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Game of Thrones: The Scarlet Rose (Character Profiles)


Jun 28, 2011
Below I have a fairly basic character profile for us to use for our characters. Feel free to fill it out! If you have any questions about the setting and such, do not hesitate to ask.

Name: This is the characters real and full name.
Aliases: Does you character have alternative names? If so, list them here.
House/Family: What house or family does your character belong to? If it is an original house please describe it here as well.
Gender: Pretty basic. Is your character a female, male, something else?
Sexuality: Bisexual, straight, gay, something else?
Marital Status: Is your character single? A widow(er)? Married?
Age: How old is your character?
Hair: Color? Texture?
Eyes: Pretty basic
Height: Also basic
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Give us a simple description of your character. Is there anything peculiar or unique about them?
Beliefs/Religion: Does your character follow the Seven? The Old Gods? Another faith? None?
Turn Ons: What gets your character off?
Turn Offs: What sours your character's mood?
Talents: What is your character good at?
Flaws: Your character can't be good at everything after all! List at least three please.
Temperament: Is your character jovial? Aloof? Headstrong? Tell us what they are like!
Background: Maybe a few sentences, a paragraph or more about your character's life.


Nov 3, 2013
Name: Brydan Velaryon of Driftmark.

Aliases: N/A.

House/Family: A lesser linage of House Velaryon.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Marital Status: Single.

Age: 27.

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Light green.

Height: Six foot two.

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Brydan was born to the second son of the Lord of Driftmark. His father, not expecting to inherit, has taken the path of a soldier and follower, and thus passed on these martial characteristics to his son. Brydan has broad shoulders and a slim figure, as growing up on an island has his most basic form of exercising being swimming, keeping him lean and muscular. He does have a physical deformity in his right eye, causing the pupil to appear white against his green iris, and greater in size than it should be. Many take this to be a curse from the Gods. He has the mark of a rose tattooed upon his upper back, behind his left shoulder.

Beliefs/Religion: Believes in the Seven, though displays atheist tendencies.

Turn Ons: Vanilla Sex, Oral Sex, Light Bondage, Roughness.

Turn Offs: M/M relations, Romance, Pregnancy.

Talents: Murder. Good with boats. Seduction and eventual blackmail of highborn ladies.

Flaws: Eccentricity (cannot build lasting relationships), Quick to Envy/Jealousy, Xenophobic.

Temperament: Aloof. Can fake a relationship for the sake of his role in the Scarlet Rose, but has very few actual friends or lovers. Can be quite insensitive at times.

Background: Brydan Velaryon is the son of Daemon Velaryon, who was the younger brother of Lucerys Velaryon (who served as Master of Ships for the Mad-King, Aerys II Targaryen). Because of his family’s support for the Targaryen dynasty, Daemon fought alongside Rhaegar at the Trident, where the loyalist forces were defeated by the Usurper. Daemon was killed in the battle, and perceiving his young son to seek out vengeance when he came to manhood, Robert Baratheon ordered Brydan to be stripped of any inheritance. As a young man, with no prospects in the royal service and banished from any possible appointment at court, he has wandered the lands of Westoros as a disgraced and disfavored noble, attempting to survive and scratch a living as a hedge-knight, as there was nothing for him in Driftmark, being his father's son. He did some work as a mercenary, earning some recognition during the Greyjoy Rebellion. Afterwards, being bereft of further chances for military work, as no Lord would take his service because of his father's deeds in the war, and not desiring to cross the narrow sea to Essos, he eventually found membership in a group called Scarlet Rose. Feeling some acceptance among their ranks, though tolerated only because of his skill at arms and efficient usage of seducing women, he dedicates himself fully to whatever need they might require of him.


Nov 5, 2015
Name: Lorra Sunderland

Aliases: Lady of the Waves. The Lady of the Waves is a goddess of an old religion worshiped by First Men on the Three Sisters before the arrival of the Andals. On her ship and within Scarlet Rose she's known as Lorra Sunderland, Lady Lorra or Captain Lorra. However in formal meetings she announces herself as ''Captain Lorra Sunderland, Lady of the Waves''.

House/Family: House Sunderland of the Three Sisters.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual, with a major preference for females. As her crew, Lorra makes use of bought and captured female slaves to satisfy her needs. The pirate does take part in physical interaction with males, mostly when doing somebody a favour or to keep her crew in check when there's a lack of female slaves. When the price is right, she also sells her body from time to time.

Marital Status: Unmarried, not looking for a husband.

Age: 23

Hair: Chestnutbrown. Thick. She usually braids her hair quite messy.

