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Roman Polanski to be tried again?

Dr. Nibbles

Oct 20, 2011
Your Pants
So yea, this in the news today. (Ignore the foxnews bit, its just the first link to the story I found.) TLDR: Apparently the US government has been waiting for this oppertunity to arrest and retry Polanski for his Sexual Assault on a Minor charges from '77. Guy is guilty as sin and everyone knows it but he got off.

Well, apparently Statutes of Limitations are different in Poland and US authorities are trying convince Polish athorities to arrest and extradite him. You see, the thing is that Interpol also wants this asshole in a cell as he has a warrant in 188 countries. Holy Pedophilia, Batman! However the three nations Polanski is safe in are France, Switzerland and Poland of course. So what do you think? Should they Extradite this guy or should he just rot in his little corner of the world knowing all of Europe and the US want his ass on a platter? Or possibly you think Statutes of limitations as well as Double Jepordy should keep him from being tried again?
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