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Quae Questum Orbitae (World of the Elements)


Playful demoness
Feb 12, 2014
another dimension

Quae Questum Orbitae

Basic Summary-
Every part of this world is ruled by an emperor or empress and by a king or queen. The kingdoms lived in peace untill the emperor of the undead split the factions which led to a war between the elements. Magic can be used in different ways like summoning a minion or manipulating weapons, some of the technologists created special non-magical weapons which can withstand the fire of a dragon while a small guild of adventurers found a way to combine technology with magic.


PN Level-

Tech Level-

humans, demons, angels, orcs, trolls, half-humans, undead creatures, dragons, giants, elves, ents, fairies, golems, dwarves, cyborgs and other creatures

Notable Locations-
Pyro Saltus
-A magical forest where the leafes of the trees are surounded by fire. legends say that there is a tree with white-blue flames somewhere deep in this forest.
Population: 10000 ents

Aquarius Pisces
-A giant flying fish with a symbiotic city on his back who either swims in the ocean or flies in the sky.
Ppulation: 1500 fishmen and 500 water elementals

The Hall of Quests
-Three large conected buildings where adventurers can test themself when they think that the normal dangers of this world aren't challenging enough.

City of the Minds
-A city under a dome where floating brains live. warning: everyone can get inside, but nobody can get out.
Population: one billion floating brains

Land of dreams
-A place that constantly changes where all your dreams can come true, including your nightmares.

Advanced Summary-
N/A at the moment

Authorization Level-
Currently open for all to join in.
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