Eyes: Yellowish-brown

Height: 173 cm or 5.7 feet.

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Lorra is a slender lady. She has decent power in her arms, but has to rely on her flexibility, outwitting or swiftness when she's in combat.
The pirate wears her Scarlet Rose under her left hipbone.

Beliefs/Religion: None. She also doesn't allow religion on her ship.

Turn Ons: Power, rough sex, beating up girls and murder. (Note: Although it isn't Lorra's turn on, I don't mind her being the victim of rape.)

Turn Offs: Romance and people who are kind to her in general.

Talents: Judging people, boarding, sword fighting.

Flaws: Narcisism, being a female in her position, leaning towards alcoholism.

Temperament: Neutral, leaning towards jovial.

Background: Lorra wasn't the easiest kid and growing up with seven brother she prefered to go her own way a lot. She used to walk away for weeks, sometimes months before returning home. The girl learned a lot about people in general and about herself. It didn't take long before she discovered how fun it was to torture and how easy it was to get away with it.
At the age of 18 she kidnapped their handmaiden and sold them to pirates into slavery. This eventually got out and Lorra got exiled.

Lorra was put on a merchantship wich would leave her to rot in Essos and she decided to do something about it. The girl tried stabbing everybody to death in their sleep, but the captain's bodyguard wasn't asleep yet. Before the confrontation with Brynden she had succesfully murdered two crewmembers and a merchant, but she couldn't kill the bodyguard. The girl tried, but Brynden had his sword against her throat within a few seconds. ''You could kill me,'' the girl said ''or you could help me and collect halve of the goods.''
A year later Captain Lorra Sunderland visited her friend Brynden Valeryon and joined Scarlet Rose.


Ship: Fourth Sister. A galley with 20 oars on each side, a crew of 60 men.

Fourth Sister Crew: +/- 60 men.
- Lorra Sunderland: Exiled girl from the Three Sisters, likes to call herself Lady of the Waves. Lorra is Captain.
- Tristan Torrent: One of the first persons to join her mission. Tristan was a good friend of Lorra and each time she visited Littlesister, they'd always have fun together. Tristan is First Mate.
- Rolan Salt: One of the first persons to join her mission. Rolan is a lowborn friend of Rolan. Together with Rolan and Lorra, the only surviving members of the starting crew. Rolan is swordsman.
- Karson Harlaw: Karson was a former Longship surgeon. He decided not to go home when Lorra sunk his ship, but join her instead. Karson is surgeon.
- Eight Salt: Eight is a freed slave from Lys, proving he deserved freedom by killing the crewmember who was supposed to keep an eye on Eight. He was later convinced by Lorra to join the crew, even though she wanted to sell him at first. Eight is cook, but keeps getting better in swordfighting.
- Gylo Nogarys: Gylo used to be a Volantene merchant. On a ship Lorra and her crew captured, he'd be the only one to try and defend. Gylo lost a hand in the fighting, but before that he had already slain two members of the Fourth Sister. Lorra decided to spare him his life and let him join the crew, he already proved himself to be useful and loyal. Gylo is a swordsman.
Salt is the second name given to those who lack one. They may introduce themselves as <Firstname> Salt of the Fourth Sister.

(Not complete yet, will update this list)

Pirate code:
1. Always keep you sword clean.
2. No violence amongst one another.
3. There's a vote before every notable action we take.
4. You may only touch the slaves with permission of the captain.
5. The captain recieves two shares of the price, the first mate and quartermaster one and a halve, other officers recieve one share.
6. When you're deserting the ship, there will be put a price on your head.
7. When reaching the age of 40 you're allowed to retire.
8. Loosing a hand or a foot in battle grants you 5 gold dragons, loosing a limb grants you 20 gold dragons.
9. You may retire when loosing a hand or a foot, you will retire when loosing a limb.
10. Every crewmember without a second name shall be called Salt. House Salt of the Fourth Sister.


Dec 23, 2013
East Gotham

Name: Sergio Ibaka

Aliases: The Hornish Merchant / Changó / The Spice Lord

House/Family: House Ibaka

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hetereoflexible

Marital Status: Openly Poly-married

Age: 26

Hair: Dark black

Eyes: Light brown

Height: 6'4"

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Sergio is a fairly tall, muscular man of Summer Isles descent, he is described in the manner of "a striking masculine portrait carved out of the finest onyx".

Beliefs/Religion: Quite a few in fact, being exposed to many different religious practices, he's become accustomed to a polytheistic lifestyle as a result of his unique experiences. Sergio studies multiple religions for differing reasons, seeing religions as offering different "pieces" to a collective sum. He was brought up in the traditions of the summer isles, as such he shares some belief in the fertility gods and similar attitude towards sex.

