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District 1


Jul 7, 2013

Name: Cynder Tiffa
Location: District 1
Attire: Link
Weapons: None
Supplies: None
Date/Time: Reaping Day/Early Morning
Tagging: Ash, Open

Name: Ash Tiffa
Location: The Capitol
Attire: Link
Weapons: Legalized handgun (concealed)
Supplies: None
Date/Time: Reaping Day/Early Morning
Tagging: Cynder, Open

Reaping Day in District 1 was always an event. Granted it was an event everywhere in Panem, but in District 1, it was a reason to party. People partied when they were chosen, and they partied when they were spared. It didn't really matter why, it was just an excuse to show off their nicest clothes and resources for the feasts that often came during the evening on Reaping Day.

Cynder Tiffa woke up early that morning and stood in her closet that would be considered larger than some people's houses with a frown on her delicate face. She studied what she would wear for the Reaping itself and then she planned out the 3 other outfits she would wear for the rest of the day. Unlike many other's in Panem, Cynder was extremely wealthy and well off. Part of this was thanks to her brother, the 95th Victor of the Hunger Games five years ago, but most of it was thanks to her father who ran a clothing company that supplied most of the Capitol with both outfits and materials.

At last, Cynder decided on a white gown that hung off of one shoulder with a billowing skirt with a slit up the front to reveal a healthy amount of pale leg whenever she walked. It complimented her fiery hair nicely she thought. Dawning her gown, she left her waist length hair free to billow around her tiny form in the light morning breeze. There was a sense of excitement that buzzed around the square as the entire crowd of eligible citizens waited for the Reaping to begin. Like all other Districts at that exact moment, the Capitol Representative stepped forward and congratulated the fine looking people of District 1. Cynder immediately fell in love with the woman. She was entirely white in a loosely fitting gown that fell to the floor, and hair that also brushed the floor. It looked as if she had the same skin treatment that she was lucky enough to get with that flawless porcelain. Cynder stopped admiring the Capitol woman and brought her attention to the Reaping itself, she had to be ready... time it right. The Representative lifted her hand, then, a hush fell over the crowd.

Inside, Cynder was buzzing with excitement. She was 18 years old, and this would be her final Reaping Day... she would make it count. Among the Careers, she was lesser. Not as physically skilled, but charming and almost manipulative in her own unknowing way. In the years before, she had never had the chance to volunteer, but this year with six Tributes... well, now she had her chance. As the Representatives hand dipped into the classic glass bowl, Cynder took a deep breath, then she lifted her hand and spoke in a clear and strong voice. "I volunteer! I volunteer as Tribute!"

All possible murmurs that were occurring about upcoming party plans ceased at the girl's voice that chimed like a small bell. No Peacekeepers were needed to escort her to the stage, for Cynder pushed aside those in her way with a brilliant white smile on her face and she made her way to the stage.

Ash Tiffa fell silent with the rest of those in District 1, though he was cozy in his Capitol penthouse inside of standing in the square of his native District, and squinted at the massive holographic screen that spread over the wall of his living room as the camera zoomed to the first volunteer. Of course, in District 1, there would be several volunteers, especially with there being 6 Tributes this year instead of 2. But when Ash caught the site of a head of flaming hair, his curiosity turned to shock, and then horror. The finely crafted wineglass he had held in his hand slipped through his fingers and crashed to the floor that was made from imported Italian marble. Cynder...

"What are you thinking??" he cried aloud, staring at the screen at the face of his smiling sister as she strode to the stage with all the grace of the mythical creature she so resembled. A maid hurried into the room to clean up the glass and wine that was bleeding over the floor. Ash grit his teeth and composed himself. It was not proper to display such anguish for something that should be considered admirable, especially for being one so privileged. The Capitol spared no one...

A small time later, Ash received a video call from Cynder himself. Her face showed up on the holographic screen, smiling. Those blue eyes that so closely resembled his own were glittering in excitement.

"Did you see?" she said bubbly, like a child that just preform some amazing trick. Her voice was just as entrancing as it would be in person.

"I saw," Ash said slowly. It hurt to see that smile fade a bit at the lack of excitement in his voice.

"Aren't you proud? I will be a Victor! Just like you... Maybe someday I can be a Mentor too!"

"Perhaps. Let us concentrate on having District 1 win, though, yes?"

She laughed, "That should not be a problem, you know! We always win."

Not always....
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