansexual, etc, are VERY much encouraged!
  • Updates shall occur... so keep checking in!
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  • Site rules are to be followed.
  • Please do not godmod!
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