Sergio has taken an interest in the religion of R'hllor as of late, though he's not entirely certain if it would be in his interest to take a wife of that background.

Religion is more of a intuitive feeling than a particular dogma or creed. His general thoughts on religions are as such: "There's a little truth in everything."

Turn Ons: Is open to trying almost anything once.

Turn Offs: Vomiting and some of the more ick inducing stuff.

Talents: Tracking, appraising, smuggling, sailing, dueling and wagering.

Flaws: Addictive personality, at times can be a little too ambitious, unyielding in some respects. Not the most reliable but is trustworthy. Sometimes puts profits ahead of what's right.

Temperament: Generally well-mannered and friendly, he's the kind to buy a round for the whole tavern if it's within his means. Despite the reputation of Dornish men being particularly hot blooded types, he's more of an even-headed and tranquil about pursuing debts.

Background: The man known by many as The Spice Lord is originally a native of the summer islands but resides in the peninsula kingdom Dorne due to his lifestyle and familiarity with Dornish culture customs. He is thrice married, to a woman of Dorne, a Dothraki, and a lady of the Isles, an interesting intermingling of unions to say the least. All three wives know of each other and are on co-operative terms with one another. Mostly due to a general understanding and respect for Sergio's stewardship. It helps that it's within his means to support such arrangement.

Sergio is involved in the trade of uncommon goods(usually smuggled), though mostly in the form of exotic spices, beverages and floras from the summer isles. Popular items among the nobility as a reliable source is somewhat hard to come by and trade is restricted in much of the realm, he is their connect.

Sergio came to learn of the Scarlet Rose organization through his travels and trade with many among its ranks , with his resources and connections it wasn't long before he was approached in enlisting to its cause to bring a new order to Westeros.


Princess Pittooey

Beautiful Disgrace
Apr 30, 2011
Name: Avery Ironsmith

Aliases: None

House/Family: House Ironsmith(True House unknown)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual, prefers females because she feels safe. She is more attracted to males, however, despite her fears of them.

Marital Status: Single

Age: 19

Hair: Fiery red hair reaching to the small of her back, straight and pulled back into a tight pony tail most of the time.

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'5

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Weighs 106 pounds with no amor, petite with breasts on the larger side, has a scar on her back from shoulder blade to the small of her back

Beliefs/Religion: None

Turn Ons: Strength, intelligence, valor

Turn Offs: Stupidity, lewdness, sexism, weakness

Talents: Wielding a sword

Flaws: Has a temper, uncharismatic, scared of men when she is not armed

Temperament: Quiet and polite off the battlefield, stoic and brave on the battlefield

Background: Avery was adopted under the house of Ironsmith, her true house is currently unknown to her. She is unaware that she was adopted. She attempted to serve Lord Bolton with her talents, however not too long after she joined his army, she was targeted three of her own and they tried to rape her. She killed one of them, severely injured the other two, and ran away fearing that she would be punished. Eventually she had to face her actions and was deemed innocent, however she was no longer allowed to serve with Lord Bolton's army due to her being a "distraction" to his men.

Ever since, she became severely depressed and distrustful of men. However she kept up her training and took odd jobs as a mercenary. It wasn't a very satisfying job she had, as she wanted to use her sword towards a better purpose. For this reason, she actively searches for a better position, and during one of her jobs as a Mercenary she heard of the Scarlet Rose.


Oct 10, 2012
Name: Marcus Lannister
Aliases: the sea lion
House/Family: House Lannister of Lannisport
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Hair: golden colored
Eyes: green
Height: 6 foot
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults:While not extremly bulked Marcus is well fit and has a strong body. He leads the defenses of Lannisport which is why he had to keep himself in shape and get himself ready for any fight.
Beliefs/Religion: The seven
Turn Ons: What gets your character off? humilating people, breaking people, roughness, and powerplay
Turn Offs: What sours your character's mood? romance, religious people, and dwarfs
Talents: What is your character good at? bargaining, strategy, tactics, and politics
Flaws: arrogant, hotheaded, and greedy.
Temperament: He is clearly like most Lannisters neither nice nor friendly, and would only build relationships that would serve his interests
Background: Marcus Lannister was blessed with being the heir to the Lannisport seat in the West. However; unlike his father Marcus thought that this was not enough for him, and that he deserved more like his cousins who technically ruled the seven kingdoms. Marcus hated being the watchdog of his house and defend Lannisport from raiders while his relatives manipulated the iron throne and everyone in Kings Landing, and that was why he joined the scarlet rose order to advance in power much more. While Marcus openly leads the sea defenses on Lannisport, he secretly have a life that no one knows about.


