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Let's Play~ // MxF, FxF, MxM [plots & pictures]

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Mar 8, 2013
I am always open to new roleplays, no matter how busy I am, so message away~

Be sure to check back often as I do update my plots/cravings a lot!
[Plots Updated: 6/22/13 | Pictures Updated: 6/22/13 | General Information Updated: 6/22/13]

How busy I am at the moment: very - school is taking up a majority of my time right now

⌠Preferences & Guidelines⌡
• Types of characters and relationships: I am perfectly happy roleplaying as any character - female, male, transgender, futanari, two-spirited, etc. Same goes for personality type. I'm not too good with MILF or really hardcore dominant characters, but I will try. xD As for relationships.. M/M, F/F, M/F, and any other combination you can think of, works just fine for me. Also, I prefer to sub/bottom, but I am also happy to switch or top as well. Just let me know your preferences beforehand! I'm not a mind reader.. x_x

• Click here and here for a list of my kinks. Otherwise, all turn ons/offs and kinks will vary a bit by character, but anything that's listed under here is a universal hard limit, which I will not do under any circumstances. Things listed under maybe are something I prefer to be asked about first and it usually depends on the details/what exactly you want to do with the kink.

• When making characters for each roleplay, please feel free to list any appearance or personality preferences you may have. I do take things like 'big/small breasts' etc. into considering when looking at people's kink list, but again, I am not a mind reader. I don't know exactly what kind of character tickles your fancy unless you tell me.

• Genres: I'm good with anything from really sappy, ooey-gooey stories, to comedy, to pure smut, to really dark and twisted stuff. It's all good.~

• Plot vs. Smut: Most of my storylines are generally written as smut-oriented - seeing as this is an adult website and all - but I am more than happy to do plot based roleplays as well, or 50/50 smut and plot. Generally I'm in more of a 50/50 mindset, but there are a lot of times where I'm just in a total smut mood, so don't be afraid to tell me if all you're interested in is the sex. xD; That's what we're here for, right?

• English is not my first language, so please excuse any spelling, grammar, or general wording mistakes that I may have. ^^;

• I do short-term, mid-term and long term-roleplays. And please, if the roleplay gets boring, let me know. I don't mind starting a new roleplay or even dropping the whole thing entirely. Also don't mind asking to do quick/short-term stuff only. It's fine.

• I tend to ramble a bit, but generally I do anywhere from 2 to 6 paragraphs and upwards (a.k.a. para/multi-para to novella), depending on what I am given and if I feel inspired or not. I usually mimic whoever I'm roleplaying with, so usually you get what you give.

• I roleplay via PM only. That being said, I can sometimes reply very, very fast, or very, very slow. And I will often alternate between the two, as I am a full-time student and am also trying to find a job. So please, don't fret if I take a few days to get back to you! I leave this website window open a lot, so most of the time it says I'm online when I'm really not.

• Also - if we're doing a roleplay involving animals, beasts/monsters, etc. I'd prefer them not to talk. If it's a humanoid like, say.. a harpy, or a half-human monster/demon, then it's fairly understandable for them to speak. But generally, even if they can speak, I would imagine most creatures don't happen to know human languages. Furthermore, non-humanoids definitely can't speak for presumably obvious reasons. All in all, it's just a personal preference of mine.

A quick note on some of my kinks and limits!

Furries/Monsters/Bestiality/etc: I will happily include monsters, humanoids (i.e. werewolves, harpies, naga, etc), plants, and some reptiles/insects in my sexual roleplays. Regular animals or fantasy animals (like pokemon, for instance) are only allowed if my character is the one being penetrated by them, or I am roleplaying the animal doing it to someone else. So me getting screwed by an animal? Yes. Me, as an animal, screwing somebody else? Yes. Anything involving an animal being screwed? No. As for furries: I have nothing against them, I just have no interest in furries, so I don't really want to include them either.

Incest: I'm not super into incest, but I will do some incestuous pairings. Just no parent/child or grandparent/child. I will only do stuff like aunt/uncle + niece/nephew, cousin/cousin, and sibling incest.

Pregnancy: I'm into some pregnancy-related stuff, just not actually having sex while somebody is pregnant. If they're under, say.. 2 months pregnant, then sure, but anything over that just weirds me out. @_@; So no sexytimes while pregnant, but other pregnancy related stuff (i.e. risk of pregnancy, impregnation, oviposition, etc) is a-okay.

Excessive Vulgarity/"Dirty Talk": Well.. I don't really cuss all that often in real life, but not because I dislike it. I just.. don't cuss that often, lol. Now, using occasional swear words or maybe, a handful of words a sentence is usually fine, but if you decide to use every single swear word in every sentence that you use, then yeah, no. I especially hate sexual roleplays where one character constantly says stuff like "Ohh yeah you like that you dirty little cumslut? You're such a filthy whore I love fucking you with my cock" yada yada. Again: no. I like most forms of dirty talk, but that isn't dirty talk. That's just being trashy. Now, basic cuss words like "shit/damn/fuck" etc are okay (assuming you're not using them every 9 out of 10 words or something), but using demeaning names and all that is my biggest issue. Things like "naughty/dirty girl" are fine, though. Everything in moderation.~

also, since some people have been asking about it, here are details about everything in my "maybe" list!​
Birthing: I will only do this if it's not actual human birthing. However, if my character has an egg inside of them, or something else that won't require her to give literal (humanoid) birth, then it's fine. The same goes for unbirthing.

