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Extinction: Posting Rules


Nov 23, 2011
Rhode Island
1) Rules of the site AND of Group RP must be followed.

2) All IC threads for this RP are to be made by the organizer (or GM) of the game ONLY. Requests for threads may be made accordingly, however, and will be added when approved.

3) Posts should be written in 3rd person/past and should also be approximately a paragraph minimum in length (typical exceptions are when you are transitioning threads as sometimes those only require a couple sentences). Basically, something people can go off of so that they can further things along in the plot, character development, action, what have you. We don't expect novels, but things that'll move things along. So, don't sweat it if you like to write tons OR if you like to write short but sweet posts. All styles and levels are welcome here.

4) When moving from thread to thread, make sure you indicate what thread you'll be moving to using parentheticals. Example: (Exits to The Great Hall)

5) Do NOT just kill off someone's character or disrespect a person's limits/kinks/etc or anything like that in this RP. So, be sure to discuss such things with them first before doing anything like that.

6) Do NOT do anything sooo drastic that it might alter the complete tone, outcome, etc of the plot and character development set in motion unless you discuss it BOTH with the GM AND in OOC. Minor plot points do not need discussion, though it's recommended you at least PM someone if you are planning a pairing or something along those lines unless you just want things to progress naturally.

7) We'll be using a tagging system in our posting. So, everyone will be using a header when they post. No exceptions. Tagging and headers will be explained in a subsequent post.

8) Since this is a group RP, people are dependent on others to post. However, people also have lives outside of RP. Given this, the expectation is that people should not pester others about posting unless they go THREE OR MORE DAYS without posting. After this much time has passed, it is considered all right to POLITELY nudge someone to post so as to allow your characters to continue on within the RP. If you know you'll take longer than three days to post, PLEASE let us know about your delay in the 'absences and delays' thread. Anyone who doesn't post for MORE THAN 10 DAYS WITHOUT WORD will be considered inactive. To become active once again within the RP, please contact a GM.

9) No OOC chatter in the IC threads. Please keep it either in the OOC thread for this RP or to PMs.

10) Be friendly and fair and try not to isolate or ignore anyone in the RP and most importantly... HAVE FUN!

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