the working dead
Sep 28, 2013
Name: Elia Allyrion
House/Family: Oldest daughter of the Heir to House Allyrion, Half-sister of Daemon Sand.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, with a slight preference for men.
Marital Status: Single
Age: 19
Hair: Thick curly Brown
Eyes: Dark blue
Height: 5.5”
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 125 lbs. Rather Curvy with full breasts, round hips and ass, and dresses to accentuate these curves. Her tattoo is behind her left ear.
Beliefs/Religion: Elia pays lip service to the seven.
Turn Ons: Rough sex, bondage, multiple partners
Turn Offs: Timidity, stupidity
Talents: Very knowledgeable about poisons. How to make, where to acquire, what the symptoms are, possible antidotes. Singing and dancing.
Flaws: Obsessive, vain, jealous
Temperament: Ellia hides an intense personality under a visage of playfulness. She is analytical and determined, but comes off aloof and flighty.
Background: Elia is one of Myrcella Baratheon’s ladies in waiting, while she resides in Dorne, engaged to prince Trystane. She has been offered several even matches for her hand, but Elia’s ambition won’t let her accept a match that doesn’t bring greater glory to her house. Spent some time in Braavos, studying various subjects, where she picked up on her knowledge of poisons.


Jun 28, 2011

Name: Roland Arryn

Aliases: Robin Stone, Red Roland

House/Family: House Arryn of Gulltown

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Marital Status: Single

Age: 31

Hair: Dark auburn hair that is kept shorter, but it still is somewhat wavy. He often has a closely cropped beard as well.

Eyes: Dark green

Height: 6'2"

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Roland is fairly weighty compared to most men, weighing 15 stone in all. But much of that weight comes from a fair share of muscle, the result of years of training. Though he is rather physically fit, Roland does have his fair share of ailments. An old tournament wound often pesters his left leg, which bears a large scar on his thigh. His tattoo is located on the inside of his right thigh.

Beliefs/Religion: Agnostic or borderline atheist. Having studied the philosophy and myths of various religions he fails to see how one can be more correct than any other. He cannot fully deny that there might be gods, but most days he barely pays them a second thought.

Turn Ons: Oral, Anal, Vaginal, Bondage, Rough Sex, Multiple Partners, Dom/sub, Sex Toys (I think that our little group could be innovators on this front), Intelligence

Turn Offs: Scat, Watersports, Ballbusting, Burning, Castration, Torture, Idiocy, Zealotry

Talents: Sharp tongue, quick wit, vast knowledge of sailing, fair grasp of medicine, keen understanding of trade, skilled with arms, tactics and strategy. Having trained for several years to be a maester he earned a number of links of various metals; 1 copper (history), 2 brass (sailing), 1 yellow gold (economics), 2 iron (warcraft), 1 silver (medicine).

Flaws: Excessively curious (often gets him into situations that could have been avoided), does not do well with horses, easily bored, poor with bows, can be a bit of a control freak.

Temperament: Thought to be cold by some, Roland usually is a man of few words, preferring to listen and observe rather than prattle on and on. Despite this he exudes an air of self confidence. In the right company he is quick to smile and is a steadfast, loyal friend to those that earn that title.

Background: Roland was born the fifth child and second son of Gerard Arryn. Though his family bore a great name, the Arryns of Gulltown were looked down upon by those that sat upon their high seat in the Eyrie. The young boy grew quickly, but he was on the skinny side and tended to run off. Often he would be found by his father's men, having snuck down to the docks, often playing with the children of merchants, fishmongers and fisherman alike. Although Roland was his father's second son, the older Arryn thought the boy would be of little use when compared to his elder brother Gavin, who was sixteen years Roland's senior. So when Roland was but eight he was sent to the Citadel to begin his training to become a maester.

Roland had a hard first year or two at the Citadel, looked down upon by many for not being a "real Arryn". But soon he began to prove himself in the classroom, having a keen grasp of history, geography and herbalism. But his training was not only relegated to academia. In the sparing rings he proved to be well suited to the studies of war. It was the study of warcraft that lead him to travel with an older maester to Essos to aid him in his research. Roland received a message by raven when he was twenty two, informing him that his older brother, Gavin, had been lost at sea and that he was to return home to Gulltown at once. After years of studying at the Citadel and places further afield, he was finally to go home.