Bloodplay: Light stuff only, please. Such as biting to draw blood, or perhaps stuff involving periods or light injuries as well. (like licking blood off a small cut)

Breast Smothering: Again, nothing too heavy. I don't want any choking being involved.

Breath Control: Going off what I said above, breath control is so/so for me - if it's just light and quick, then it's fine. But if it's constantly happening, causing actual suffering, then no.

Cock/Ball Smothering: Same as breast smothering.

Cock Slapping: I'm honestly not very into this sort of thing, as it's actually a big turn off, but as usual - a little bit is fine. Just don't push it.

Cubs / Young Characters: As per the site rules, nothing under the age of 15 please. Animal characters can be young so long as they've hit puberty, or are considered 15 by human standards.

Cum Inflation: Light? Yes please. Medium? Maybe, depends on just how much.

Enemas: As long as whatever end you're putting it into is empty. I'm not into scat or any other toilet stuff, so no using enemas for that purpose!

Extreme Pregnancy: Only in terms of being filled with eggs/cum/non-human or animal babies. Also, nothing too extreme, please. "Heavy" is probably a better term for this.

Flogging/Whipping: No whips, but I am fine with riding crops, paddles, etc. Albeit lightly. I'm not too into spanking, but I'm fine with light/medium stuff regardless.

Forced Incest: Dubious I will do, literal force and rape I will not do.

Hair Pulling: Light and moderate tugging only. Heaving hair pulling is a huge turn off.

Hirsute: Generally refers to hairy creatures/monsters/animals, but in terms of humans, I don't mind a significant amount of body hair. Just no really hairy private bits, please.

Humiliation: Light, moderate, heavy, and super heavy are a-okay, so long as they stay within either consensual or at least somewhat dubious territory.

Immobilization: No mummification or anything related to it. Same goes for hoods, things that cover the entire face, and other full-body stuff. Everything else is fair game.

Necrophilia: I will only do it if it involves animated zombies/dead bodies, etc. Basically, only undead things that are capable of consenting.

Nipple Penetration: Light penetration only, i.e. with tiny tentacles, and so on. Nothing big, or even moderately so.

Non-Sexual Pain: I'm sure you know the drill by now - lighter stuff only. No beatings, abuse, or anything of that nature.

Objectification: Anything that's not outright dehumanizing/abusive/yada yada.

Piercing: Not really interested with this in a sexual nature, sorry. But including it in the general storyline is fine.

Pregnancy: Explanation listed above~

Role Reversal: Applies to switch characters only. I won't change roles if my character isn't one.

Sadism/Masochism: Again, light/moderate stuff = yes. Heavy = no.

Sexual Pain: See above.

Shaving: Another thing that I'm not really into, but will do if my roleplay partner insists. Just don't expect me to go crazy over it. ^^;

Speech Restrictions: Within a BDSM, M/S, O/P or similar relationship. If it's just a regular relationship, then it would be a bit weird to be super controlling over what is said, no?

Unbirthing: See 'birthing'.

Zoophilia: As mentioned above - I will not do anything involving the penetration of animals. Anything including literal animals must involve my character(s) being penetrated by them, or me playing an animal penetrating somebody else. (note that this does not apply to animal humanoids)


⌠Possible Storyline Ideas⌡
(note that all of these are just base ideas. We can change stuff around, add/remove characters, switch roles, change character sexes, appearances, etc. So don't feel like you have to stick with exactly what I've written.~)​

» blue-ish gray text = the role I prefer to be in | = I'm currently craving | crossed out = currently not interested in / too many people requested it «​

Sci-Fi - Robot/Human, Alien/Human, etc.
Modern - Teacher/Student, Doctor/Nurse, Doctor/Patient, Kidnapper/Victim, Boss/Underling, Owner/Pet, Painter or Photographer x Muse, Stripper x Patron or Host(ess) x Patron, Bully-esque character/Victim, Gymnast x Fan or Coach, Stewardess x Passenger, Teen Girl x Her Older Sibling's Best friend, Teen Girl x Mom's/Dad's Best Friend, Popular Character x Nerdy/Outcast Character, etc.
Fantasy/Medieval - Vampire/Victim, Demon/Victim, Demon/Angel, Demon/Priest(ess), Prince(ss)/Servant, King or Queen/Knight, Little Red Riding Hood x Wolf, Mermaid x Sailor, Witch x Witch Hunter, etc.
Any verse & Misc. - Arranged Marriages, Forced Friendships/Companionship, Unlikely Relationships, Religious Sacrifice, Gangbangs, Childhood/Bestfriends, Monster Girl/Boy x Human, Step/Adoptive family, Younger x Older, Doll x Owner, All Kinds Of Harems, etc.

