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Brotherhood of Steel Squadron RP [Fallout ]

"The Enclave idea sounds good too. XP"

If I recall, I haven't stated my idea for an Enclave cameo appearance for this rp.

"Those who have left the Brotherhood of Steel, branded Outcasts, are just as dangerous. Even more so, being in exile."
Easily, they will know I am running this motherfucking show. I haven't said much in the hope people started to contribute ideas and whatnot to this idea. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case. I presume this is a thing, but with no intent in rushing a half-assed product. Because I wasn't clear before let me cap it and please no more playing around or Sav shoves a boot up your ass.

There the matter involving where will this be set, the time period of the wastelands, the rules set from the Xenophobic West Coast to the Charitable East Coast.. all the way to the Midwest that went as far to allow other species to join. Afterwards I should be clear that not everyone going to say be like Lyon's Pride with everyone in decent to high ranking.

Other than those participating, I guess I want to hear everyone input regarding the roleplay itself.

Mentioned this before, please stay on topic.
Regarding the roleplay itself?

Would you mind giving more details so people could learn more about what is to come?

Did you know, there are those amongst us who would shatter our hopes for peace, order, and prosperity? These radical malcontents don’t care about you. They don’t care about America! All they care about is fulfilling their own selfish desires.
Nothing is exactly set in stone,specifically I intended this to be beyond the time frame of Fallout New Vegas and not within California at the very least since NCR has slowly destroyed the post-apocalyptic atmosphere so anywhere that its too far from the West Coast.

Original ideals of the BOS was mainly to preserve the old world tech first. Lyon's BOS in Fallout 3 were more gallant, protecting the people first and damning the original mission, even recruiting those in the wastes. The Midwest went even further by allowing Ghouls and Super Mutants to join. So overall I just want to see what people want. They will be doing squad base mission, maybe find a huge foe since the Enclave is basically dead by New Vegas.
No more Enclave? NOOOO!!!!!

Hmmm, anyway, perhaps I could still choose to play as a hostile Outcast or an NCR ranger that has a deep grudge against the BOS.
Been off for a week. I need to sit down with Sav and Doc to flesh out WHAT we are establishing as a basis for the RP. I'll get on plundering the archives for stuff we can use tonight aftetr I get back home.
Is there still room in this rp, for I would like to join in. I enjoy the fall out series, and I've always wanted to rp it. So i'm willing to give this a fair shot, I don't know what my character would be yet though. Though I always liked the idea of playing one of the regulators. Those Jackets be awesome.
It looks like we have a balanced amount why not start but let others still join or at least put up a character thread if y'all been waiting so long

Also I'm dead set in my idea of playing a regulator
Alright guys. Lets get on this. This shit has been in the works for over a month and we have developed NOTHING. Lets start talking about thread management first off and discuss story.
I already invited Sav and Doc to talk with me when they get a chance about setting, etc. Yes, it's been at least a month of doing nothing, but I took the initiative and we're getting started. Hopefully we'll have something ready to go within the week.

@Sav/Doc- let's try'n find a time frame we can be online to hash it out. I'm not working tomorrow, so any time from the hours of 2PM to 4AM Tuesday will work for me. You guys have my skype info, so contact me there. Also, little note: I invited DTH, and he's in it seems. I talked with him and Strauss last night about some ideas. I'll give you full details, but just know that little bit of info.
Sorry for the wait. Will get to work tomorrow. Was gone due to work and just.... not being online for various reasons. I'll get everything set up within the week, as I now have MUCH morte free time.
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