Arriving back in Gulltown, Roland found his family's affairs in a sorry state. His father and brother had not done well managing the funds and business. So the young man set himself to the task, working around his father as best he could to get things done. It took years, but eventually he was able to get his family's books into a good state. At twenty five Roland was a well respected merchant in Gulltown and had built his family's merchant fleet up to include four cogs and two carracks, a rather respectable fleet.

Roland has also taken part in a number of tournaments over the years. Though he has never been good at the joust he has proven to be quite skilled with other arms, often proving himself in the melee time and again.



Mar 19, 2013
Name: Lucas Codd

Aliases: "Lord Codd", "Left-Hand Lucas"

House/Family: House Codd of the Iron Islands

Gender: Male

'Dominant' would be a good description; gender is irrelevant beside that

Marital Status: Possesses a number of salt wives but is effectively single

Age: 40

Hair: Black, thin and mousy; completely bald at front

Eyes: A milky grey/green; bulbous, glassy and piscine in shape

Height: 6'

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: At around 250lbs he is quite flabby and unfit, but with a barrel chest and trunk-like limbs he possesses a much greater physical strength than his shapeless physique would suggest. He has an ogreish, hulking aspect physically with thick boxer's shoulders and a flabby slouch. With fish-like eyes and a rubbery face he is distinctly unattractive.

Beliefs/Religion: House Codd have a peculiar and idiosyncratic devotion to the Drowned God and Lucas is no exception to this.

Turn Ons: Raping women who are "above his station" or scorn his ugliness; enslaving the highborn, imaginative torture (My F-List)

Turn Offs:
Sentiment, romance, "pseudo-rape"

Despite his appearance, he is extremely well-spoken, being generally far more cerebral and erudite than many Ironborn. As a trusted ally of Euron Greyjoy he enjoys the favour of that particular lord. Owns a ship, the Imp of the Perverse, crewed by a host of lesser Codds. Possesses a prodigiously sized member of considerable girth and length.

Complete physical coward who avoids battle as much as possible. Generally despised by all other Ironborn Houses and barely acknowledged as a lord. Compulsive thief. Utterly repellent in appearance and character. Like all of his House he reeks constantly of fish.

Cruel, craven, conniving. Malicious to his crew, sadistic to those weaker than him, fawning to anyone of more significant power. Loves to destroy attractive things, revels in squalor and depravity. Totally loyal to Euron.

Background: The Codds are considered the most despicable House in the Iron Islands, and as their head Lucas more than bears out this image. But, like all Codds, he is utterly indifferent to this - Though All Men Do Despise Us. He merrily ignores all the scorn and mockery because he is content to wallow in rape and debauchery, heedless of any judgement. This had always endeared him, in a characteristically cynical way, to Euron Greyjoy; and "One-Eye" has always enjoyed keeping Lucas as one of his sidekicks. Recently Lord Codd reaped the benefits of this by having his liege introduce him to the Scarlet Rose.

Ship: Imp of the Perverse. A standard Ironborn longship; crewed by between 60-80 members of House Codd and their retainers.

Belle Dujour

Sep 9, 2015
Name: Lady Jocelyn Waynwood

Aliases: The Iron Rose - given for the land she rules and the Tyrell bloodline she comes from.

House/Family: Born into House Hightower, married into House Waynwood

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-flexible, but heavily leaning towards males

Marital Status: In a (very) open marriage

Age: 28

Hair: Long, chestnut brown with soft curls

Eyes: Dark brown

Height: 5'7

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Her body is lean from her years riding horses and exploring the area in the Reach, with long lembs, and the scarlet rose tattoo on her rib cage just below her left, round breast which stands out against her smooth, olive toned skin.

Beliefs/Religion: Jocelyn is mostly agnostic. She does not hold to any one religion over the other, but she is a bit more wary of the Lord of Light and its Red Priest/Priestesses than others.

Turn Ons: Long and passionate seduction, rough sex, oral, vaginal, vanilla, light bondage, Dominant partners, spanking, biting, intelligent partners, charming and confidant partners, long and sensual hours.

Turn Offs: Scat, watersports, vomit, heavy sexual torture, non-con, stupidity, cruel for the sake of being cruel partners, overtly submissive partners

Talents: Social skills, speed reading, negotiating, budgeting, overseeing trade and crop rotations, making house made wines, reciting poetry and song, and horseback riding.