Video Games - Harvest Moon/Rune Factory, Animal Crossing, L4D, Pokemon, Fable, Bioshock, Silent Hill, Portal, etc.
Anime - Wayy too many to list. Ask me.

Random things that I am currently craving - Bug or Reptile/Human, Pokemon/Trainer, Reluctant/Dubcon Companionships, Gangbangs, Little Red/Wolf, Gel Person/Human, Religious Sacrifice or Nun/Monster or Demon, Older/Younger, Small Fairy/Mischievous Human, Girl/Stranger on the train, Futa, Somnophilia, Dubcon, Kidnapper/Victim, Stalker/Their Item of Affection, Incest, Creature/Monster/Possibly Animal x My Character, Hypnotism/Mind Control, Slave, Risk of Pregnancy, Breeding

detailed ideas (most are smut-oriented, but can easily be tweaked to be focused primarily on plot) -
◄Any Verse storyline - Hand of the King x Prince/ss - M/F, F/F, M/M new!
❝The King of their kingdom is dying, meaning that it will not be long before their only child, my character, ascends the throne. They are returning from their summer house in a nearby village when they get into a horrible accident, temporarily putting my character into a coma-like state, and they are then rushed back to the castle. When my character awakens, they barely remember anything; sans their name and that they belong here, in this castle. Your character has been the hand of the King for years now, secretly loathing the King and wishing there was some way that they could take his place. Your character decides to take advantage of the prince/ss’ memory loss and makes my character believe that they are either your character’s servant, or their betrothed (which is up to you). They then have my character sign a paper which grants the power of the King to your character (though my character, obviously, does not realize what they are signing), meaning that now nobody can stop them. [The roleplay will be fairly dark, though it certainly can go darker if need be. My character will be in a confused and slightly spacey state for the duration of the roleplay, though if it’s long-term, we can certainly have them put the pieces together once we’re far into the roleplay. Your character can either just use them as they like, especially due to their hatred of the King (therefore wanting to take advantage of his kid), or they can genuinely have twisted, romantic and/or sexual feelings for them. Though either way, it would still be dark and dubious.]

◄Fantasy Verse storyline - Adventurer x Sorcerer or Sorceress - M/F, F/F new!
❝(Slightly inspired by Torchlight, which I have been playing far too much of ^^;; ) Your character is an adventurer of sorts, in a RPG-esque world filled with different types of characters (i.e. warriors, rangers, knights, magicians, etc.), monsters, and all that fun stuff. They are tasked with defeating my character, King or Queen of the Necroworld, but find themselves trapped as soon as they get there. Battling their way through hoards of dark, twisted, and undead creatures, they finally make it to the bottom floor of the world, only to discover my character in the middle of a ritual. A large beam of light suddenly shoots towards your character, knocking them unconscious. When they awaken, they realize that they are in the middle of the room, bound and chained, barely able to move. They glance up and are shocked when they realize that the person staring back is.. themselves? My character—or rather, my character in your character’s body—reveals that they have switched places, allowing my character not only to retain all of their powers, but also use your character’s as well. They sarcastically thank your character for walking into their trap, and decide to toy with them, teasing them by touching your character’s body inappropriately.. and possibly more. [We would start off with them switching bodies and will work from there. The first portion would definitely be fairly sexual, though just how far my character goes initially is up to you. We could focus more on the struggle/action, and just spread the sexual stuff out, or focus entirely on the sexual stuff.]

◄Any Verse storyline - Painter/Photographer (+ "Models") x Model - M/F, F/F new!
❝My Character is a model who has been down on her luck lately, struggling to find decent paying jobs. I have a variety of ideas for this storyline,
Option A: Your character, an artist, commissions her to model for them. They start asking her to do stuff more along the lines of artistic nudity, but this obviously begins to delve into something more as the requests get even more and more dirty. [Your character could just be a genuinely nice person who has to paint something more.. racy, but it ends up going too far when they get aroused by what she has to do, OR your character could be doing it all on purpose, under the guise of painting her.]
Option B: Similar to above, only it’s photography instead. My character would take a bunch of group photos with men and/or women, doing sexualized poses, and it would eventually go too far. Only in this case, your character(s) (you’d be playing their fellow “models”/camera person) are doing it all on purpose. The other models are just friends of your character who were paid to come trick my character into group sex/a gangbang.

◄Any Verse storyline - Dog x Wandering Artist - M/F new!
❝My character, a wandering artist, decides to pay a visit to a small, nearby town in search of new art supplies. She is astounded to see a group of people chasing a large, scruffy dog out of town (your character), throwing rocks at it, yelling, and so on. She quickly saves the dog from the angry mob and runs back towards the main road, visibly disgusted that they would do such a thing to a poor animal. Little did she know, the dog in question was actually the pet of a particularly twisted and perverted owner, who had taught their dog to do a variety of equally perverted and twisted things. Namely to pretty human girls like herself. To make matters worse, she herself happens to be a rather lonely person, who has went without any sort of romantic or sexual interaction for almost 3 years now, making her all the more sensitive to any sexual advances it might make. [A possible plot twist could be that his owner ends up coming back to life as a zombie/undead creature of sorts (though in this case, he would be in about the same state as the dog, being a zombie and all - and he couldn't speak), or we can just stick with her x the dog.]

