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Sep 28, 2013
Purging the Heretics
History Database

· 2012 ·
Dec. 21 / Earth: As the Mayan Civilization on Planet Earth had predicted, the world indeed changed. At 22 : 47 : 21 Earth Time, a large comet passed Earth's Atmosphere, pelting the planet with debris and causing an estimated 1,404,412,771 casualties (20%). Ash from destroyed cities sends Earth into a second Ice Age which lasted over 100 years, sending humanity back to the years of the early American Revolution
Technological Breakthroughs: None

· 2112 ·
Mar. 13 / Earth: From studying the ancient technology of the old world, humanity has managed to return to a more advanced state thanks to the small Christian influence that had been present in the Medieval Ages. The environment is still very cold and still little sunlight is visible. Humanity has fully adapted to the cold as well as Earth's Creatures.
Technological Breakthroughs:
Nano Technology
Environmental Vital Over Watch Suit (E.V.O. Suit)

· 2122 ·
Dec. 21 / Earth: The United Federations of Earth is created and world peace is temporarily attained.
Technological Breakthroughs: None

· 2132 ·
Dec. 01 / Earth: The Tibetan's begin running low on needed resources and invade what was once India but was at the time under the control of the Chinese Government and fighting ensues, resulting in the "Twilight Wars", the first fighting in over 120 years.
Technological Breakthroughs:
Militarized E.V.O. Suit

· 2232 ·
Dec. 21 / Earth: Scientists in the New Federation of America stumble upon the remains of Cape Canaveral. To end the Twilight Wars, the Americans began building the Mjolnir Satellite and within the next year it was deployed.
Technological Breakthroughs: Mjolnir Satellite

· 2233 ·
Dec. 31 / Earth: The New Federation of America activates the Mjolnir Satellite, destroying one of the bloodiest battles of the Twilight War. The UFE begin demanding the American Federation to either surrender the weapon. The American Federation refuse and the UFE declares war on the American Federation which lasted for 12 years.
Technological Breakthroughs: None

· 2245 ·
Apr. 04 / Earth: The UFE surrenders under threat of unleashing the full power of the Mjolnir Satellite. However, they do agree to share the findings and research they began making in Outer Space Travel.
Technological Breakthroughs:
The Phoenix Shuttle

· 2445 ·
Oct. 07 / Earth: 200 years after the construction of the Phoenix Class Shuttle, the now disbanded UFE has finished construction on the first Salem Class Cruiser, the Salem utilized both solar energy and also a new form known as 'elemental conversion'. Using the Salem, a research lab was set up in Mars' orbit which would begin research on wormhole manipulation and wormhole generation.
Technological Breakthroughs:
Elemental Conversion Array
Salem Cruiser

· 2455 ·
Mar. 21 / Mars: The Mars Research facility finishes the first wormhole generator is designed, allowing the Novus Class Cruisers to begin their first jump. The 3 original Novus Cruisers found their way into the 3 closest galaxies, Omega Centauri, Virgo Stellar Stream, and the Sagittarius Galaxy. There, the ships began terraforming and inhabiting the planets.
Technological Breakthroughs: Wormhole Generator
Novus Class Cruiser

· 3012 ·
Feb. 04 / The Void: The Earth has become a shipping yard and has become incredibly polluted. The Earth is now all but empty. Some mega colonies are here and there but the human race has become a nomadic race. The religion of Xenotology, the belief that humanity was an alien experiment and the alien creatures to return some point in the future. The governments of Earth have become 4 Empires, each governing over the 4 original galaxies discovered. No intelligent alien life has been discovered
Technological Breakthroughs: None

Current Events

Currently, the 4 factions are on the brink of war. The Novus have been scouting the Milky Way Galaxy for reasons unknown while the Dominion of Man have been harassing and taking Solarian territory by force, though they have encountered Terran Spec Ops teams scouting various planets without the Solarian's consent. The four factions have agreed to send emissaries to discuss terms to make peace and dispel any rumors that either side is designing a super weapon, but things are tense. One wrong move, one nervous twitch, and war will come. The military of each faction is preparing, factories are working on overtime and plans are being drawn.

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The Novus, the Solarians, the Terrans, and the Dominion convened in the Slate Zone to discuss terms of peace. Though tensions were high, terms were met and an agreement was struck. As the deal was about to be sealed, the Ambassadors were killed by an unknown assassin. The surviving witnesses of this killing have been evacuated from Planet Helion and are returning to their ships as war begins to breakout.​
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