Flaws: Arrogant and proud - Jocelyn believes that she is the smartest one in the room when she walks in, and though she carries herself calmly, there is always that glint in her eyes that tells her true feelings. This also means she cannot abide stupidity in others or in herself. Which leads to her second flaw. Often times she is particularly hard on herself and harsh on others. She is very much under the idea that if she screws up, she punishes herself immensely but she also has little tolerance for people who she feels aren't worth her time for one reason or another. Her final flaw is that she rushes in to things sometimes without thinking because she believes she knows better. Whether it is judgement or a decision, when she gets in a mood, Jocelyn makes quick choices based on instinct and emotion rather than feeling...though she is working on that.

Temperament: Jocelyn is usually in a generally happy, and very witty and charming tone.

Background: The only child of Gunthor Hightower and Jeyne Fossoway, Jocelyn Hightower was not the son either of them hoped for - and with Jeyne's sickly temperment there was little chance of them having another - and she was always aware of that. That was not to say that her parents were cruel, but Jocelyn was always told she would not inherit her father's estate. Her husband would. This fact shaped a lot of Jocelyn's young life and gave her an almost insaitiable thirst to prove herself. Because she was a girl she learned she needed to work twice as hard to get the same praise a man would, but rather than be daunted or upset by the fact, she saw it as a challenge. Even as a young woman growing up first in Hightower and then with bits in the Citadel as well, she sought to excel in exercises of the mind, of social graces, and other things she could.
When she was a young woman she met and fell for a young Maester in training by the name of Roland, and the two of them spent long hours together playing when they were children, and exploring one another as they got older. Finally their desire culminated and she gave him her maidenhead. They enjoyed a sweet, illicit affair until Roland was summoned back to his House. Jocelyn was heart sick for him, but the two continued their letters even in their time a part. Then, a few years later, the two of them hatched a scheme. Roland knew of a noble son of the Waynwood family whose tastes were...nothing a woman could provide. But seeing as he was a member of a noble family, Waynwood was expected to marry a noble woman. And sense, because of Roland's station the two of them could not be together, the three of them made a deal. Jocelyn would marry Waynwood to keep her free of any brutes who wished for her hand, Waynwood got to 'keep up appearances' while he was away on extensive business and hunting trips, and Jocelyn and Roland could continue their affair in secret. And so Jocelyn became Lady Waynwood, moving out to the Waynwood lands in Ironoak, and after a few years, Roland introduced her to the Scarlet Rose.


Dec 17, 2015
Name: Brarton Orchardwood

Aliases: The boar of Acorn Hall

House/Family: House Orchardwood.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Marital Status: Widowed

Age: 46

Hair: Slightly moved/curled dark brown hairs, with beginning of baldness hidden by their moderate lenght

Eyes: Small and rounded, dark brown.

Height: 5,8 - 1,76mt

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Living in the shadows of a greater house such is Smallwood, allowed Brarton to spend a life of lavish feasts and hunts in the woods, while enjoying the protection of the Acorn Hall alliances, resulting in a greasy pillow body, ballooned by excess of ale and hogs. Very hairy and sporting a fairly long beard, he often refers himself as the Boar of Acorn Hall.

Beliefs/Religion: He follows the rule of the pint.
Turn Ons: Womens, "vanilla" intercourse, exposed breasts, being dominant.

Turn Offs: Watersports, scat, bomit and other uncommon things.

Talents: Brarton always strut himself for his ability of eating large anounts of meat. Still, he can result very social and merry, especially with the less demanding ones. Sometimes topics vary from boar hunting to deer hunting, often joking about himself, he can easily break trough iced people. Richness is considered a talent.

Flaws: Fat, greasy, lazy. Cannot run without his heart breaking trough his chest. Virtually defenseless and virtueless, he cares for his own good, avoiding fights and "seeking for the biggest profit with the smallest investment".

Temperament: Usually a jovial individual that rarely relies on harsh feelings, but just like boars, his mood can change quickly.

Background: Growing in Acorn Hall, Brarton saw the greater house Smallwood riding to their major interests and prestige with knights and remembering old members that served as Hand of the King. Brarton instead grew in a cadet house, knowing that his would be a life in the shadows of his Cousins: to them glory and gold, to him... the crumbles. Crumbles that, in a way or another, allowed him to spnd a life of satisfaction, enjoying the pleasures of the hunt and the guts in his House; Married once, his wife died soon after before giving him an heir. With her death, his debauched life gained a new perk: the wish to the Orchardwoods no longer in the shadows of the Smallwoods. ...if it takes not too long...


Dec 17, 2015
<<Good to go? Bybthe seven, give me an horse. There's no way i walk further than the banquet hall.>>

:D joking

Thank you, Rivine.
Cya in-game.