◄Modern Verse storyline - Patients x Nurse - M/F, F/F new!
❝(Inspired by this picture) The beautiful but shy Nurse May has recently started a new job at a local hospital. One of her first patients is terminal, so she makes a habit of staying by their bedside whenever she has the time. However, they end up making a rather odd request of her (asking if she would have sex with them) as they have no more than days left to live. Torn, she eventually gives in, thinking that it is the right thing to do. It isn’t long before another patient manages to catch wind of this, and subtly begins to make advances, asking for her service. Nurse May struggles with the moral and ethical boundaries, as well as her own shyness and newness to such things, trying hard to find the right answer as more and more patients begin to crave a bit of her healing touch. [I see this turning one of two ways – either A: she eventually learns to just embrace it while still retaining her shy yet kind demeanor, or B: she becomes more like a stereotypical hentai girl; totally horny and loose 24/7]

◄Modern verse storyline - Boyfriend x Adulterous Girlfriend x Random Strangers - M/F, F/F new!
❝Our characters have been dating for nearly a month now – the two appear to have a near perfect relationship, but in reality, things are going downhill rather quickly. Your character just can’t seem to perform in the bedroom, which has been driving my character crazy. My character (can either be somebody genuinely sweet, or a more playful and promiscuous person) ends up cheating (again, either “accidentally” or on purpose), and this continues on a few times, with new people each time. One night, your character comes home early to find a random stranger in their bed. Your character, oddly, becomes aroused by this, and they decide to continue inviting a new stranger each night. [You’d be playing both your character and the random stranger. Also, it’s up to you if it’s just going to be a cuckhold thing, where your character just sits and watches, or your character can join in and make it group sex. It could also be a mixture of both.]

◄Any Verse storyline - ??? x Pirate Girl(s) - M/F, F/F new!
❝Mira and her sister, Veronica, are some of the fiercest pirates on the sea. They specialize mainly in robbing and kidnapping, as well as a bit of slave trade here and there, but mostly prefer the challenge of going after wealthy targets with plenty of resources.
Option A: Your character is a fellow Pirate, who ends up butting heads with the siblings, and manages to kidnap one of them. They must then outrun her sibling while also continuing to do their own pirate-y business.
Option B: Your character is the son or daughter of a wealthy person and gets kidnapped and held hostage by the two sisters.
Option C: Your character is part of the royal navy and is sent to capture them. They battle it out on the open sea, but a storm hits, causing them and their crew to be washed ashore on an island together.
[Could possibly include incest if you choose either option B or C.]

◄Any verse storyline - Unpopular Person x Various - M/F, M/M, F/Fnew!
❝Your character has been an outcast their entire life, both at school and in the real world. One day they wake up to find everything has changed—everybody is suddenly friendly and welcoming, they all want to be their friend, and all sorts of girls and/or boys start flocking towards them. How will they deal with all of the sudden attention? [Would be more of a harem-type roleplay, with me playing most (if not all) of the other characters. I don’t mind playing teachers, students, or just random people. It could also just involve me focusing on one, or a small number of characters.]

◄Potentially Dark-ish Fantasy storyline - Dark, Evil Twin x Her Good-Hearted Sister - Futa!F/F new!
❝Inspired by a few classic fairy tales.. but with a twist. Two twins were born to a lowly servant, who had previously been the lover of a rich but cruel man. The first child was plain and simple, while the other was beautiful, with bright golden curls and honey brown eyes. The jealous mother took her beautiful daughter and locked her in an old, abandoned castle and left them her die, while she raised the other as a sort of servant of her own, blissfully unaware of the existence of her other sibling. Years later, the once beautiful twin had grown bitter and angry, having been forced to practically claw their way through life up until this point. But she was a skilled hunter now – fast and ruthless, completely unmatched. And her once beautiful appearance had grown dark and wild, much like her soul. The girl’s sibling, on the other hand, had turned from plain to downright gorgeous. Their mother had forced her into servitude for the King—hoping that she might become his mistress and make them rich like she had once tried to do—and one day, she was sent with them in a hunting party into the forest. The dark twin recognized her sibling instantly, having caught a glimpse at her beautiful sister a few times before. But the minute she saw her, she knew that she would do anything to get her precious sister back. She had been stolen by her mother—and now the king—and nobody dared to steal what was rightfully hers. [I figure the rest of this would be very similar to Beauty and the Beast in some ways. Though first she'd have to be "saved" from the King before she's brought back to the castle. There's also the option of us having people come to look for her afterwards.]
(Kinks it could include: incest, futa, rough sex, lots of experimenting because the dark twin knows almost nothing about her sister, teasing, sexual/physical exhaustion, biting/marking, maybe lactation?, bondage would be nice as well, etc.)

