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District 7


Nov 23, 2011
Rhode Island

Name:Rikki Draven
Location:District 7
Date/Time:September 15th, Early Afternoon
Tagging:Jamie, Open

Name:Jamie Draven
Location:District 7
Date/Time:September 15th, Early Afternoon
Tagging:Rikki, Open

Today was the day everyone in the district dreaded, today was the day that tributes were selected for the Hunger Games. This year the capitol wouldn't only be taking 2 tributes but 6. Three boys and three girls, this year the games were under Quarter Quell rules and that meant there was a twist that twist this year was each district would give up a team of six tributes that would have to work together instead of against each other.

Rikki and Jamie looked at themselves in the mirror and sighed. The twins hated reaping day. They only had one more year to get past it before they were 18 and safe from the games and they hoped that neither of them were selected this year. Jamie turned to Rikki and hugged her older twin tightly.

"No matter what happens today just know that I love you and I'll never leave your side....ever" ,she told Rikki who was hugging her tightly.

Their mother was crying as she watched the two. The family was so close and the twins mother always got scared whenever a reaping came about. Just then the bell sounded signaling for all of the potential tributes to gather at the town square.

The twins walked hand in hand to the town square only parting briefly so that they could get their fingers pricked and sign in with their blood. Everything about this day was dark and twisted in their opinion. After being registered the twins quickly found each other again and Rikki grabbed Jamie's hand as they walked to where the other 17 year old's gathered.

A plump older man with thinning hair stepped onto the stage and tapped the microphone before introducing himself. No one really listened to the opening speech or the video that followed all they listened for was the names that were called after.

Rikki's mind was off somewhere else, she was thinking of what would happen if she was selected. How could she leave Jamie and her mother behind and more importantly how would she survive in the arena. She was quickly snapped out of her thoughts when the first tribute was selected.

"JAMIE DRAVEN!" ,the man boomed into the microphone.

Rikki looked over to Jamie as she felt her twins hand let go of hers. Tears streamed down the younger twins face as she looked into Rikki's eyes. "Goodbye Rikki....I love you....forever" ,Jamie cried as she was carried off by the peacekeepers and towards the stage.

A feeling of complete emptiness washed over Rikki as Jamie walked towards the stage. Tears pricked at her eyes and she knew what she had to do. She couldn't live without Jamie, their bond was too strong and whenever they were apart neither of them felt whole. Rikki took a few deep breaths and before the man on stage could call the name of the next selected tribute Rikki pushed past the crowd. The peacekeepers went to grab her but she shoved one of them hard in the chest before looking to Jamie and everyone else who was on the stage.

"I VOLUNTEER, I VOLUNTEER...." ,Rikki growled through gritted teeth as her eyes locked onto Jamie's. The peacekeepers must not have heard her because they were still trying to pull her back into the crowd. "I FUCKING SAID I VOLUNTEER!" ,she screamed. Finally Rikki was released and she ran up to the stage and immediately grabbed Jamie into a hug.

"Rikki what are you doing?" ,Jamie whimpered into Rikki's ear.

"We're in this together, I can't let you go alone" ,Rikki responded.

The announcer smiled brightly and made a comment about family bonds and Rikki shot him a glare. What the hell did he know? He never had to experience this torture, never had to be selected for a game that could take his life....fuck him.
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