Feb 1, 2016
Name: Elenore Frey
Aliases: Elli, Dove
House/Family: House Frey
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Hair: A soft, shimmering auburn, flowing down to the small of Elli's back
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'5''
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Eleonore is best described as "soft". She is curvacious, but the good kind of curvacious. round hips, voluptuous breasts, rather short, but slender legs, a soft face with dimples, a small nose, high cheekbones, a small, rounded chin. with 21, Eleonore is at her physical best. In contrast to the infamous "ugly daughters and granddaughters" she is rather lovely, though it is clear that she will be one of those round, motherly types when she grows older. Her rose is at her left calf.
Beliefs/Religion: The Seven
Turn Ons: Being tied up, rough sex, being dominated, intelligent partners, spanking, vaginal, oral, watching and (secretly) being watched, 2 and more partners, slow seduction, teasing
Turn Offs: scat, watersports, vomit, torture, excessive violence
Talents: Gossip. Eleonore loves gossip. She breathes gossip. Want to know the latest rumors? Talk to her! Elli is intelligent. She uses her image of the soft, mellow girl, to gather every bit of information she can get her hands on. She is intelligent, and uses every bit of knowledge. She is an excellent needle worker and is really good at embroidery.
Flaws: Elli is a bit lazy. Why leave the solar, if there's cake and embroidery there? And she's a bit whiny. Uncomfortable travelling, a bed that isn't to her liking? You WILL know, because Elli WILL tell you. Over, and over, and over again. And she's just a bit... well. Let's say she isn't good at saying "no" if she can get something pleasurable.
Temperament: Calm and gentle.
Background: As the granddaughter of Walder Frey, Elli learned early on that her only purpose in life is to be married. As one of a myriad of Frey girls, she knows that she will have to be outstanding at most everything, because the amount of Frey daughters and granddaughters made them "cheap" goods on the marriage market. While Elli knows that she cannot expect a Lannister or a Stark, she most definitely isn't going to settle on a Tarly either. In contrast to many of her cousins, she has looks to trade, and she learned to use these early on. Unfortunately, she lost her innocence to a young bard. In a house full of women however, Elli does know how to hide that little fact. She enjoyed physical pleasures ever since, but thanks to her wit she has been able to hide that until now. At the moment, she is rather desperately scouting for a husband.


Jun 28, 2011

Name: Ser Taran Storm


House/Family: Is a bastard descendant of House Dondarrion, half brother of Lord Beric Dondarrion

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Marital Status: Single

Age: 29

Hair: Worn long, Taran's brunette hair is often gathered about his shoulders. Often Taran has a bit of scruff on his face and is even known to grow a beard from time to time.

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6' 1"

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults:

Beliefs/Religion: Agnostic. Taran rarely, if ever, goes to any religious events. He is not sure if the Seven are the only gods, or if there are many, so he has decided to mostly stay away from the whole issue.

Turn Ons: Oral, Anal, Vaginal, Bondage, Rough Sex, Multiple Partners, Dom/sub, Intelligence, Group Sex, Spanking, Women of all Sorts, Martial Men

Turn Offs: Scat, Watersports, Ballbusting, Burning, Castration, Torture, Idiocy

Talents: Skilled horseman, excellent dancer, is a fairly smooth talker, talented with a number of weapons (axes, swords, daggers and bows in particular). Though a bastard, Taran has been fairly well schooled, something his father, the knight and lord he served made sure of. , Taran does have a much more worldly, some would even say common, sense of things, viewing the world not as a highborn, but rather as one of both simple and noble blood who has seen both sides. His grandfather also taught him many things of the outdoors, like how to hunt, track, forage, navigate by the stars, and much more.

Flaws: Taran is a poor jouster, a result of not having the same upbringing as his half brother. Though he possesses noble blood Taran is not as familiar with courtly intrigue and decorum as many are.

Temperament: Quick to laugh and smile, Taran is often seen as a jovial sort by many. Many years spent on battlefields have taught him to enjoy life as it comes and he rarely regrets a decision that he has made. Though many think of him as the happy-go-lucky sort, few realize that he has a keen mind that has a talent for remembering minute details. He might not have had the schooling or birthright that many have had, but he uses his wits, martial skill and sexuality in equal measure to attain his goals.

Background: Born six years before his brother, Beric, Taran was, for his first several years of life, the apple of his father's eye. The Lord Dondarrion had bedded the daughter of his chief huntsman, thus siring Taran. After Beric's birth, things changed though. Taran was no longer welcome in Blackhaven, the seat of House Dondarrion. Instead Taran and his mother lived in the home of his grandfather, the huntsman. A learned man, though no maester, was sent along to tutor Taran so that he would learn to read and write, amongst a few other useful skills. But it was from his grandfather that Taran learned the most; hunting, tracking, foraging, and much more. However, Taran was not destined to live out his life in the shadow of his father's house.