◄Modern-ish storyline - Farm Animals x Ram Girl - M/F, F/F new!
❝My character, a female Ram, has lived a secluded life in the mountains her entire life. When a farmer decides to bring his farm animals up to graze on her mountain one day, she decides to investigate. Thankfully, all of the animals seem friendly enough. They curiously investigate the humanoid, noting her animal features. This prompts one of the larger animals to come and mate with her while she is napping with the herd by the river, which is utterly confusing yet arousing for her. She runs back up to the mountain when the farmer returns, yet she finds herself coming back the next day when they are back on her mountain once more. [Whether or not the farmer joins in is up to you. Personally, I'd prefer to see the farmer be surprised first, then perhaps get in on the action later, if at all.]
(Kinks it could include: Awkward sexytimes, dubcon, definitely will be forced at first (but as usual, not rape-y), mating, potential impregnation, maybe double penetration?, messy outdoor sex, etc.)

◄Dark Modern and Fantasy storyline - Ghost-like Creatures x "Dead" Girl - M/F, F/F new!
❝My character was murdered and sacrificed by a deranged killer in order to gain some supposed immortality. She awoke the next morning as if nothing ever happened.. except she was in a completely different house, a completely different town, and more importantly—a completely different world. Plagued with nothing but vague memories, daily nightmares and a constant feeling of dread, she was left to wonder this hellish limbo alone. ..Yet, she wasn’t completely alone. There were ghost-like creatures all around her, floating aimlessly through the town, leaving a bad aura wherever they went. The ghost-creatures loved to watch her, to creep eerily close and harass her pretty, anxiety ridden little face. These were creatures that were utterly delighted by negative emotions. And oh, were they ever interested in seeing just how many ways they could elicit these emotions from her.
(Kinks it could include: Heavy dubcon and forced/reluctantly on her part, lots of creepy behavior, inappropriate touching, mindfucking, toying with her emotions/feeding off of fear, ghost sex, bondage, forced nudity, fingering/oral sex/outright fucking at random times all over the house/town, possibly some sadism/masochism as well, etc.)

◄Modern and Fantasy storyline - Random Teen/Young Adult x Goo Girl - M/F, F/F new!
❝One day, a quiet little town is notified by the news that a group of mobsters from the town over has been pouring toxic waste into one of their local lakes. Everyone is advised to steer clear of the area, and it is blocked off until further notice. Your character, either a rebellious teen or young adult, decides to go and mess around there regardless. They make their way towards the lake, only to be greeted by a thick, seemingly toxic fog, which knocks them out almost instantly. When they waken, they notice that they are on the other side of the lake (which is fog-free), unharmed. Relieved, your character begins to make their way back towards the main road.. only to be stopped by a thick puddle of sludge lying on the ground. The ooze quickly manifests itself in the form of a gooey humanoid, who then smiles and wraps herself around them. She refuses to let them go until the two of them spend some quality time together. After all, she doesn’t get to come across humans like this just everyday.~

◄Fantasy storyline - Male Botanist (Her Brother) x Female Botanist x Various Plants and Insects - M/F new!
❝Evelyn and her brother are botanists, and the only ones for miles around. They specialize in many different kinds of planets, from your usual flowers and shrubs to ones that can actually move around and sprout tentacles. This and their vast collection of rare and typically large insects have made them rather famous. All of their plants and critters have many different needs, but breeding some of the larger plants and insects is definitely the hardest part. Thankfully, her brother came up with a solution for that long ago—using Evelyn as an incubator. He had often expressed his very abnormal feelings towards her often enough when they were children, but he now takes a special joy in being able to play with his dear sister while also helping to keep their collection alive and well. And, as she doesn't actually become pregnant by any of the plants or bugs, but rather just kept their eggs inside of her for a few days or so, it makes it especially easy for Evelyn and her brother to thoroughly enjoy the impregnation process. [Her brother is a real tease, and mostly just enjoys fondling her and guiding the plants/critter's inside of her, making sure they're wriggling inside of all her holes.. etc. >w>; but he definitely would enjoy penetrating her as well, though mostly anally, since she has to be pseudo-impregnated via her vagina]
(Kinks it could include: incest, multiple penetration, light cum inflation, oviposition, pseudo-pregnancy, titfucking, throat fucking/penetration, lots of oral, gangbang/group sex, teasing, sexual/physical exhaustion, etc.)

◄Possibly Dark-ish Modern storyline - Spoiled Brat x Their New Master(s) - M/F, F/F or M/M new!
❝My character is a generic, prissy primadonna who has been spoiled rotten their entire lives. Their adoptive parents, who were long since fed up, decided to punish them by sending my character into the big city. They further arranged for them to be “kidnapped” and forced into sexual slavery. Is there anybody who can manage to turn this spoiled little brat into the perfect slave?
(Kinks it could include: humiliation, bondage, master/slave, rough sex, punishment and discipline (just nothing too harsh/heavy), corruption, transformation from brat to willing slave, etc.)

