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Oxford Survivor Camp


Nov 23, 2011
Rhode Island

Oxford Survivor Camp

Alert Level: Low
Owners: Dax and Jamie Draven

Name:Jamie Draven
Location:Oxford Survivor Camp
Attire:Same as in Picture
Weapons:Hunting knife strapped to belt, Revolver holstered at her side
Date/Time:July 4, 2025
Tagging:Deacon(NPC), OPEN

Dax had gone into town to search for more survivors and pick up supplies while Jamie stayed at the camp and looked after the various patients she had. She was only a nurse but she was a damn good one and one of the only people that could take care of the wounded or sick. The woman only had one request, all patients had to strip down to show her they hadn't been bitten by one of the undead and if they were she was forced to put them down even if they weren't fully dead yet. It was a harsh system but Jamie took no chances, she knew there was no cure for whatever plague had hit the earth and she had zero tolerance for walkers after the things she had witnessed.

Currently the woman stood at the stove in the kitchen of the old farmhouse, her and Dax were lucky to have found the place they were even more lucky that the place had a generator and the stove ran on gas. Jamie flipped the grilled cheese sandwiches she had on the griddle before turning to face Deacon who was sitting at the table reading a book while waiting for his lunch. "Hey Dee, why don't you put that book down and set the table" ,she stated softly.

Without hesitation Deacon marked his page in the book and closed it before hopping off his chair and making his way towards the cupboard. He grabbed two plates and two cups then set them on the table before opening the fridge and grabbing two bottles of water and bringing them to the table. "All set" ,he stated with a hint of pride in his voice. Jamie smiled at the boy as she put the sandwiches onto the plates and Deacon returned the smile.

"Hey kiddo can you keep a secret?" ,Jamie asked as she opened one of the cabinets. When Deacon nodded she pulled a small box from the cabinet and opened it, "Dax found these in one of the stores in the plaza yesterday, she thought you might like to take a break from water for a bit". Jamie then pulled out a small packet from the box and opened it before pouring it into Deacon's water bottle and mixing it up. "I used to love these little single serve juice packets before...." ,Jamie began but quickly quieted herself and simply sat down.

"Before everything went to shit?" ,Deacon asked with an innocent tone.

"Watch your language but yes before everything went bad" ,Jamie stated in response. "I want you to use them sparingly, stuff like this is hard to come by now a days so you only get one when you behave and do all your chores around the farm understand?"

"Yes ma'am" ,Deacon replied with a nod before grabbing Jamie's water bottle and one of the packets. "There's no reason I should hog all of them, you deserve special things too" ,he stated before mixing the packet into the bottle and handing it to Jamie. The woman didn't say a word but the smile on her face and the pat on his head let Deacon know she was grateful.

Name:JC Draven
Location:Oxford Survivor Camp
Attire:Black and Grey Camo pants, Black longsleeve under armor shirt, Tactical Vest, Combat boots, leather belt, Backpack
Weapons:Crossbow, Hunting knife strapped to left thigh, Pistol holstered on right thigh
Date/Time:July 4, 2025
Tagging:Shinjiro, Laila, Jamie, Dax, Deacon(NPC), Ulysses(NPC), Jenna, Wilhem, OPEN


Name:Jamie Draven
Location:Oxford Survivor Camp
Attire:Same as in Picture
Weapons:Hunting knife strapped to belt, Revolver holstered at her side
Date/Time:July 4, 2025
Tagging:Deacon(NPC), JC, Dax, Laila, Shinjiro, Jenna, Wilhem, Ulysses(NPC), OPEN


Name:Dax Draven
Location:Oxford Survivor Camp
Attire:Same as in picture
Weapons:Scythe, dual revolvers holstered on her sides, shotgun and sniper rifle in the car
Date/Time:July 4, 2025
Tagging:Ulysses(NPC), Wilhem, Jenna, Jamie, JC, Ulysses(NPC), Laila, Shinjiro, Deacon(NPC), OPEN

JC pulled up close to the farmhouse before turning of the engine of the van then opened her door and stepped out, her crossbow was already armed and pointed in front of her just in case she needed to take out any walkers or....unfriendly humans in the area. She slowly and silently made her way onto the porch as she surveyed the area. The animals in the area all seemed to be contained within pens as if someone had been tending to them, so naturally JC thought that someone living did indeed reside here. Whether they would be welcoming to her and her new found friends was the only problem she thought they could face at them moment. JC slowly opened the front door and stepped inside the house, she cursed to herself as she stepped on a loose floorboard that made a rather loud squeaking sound that seemed to echo off the walls of the house.

The sound of the floorboard was enough to make Jamie drop her sandwich down and look straight at Deacon, "Go hide" ,she whispered softly before standing up and pulling her gun from it's holster. As soon as she seen that Deacon had made his way underneath one of the cabinets and shut the door Jamie headed in the direction that she had heard the noise come from. Normally Dax and Ulysses would announce themselves when they walked in so hearing the noise immediately put her into a state of alert when she didn't hear one of their voices follow. As she rounded one of the corners she came face to face with someone wielding a crossbow that was pointed straight at her head. The younger twin's gun pointed directly at the person holding the crossbow.