When Taran was eleven Lord Dondarrion secured for him a position as a page to Ser Oswin Mallister, the brother of Lord Jason Mallister. For several years he served well, learning much in Ser Oswin's service. So when Robert's Rebellion began he was elevated to the position of squire, even though he was only fourteen years old. The Mallister forces prepared for war, as did Taran alongside them. But it was not until the Battle of the Bells that he was to get his first taste of combat. Taran entered the fray at his master Oswin's side and, as a result, saw him fall in the violence in the streets of Stony Sept. Though Oswin had two older squires as well, Taran was the only one of the three to survive and carried Ser Oswin's sword and cloak back to Seagard, presenting them to Lord Jason Mallister. Lord Mallister was impressed by Taran's loyalty and, though Taran was a bastard, took him as a squire of his own. Thus Taran found himself riding with the Mallister forces once more as Lord Jason joined them in the field, just in time to partake in the Battle of the Trident. The bastard squire once again acquitted himself well, remaining at his lord's side throughout the entire battle.

For the next several years after Robert's Rebellion Taran remained in the service of Lord Mallister. But on his eighteenth birthday the lord declared that it was high time that he be rewarded for his service, declaring that he would be knighted that very day. After that, things changed a fair bit. While Lord Mallister was generous in his gifts to Taran, the young knight politely declined the offer to become a sworn sword to House Mallister. Instead he decided that he wanted to see more of Westeros, to make his own way. So Taran embarked on a new life, being a hedge knight.

Years passed and Taran made the rounds of tournaments during the summer while he often found a place to stay during the winter and train. Though he never impressed in the joust, Taran quickly gained a reputation as a very dangerous opponent in the melee. While he might not have been a swordsman on par with the likes of Barristan Selmy or Jaime Lannister, Taran showed talent with a number of weapons, which allowed him to be far more flexible than many, who were only skilled with one. However the years of participating in tournaments were not to last, for another war soon called to the young man.


Oct 31, 2013
Estate of Unrest

Name: Mindalyne

Aliases: Minda, Mini, Half-dwarf, Dark Lysene

House/Family: Great-great-granddaughter of Calla Blackfyre and Aegor Rivers

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Marital Status: Single

Age: 16

Hair: Brown and fine, typically worn loose between shoulder and waist.

Eyes: Violet

Height: 4'10"

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Minda's scant height doubtlessly stands out, earning her such names as "Mini" or the more scathing "half-dwarf". Otherwise, however, she is very much a grown woman. While not voluptuous, her shape leaves no doubt of her maturity. Violet eyes and a heart-shaped face stand in contrast to a look otherwise hearkening to the Westerosi Northmen. She bears the mark of the Scarlet Rose on the back of her neck.

Beliefs/Religion: Having paid lip service to Rhi’lor in her childhood, she now generally lacks "spooky" beliefs, yet is vulnerable to much curiosity.

Turn Ons: Bulges, facials, hair pulling, large cocks, leash & collar, light choking, oral, sexual frustration, size differences, swallowing, teasing, vaginal, voyeurism/exhibitionism

Turn Offs: Anal, bestiality, excessive body hair, gagging, strong odors

Talents: Alchemy, astronomy, high harp, singing, sleight of hand, throwing knives

Flaws: Her small stature is not compensated for by great strength; Minda’s brawn is as faint as that of any highborn girl.

Temperament: Mindalyne is quiet, yet active, rarely content to sit still and loathe to oversleep. And while of few words, to solicit her opinion is as if to gamble between love and hate, for her heart is not a subtle thing.

Background: The presumed daughter of a mysterious Westerosi woman found fatally poisoned on the shores of Lys, Mindalyne’s ancestry has been a guarded secret between a pair of nobles of the isle. Carefully they reached out for clues, and swiftly the message was received, “A Black Dragon Through Scarlet Rose / To Sunspear When the Sky’s Blood Glows.”

It might have been easy enough to conceal such heritage blending among the commonly blond and violet-or-blue-eyed Lysene, but the young Minda’s dark hair bought her even less suspicion when mercenaries came hunting. And while the couple long remained mystified by the rest of the seemingly cryptic bidding, the appearance of the Red Comet made it clear, and as a young woman Mindalyne sailed for Sunspear, expecting family, but finding in the months since something yet more intimate and powerful.​


Jun 28, 2011
Mindalyne is approved! She looks like a very interesting character. And I quite approve of the little bit of prophecy ;)
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