◄Dark Sci-Fi storyline - Twisted Patient x Equally Twisted Doctor - M/F, F/F or M/M new!
❝My character, a 17-year old blind schizophrenic, murdered their caretaker and grandfather 2 years ago. After gauging their own eyes out in prison, they were transferred to the Neverwood Psychiatric Facility, where they were put under the direct care of your character, their top doctor and psychiatrist. Your character is a ruthless sadist who runs one half of the hospital like an army, with the rest being terrible ignorant towards their devious ways. They have a habit of screwing with their patients, curious to see what happens when they push or bend them a certain way - but what happens when my character bends back? An unlikely kinship is formed between the two, and your character takes a special pleasure in toying with their messed up mind. [Mostly plot, but definitely could be more smut based. It will, however, be very, very dark..]
(Kinks it could include: major mindfucking (or, attempts at it), varying degrees of bondage, heavy use of toys/medical equipment, sensory deprivation, S&M, various other unhealthy things.. xD)

◄Dark-ish Any Verse storyline - Oblivious Person x Their Stalker - M/F, F/F or M/M new!
❝Your character has been stalking mine for nearly a year now, and they decide to celebrate this "anniversary" by finally taking the initiative. My character is a nice, kind-hearted yet somewhat naive/oblivious person who was recently kicked out of their home. Your character has lived in the same ol', empty house for ages, so they send my character a letter inviting them to move in. My character naturally accepts, not really knowing who it was from, or that the person who sent it was stalking them. Your character continues to spy on mine, and in the meantime manages to interact with mine, albeit awkwardly, which delights them. Your character's confidence grows more and more, and soon they decide to start getting closer. At night they sneak in and fondle my character, finger (or jerk off, if it's a guy/futa) them, etc. But carefully, as even deep sleepers wake up from enough commotion. One night, they're brought to the edge, and end up trying to screw my character. My character wakes up, but only partially - it turns out they are not only a deep sleeper, but a sleep walker as well. Your character takes full advantage of this, and proceeds to have all sorts of fun with them in their dazed state. (Note: very, veryyyy dubcon. Definitely not rape, as my character would be okay with it if they were awake, but we're keeping my character unaware for the sake of making the storyline more juicy. Just how creepy your character is, is up to you. They could be a sweet person, or just really messed up.)

◄Modern storyline - Person x Their Spouse's entire family - M/F, F/F or M/M new!
❝A young woman marries the love of her life and ends up moving in with her spouse and their family in a large, yet cosy little home. Everything is fine at first, until one day she is informed about their 'family tradition'; new family members such as herself are openly shared amongst the entire family, in a sort of polyamorous relationship centered around her.
(Optional twist: she ends up wanting to have a child, and this leads to a bit of envy and competitiveness amongst the main family members, as they all want to impregnate her. This only intensifies as time goes on, and she finds herself being screwed by everybody at every hour of the day. - note: will have to include futa females, since all of the family members want her to have their child)
(Kinks it could include: exhibitionism/voyeurism, gangbang/group sex, double/triple-penetration, risk of pregnancy, etc.)

◄Modern storyline - Younger Girl (maybe Niece, Cousin or Half-Sister) x Older Person (could be their Uncle/Aunt, Cousin or Half-Brother/Sister) - M/F, F/F or M/M new!
❝Your character is either a friend of the family or their uncle (preferably 20-40) who hasn't come to visit for a long while. Their daughter, Lily, kindly welcomes you by giving you a tour of their new house and so on. Everything proceeds normally and the night time comes around, which is where things start to heat up. Your character wakes up slowly, having been disturbed by something pressing against them. They quickly realize that it is in fact the daughter (possibly their niece/cousin/half-sister), dressed in only a pair of panties and a bra, rubbing against their loins, moaning. They quickly push her off, questioning what she was doing, before she runs out of the room. The next day, she acts as if nothing happened, but at lunch she grabs their hand under the table, using her hands to guide them as she fingers herself, knowing full well that your character can't say anything without being caught by her parents/siblings. It only gets worse, with her being more daring every time, getting to the point where they're constantly at a high risk for being caught. (It's up to you how long this draws on. Personally, I'd prefer if they keep resisting her for awhile, but yeah.)

even more detailed storyline ideas -
◄Fantasy storyline - Slave/Captured Person x Friendly Person OR Captor[/color] - M/F, F/F, M/M
❝My character is caught as a slave, and escapes or is rescued by some random person(s). Your character can either comes across them while mine running away and tries to help them, leading to many potentially awkward times due to my character being a slave (and the only way they know how to thank them is.. well.. sex, and other types of servitude), OR your character is another slave trader, or just a jerk in general, and captures/takes advantage my character.

◄Modern storyline - Teacher or Doctor x Student - M/F, F/F or M/M
❝During a health and/or medical class, the Teacher's pet is asked to come to the front of the class in order to demonstrate something from the textbook. It starts out rather innocent at first, but soon turns into something more. The teacher can either be the one to initiate things (maybe that's why s/he called the student up in the first place?) or the two of them just realize that the demonstration is starting to become a bit more than that. Can either result in them "demonstrating" things further in front of the class or even a consensual class gangbang.
(Kinks it could include: exhibitionism/voyeurism, gangbang, double/triple-penetration, medical tools and/or school supplies, orgasm and pleasure control/denial, titfucking, minor/moderate humiliation, cum facials, whatever else the Teacher/Doctor would be demonstrating, etc.)