"DON'T FUCKING MOVE!" ,both women said in sync as they pointed their weapons at each other. Within the next few seconds brown eyes met their identical pair, JC's stone cold expression soften as tears pricked at the corners of her eyes and she lowered her weapon, "Jamie" ,she whispered softly before moving towards her sister, tears streaming freely down her cheeks, "Jamie is that you?" ,JC asked, hoping that she was really seeing her sister. When a loud thud echoed as Jamie's gun dropped to the floor and JC felt Jamie's tiny frame crash into her and her arms wrap tightly around her she knew it was real. "I-I've been looking for you".

"Holy shit I thought you were dead, New York must've been infested" ,Jamie cried softly into JC's neck. "I've prayed and hoped you would make it to me somehow". Jamie then released JC and took a step back to look her over, a giggle escaped her lips and a wide smile came across her face, "You look like Rambo" ,she teased playfully before wiping the tears from her eyes.

JC let out a laugh, the first real sign of happiness that had come from her in months then shoved her younger twin playfully, "Yeah well now a days looking and acting like Rambo isn't such a bad thing" ,JC joked back. "I found more survivors over at the mall, none of us were bitten and we got some supplies, is this your place?" ,JC asked as she took a look around.

"Yeah it's mine and.....Dax's, we take in survivors and try and make lives for ourselves, we have food and some supplies, Dax usually does runs to town with Ulysses to get anything they can everyday so we stocked up pretty well" ,Jamie began in response. "You and the others you found are more then welcome to stay here but all of you need to be examined by me before I can get you settled in, it's a rule here and although you were never one for the rules you will need to follow some" ,Jamie continued before looking towards the door after hearing a car pull up outside. "Dax is back, she'll be really happy to see you".

When Dax pulled up she immediately noticed the van parked in front, she turned to Ulysses then to Wilhem and Jenna, "Stay here, let me go make sure things are secure before we go in" ,she stated before grabbing her shotgun and getting out of the car. Almost as soon as Dax left the vehicle the front door to the house flung open and JC's tiny yet strong body was lunging towards her, within seconds Dax's shotgun was kicked from her hands and JC's fist met her jaw with a hard right hook knocking her back onto the hood of the car, "JC WHAT THE FUCK!" ,Dax yelled out as she began to dodge her younger sister's hits.

"YOU LEFT ME! YOU LEFT ME AND TOOK JAMIE! I COULD'VE DIED YOU EVIL CUNT!" ,JC yelled before grabbing Dax by the collar of her shirt and throwing her to the ground before kicking her in the ribs hard. JC then proceeded to jam her knee into Dax's chest and wrap her tiny hands around the woman's throat. "I.....fucking.....hate you!" ,she screamed as she began to slam Dax's head into the ground.

Jamie flew from the house quickly as soon as she seen JC attack, "STOP, FUCKING STOP!" ,Jamie yelled out as tears fell from her eyes. She knew how hurt JC was and she also knew how bad Dax felt for leaving her and seeing the two fighting upset her greatly. "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ULYSSES GRAB HER!" ,Jamie screamed. Ulysses attempt to break the two apart however failed when he was clocked in the jaw with JC's elbow.

Name: Wilhem Ibrahim.
Location: Pharmacy.
Attire: Military flak jacket, black toque, black jeans, with biker gloves. Steel-toed boots.
Weapons: Handmade Wooden Spear. Strapped over shoulder AK-105 Kalashnikov Assault Rifle (Depleted)..
Date/Time: July 4th, 2025.
Tagging: Dax, Jenna, Jamie, JC, Ulysses(NPC), Open.

Wilhelm watched as the situation unfolded in front of him. He was in the process of exiting the vehicle, holding his spear upright and adjusting his rifle behind his back as he watched Dax exit the vehicle and approach. He nodded at her instructions to wait and he glanced over to the other vehicle parked outside, a large van. So there were other survivors here as well. But what happened next took Wilhelm completely by surprise. The woman who had rescued him earlier was suddenly attacked by another woman, and the two became locked in a mortal combat of fists and kicks, yelling curses at each other that Wilhelm couldn’t even begin to comprehend. He stared with wide eyes as the two woman fought, and fiddled with his spear nervously as he wondered whether he should intervene and help the person who had rescued them. Wasn’t this place suppose to be safe? First there were zombies out to kill them and now there were humans in their supposedly safe zone trying to kill each other as well.

He continued to watch in shock as a third woman ran out and tried to prevent the two from clawing each other’s eyes out. The older man jumped out of the car and rushed to help as well, but was quickly knocked to the side by the ferocity of those two woman. Wilhelm sighed, knowing he would have to do something then. He dropped his rifle to the ground beside the vehicle and slowly approached, spear upright as he considered what he could do. He certainly had a duty to help Dax, who was getting the worse of it, but he didn’t know if this was a private affair or actual to-the-death fight. If it was either, he certainly couldn’t let this continue. He made up his mind and ran towards the pair, seizing JC from behind in a bear hug and flinging her smaller body to the side. He stood over Dax, grabbing his spear from the ground where he had dropped it and holding it in a defensive posture, diagonally across his chest with the point in the air. “I don’t know what issue is between you two, but this girl here saved my life and I ain’t about to let her be pounded into the ground. Can’t we resolve this in a civilized fashion, before you’re screaming brings all the biters down here?” He asked, staring at JC and the other girl as well.
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