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Infinite Anarchy FACTIONS

Sep 28, 2013
Purging the Heretics
The Terra Firma Republic

Within the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy lies the Terra Firma Republic. One of the oldest of the four factions, the Terra Frima Republic is composed of those born of earth and the original colonies first settled by man. The Terran's have the most tenacious soldiers in the Void, their armies and navies armed and supported thanks to the massive factories of Earth and with soldiers without end. They believe in the three virtues; Justice, Honor, and Duty. They stand for law in an otherwise lawless system. Their soldiers believe in doing good by it's people, doing the people's will and upholding the ideologies of the Republic. It's people have the final say, not it's government, not it's intellectuals, it's people as a whole.
The Free and the Strong

The Dominion of Man

Within the heart of the Virgo Galaxy lies the glory of the Dominion of Man. Unified under the banner of the Lord Marshal, the Dominion rules those under the banner with an iron fist, conquering all that oppose them and rewarding graciously those who aid them. The Dominion's forces are vast in number and pack a massive punch. From birth, you are given a job. You are either a soldier, a leader, or a worker. You are bred and raised to be this and only this. You will serve the Lord Marshal with undying loyalty or you will be struck down, your title stripped, your honor shattered, and your name marked with shame. 1 warrior of the Dominion can do the same amount of damage as 5 soldiers. Those who seek to appose the Dominion will only find blood.
By the Lord Marshall's will, I serve

The Solarians

Born of the Void, the Solarians govern the Omega Centauri Galaxy. The moment you are born, you know nothing but the feeling of artificial gravity. The Solarians are a space faring people, their navies vast and powerful, their research in solar technology unmatched and coveted by all others. Their ships are fast and quiet and pack more then enough punch. You are a freeborn, a truly free person that will not be stopped by the blood thirsty Dominion or by the manipulative Terra Firma Republic. While your land based military suffers in direct combat, you are supported by powerful air support.
Born of the Stars, Lords of the Sun

The Novus

Spawned of metal and machine, the Novus rule the Saggitarius Galaxy. The Novus are a technologically advanced society, governed by logic and machines. The Novus are disciplined and cunning, a true hive mind. Each Novus is connect to the one beside him and the one beside that Novus and the other, and the other. The Novus are always planning, always adapting and always observing ones weaknesses. Their eyes are everywhere, always watching. They know no fear, they know no remorse, and they will fight till there is nothing left if that is what it comes to. Their technology is always improving, always advancing, and always the envy of the other factions.
The Machines of War

The Nephilim

From deep within uncontrolled space, the Nephilim rule. The Nephilim are made up of those who reject the caste-strata of the Dominion and the omni-acceptance of the Republic, seeing both as a source of weakness, conversely seeing the Republic's emphasis on ambition and the Dominion's dog-eat-dog ruthlessness as a source of strength, weeding out weakness through natural selection to leave only those worthy of the title of Nephilim: greater than mere men. The Nephilim are a guerrilla organization of island-stations based in asteroid belts. They are brutal and aggressive, and they are good at what they do, but they, naturally, lack the resources of a full faction, and also have no centralized command, working on more of a Feudal system. Their navies, their weapons, all stolen from ships they've conquered. They share enough brotherhood to refrain from openly attacking one another, but are by no means servants of a single government, with each tribe led by an independent Sovereign whose position can always be challenged if deemed unworthy, but who still stands as an absolute authority for as long as he/she is in power. Speech is free, but action can be restricted by a reigning Sovereign. Foreign Nephilim are required to go by the rules of the local Sovereign.
Eyes Wide Open
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