◄Any verse storyline - Lamp Owner x Genie - M/F, F/F or M/M
❝Everyone knows the tales of Genies, yet thus far, there has never been concrete proof or disproof of their existence. All you've heard are stories and rumors passed on from person to person, place to place, told like mystical fairy-tales to young children and anyone who would care to hear the legend. So when you stumble upon an old, worn bottle one day, you don't really pay any mind to it. That is, until you decide to dust it off and bring it to the market to sell. Low and behold, all those stories and myths were true after all. But what on earth could you possibly do with 3 wishes? The possibilities are endless.. (sort of a 'pick your own adventure' storyline.~ You can literally do whatever you want with the Genie and the 3 wishes. Use them for good or bad, be naughty or nice, it's all up to you.)

◄Medieval/Fantasy storyline - ??? x Princess - M/F or F/F
❝The northern kingdom had been under attack for years. Weak and on the verge of falling, the king decides to use his daughter as an offer towards the other kingdoms in an effort to stop their attacks once and for all. Despite her forced willingness to try and help her father, fear gets the best of her and she manages to break free halfway through their journey. Now she must try and hide from the bounty hunters of all the neighboring kingdoms, as well as the horrors of the woods.. (there are a number of roles your character could play. Anything from one of the bounty hunters to a simple traveler, a regular hunter, one of the kings/queens/princes/princesses she was supposed to marry, a dark humanoid creature from the woods, etc. It's also up to you if your intentions towards her are good or bad.)

◄Medieval/Fantasy storyline - Partner/Familiar x Witch - M/F or F/F
Ezina was born to a powerful magical family and was always a happy, loving child. She practiced hard and soon was levels beyond what was expected for someone her age, prompting her parents to send her off to Magic School early. Caught off guard by the sudden changes in her life, Ezina struggled to keep up with her advanced classes and soon became frustrated, taking her pent-up frustration out on her fellow classmates. Afraid to admit weakness and in fear of being a disappointment, she kept pushing herself further and further, allowing her negative emotions to build up and show outwardly as an almost tsundere-like personality. Since her classmates were too put off by her personality to approach her, she began to believe that she only needed to rely on herself and that she was the only one who could do anything right. Finally, at the age of 21, she was able to enter into the highest tier magic competition in all the lands. She passed the first few tests with ease, but was stopped from entering the finals when they noted that she lacked a partner to help her. They explained to her that a familiar was required; they helped to boost the magic user's abilities as well as aided them with various other tasks. Without one, she was not allowed to enter. Frustrated, Ezina stormed to the market place immediately. Why on earth did she need a familiar? They were basically just glorified servants and underlings! Everything they could do she could easily do herself! It was ridiculous.. but fine. If they wanted her to find a little man or woman servant to help do her bidding, then she'd do it. It got a little boring sometimes, so why not have someone around to mess with? She needed to test a few new spells and potions anyways. So, she set off to find herself a new familiar. (technically, Ezina isn't a "real" tsundere, she just has a lot of repressed frustration that manifested in the form of a tsundere personality. She secretly wants people to be proud of her and love her, but that side of her would have to be discovered slowly. Despite her seemingly assertive personality, she's also a bottom-- she just likes to pretend otherwise in the bedroom and will try to act like a top.. but fail horribly in doing so. xD)

◄Any verse storyline - Princess/Rich Girl x The Help - M/F or F/F
❝Born into a rich family, she was sheltered since a young age by her overprotective parents. As she was their only child, she was spoiled and pampered like no other. Yet despite her lavish upbringing, she was a kind, gentle and well-mannered girl. She dreamed of going out and making a name for herself, but her parents wouldn't allow it, so she was forced to remain restricted to the house day and night. All of the vast fields, lush forests, beautiful lake and equally stunning house was not enough to keep her satisfied. Depressed, she attempted to run away from home, only to end up lost in the nearby woods. Your character, some form of help or servant, discovers her and helps bring her home. From there the two strike up a friendship and begin to hang out more and more, with either one or both of them starting to develop feelings for the other (though they don't have to realize it yet). They show her all kinds of ways to have fun (and I do mean that in the most innocent way >w>) and eventually end up taking her into town, unbeknownst to her parents. The two of them end up having to take cover at a nearby hotel when a storm hits, when those romantic feelings finally bubble to the surface.

◄Any verse storyline - Plant Girl x Participant - M/F or F/F
❝Many years ago, there was a tradition held amongst her kind, one which involved them visiting the human world, spreading their spores, waiting for them to grow, and then taking them back. The only catch was that this involved having sex with the humans, typically numerous times to ensure that the spores were planted. To ensure that the participant was willing, they tended to search for willing humans, but if that was impossible, they would simply use a spore-like aphrodisiac instead. In females, they were stored within one of her eggs, waiting until they were fertilized, where the egg would then split into two, creating her biological child, and an entirely different egg with with a spore child. In men, it was the same, only mixed with their sperm instead. Once the sperm fertilized a human egg, it would act the same way it did with a woman. These plant children wouldn't be related to the humans in any way, with the humans only acting as surrogates for the spores. However, this was the only way to produce more plant people, so the tradition was vital. Now, some hundred years later, their population is scarce. Another plant-like species had poisoned their people, resulting in them and their spores dying out, eventually leaving only a small few left. Now the plant people live on their own section of the land, secluded. One plant girl, one of the few untouched by some form of the poison, decides to rekindle the tradition and heads to earth. After finding a willing participant (or somebody to use the spore on), she soon realizes that humans are in fact the cure to the poison that they had been searching for. She then convinces, forces or allows the person to go back with her in hopes of finally saving her people. [This technically a plot-driven storyline, however sex will be required very early on. The type of sex as well as how many times they actually do it is up for debate, but yes, sex will happen. It can easily happen later on again as well (with the option of lovely group sex or a gangbang out of happiness once they are finally cured), and we can add all sorts of things to the story as well.]

◄Modern verse storyline - Teen Guy/Girl x Their Babysitter - M/F or F/F
❝Your character, currently an older teen, has had a babysitter since they were 10. Normally most kids would outgrow them by the age of 12-13, but due to having a crush on her, your character asked her to stick around, claiming it was to help with homework and other things around the house. Since their parents are going out of town for a week, they decide to send the two of them on a trip to the beach. When seeing their beloved babysitter being flirted with by all kinds of different men and women sends them off the edge, your character decides to confess. When the babysitter realizes it isn't a joke, she insists that she can't, saying it wouldn't be right because of her job. Will they try to take it slow with her, or decide to take more direct matters? [Personally, I'd prefer a more forceful character in the sense that they would go after her relentlessly, though in a totally consensual manner. It doesn't have to be just in the sexual sense either, they can buy her all kinds of flowers/cards, hire people to serenade her, etc etc. And yes, she will give in, especially if you take the direct approach]

◄Modern verse storyline - Doctor/Scientist x Their Creation - M/M
❝A sadistic Doctor has worked hard for many years to perfect his technique, resulting in the creation of a humanoid boy who appears to be in his late teens. Despite it's human appearance, it is actually spliced with small bits of genes from various creatures, allowing it to retain a human appearance, yet still have some of the features of those creatures. As he begins to test it, performing further experiments as well as trying to teach it, he begins to develop a fondness for it, said fondness eventually turning into a slight obsession. The experiment happily obeys it's master, but it starts to grow curious, developing an intricate personality of it's own. It starts to pick up traits from the Doctor, namely his manipulative, charming and even slightly sadistic ways. The two make a dangerous pair, something which comes in handy when his experiments are discovered one day by his fellow department staff. Despite easily being able to contain it within his section, allowing his experiments to stay hidden as long as he takes care of his coworkers, he is more eager to test out just what his lovely little creature can do.
[Definitely a darker storyline, though we don't necessarily have to include tons of gore, details of the experimentation, etc. Even if we do decide to include it, I'd prefer to keep it fairly light anyways. The story focuses mainly on their growing bond as well as potential problems they may face, but obviously they're both sadistic and very charming individuals, so add that to the boy's curiosity and his master's slight obsession with him, and this could easily end up containing plenty of smut.]

◄Sci-Fi storyline - Alien/Creature x Humanoid Survivor - M/F or F/F
❝After their ship crashes on an unknown planet, they are forced to travel the dark, desert-like planet by themselves in search of food, shelter and perhaps even a way to communicate with their home world. Tired and hungry, they immediately rejoice at the site of a small lake in the middle of the barren land. Distracted by their new discovery, they fail to notice the slow movement in the water, blissfully unaware that one of the few inhabitants of this seemingly deserted planet are lurking in the water, watching and waiting for a chance to capture the unwanted visitor. Although it may end up meaning the stranded survivor no harm, it's presumably innocent advances may turn out to be a bit more friendly than they had imagined.. (basically, the generic "alien monster and lonely survivor get it on" storyline. It would be consensual however I don't mind making it dubcon (especially initially) and the creature could also be a humanoid or have a humanoid form. Tentacles are totally a must, though. :3)
(Kinks it could include: tentacles, double/triple penetration, titfucking, excessive cum/facials, being in heat, screwed senseless, rough/relentless sex, etc.)

◄Any verse storyline - Maid x Princess/Rich Girl - F/F, F/F/M or F/F/F[/color]►
Maureen, (either the daughter of a royal or simply well-off family), was her Father's pride and joy. Despite being adopted and also the youngest of the family, she excelled at everything she did, leaving her older siblings jealous and vindictive. Her calm, mature and womanly personality despite her young age of 18 made her quite popular with men and women, yet she never thought about such things, instead focused on school and work. One day, as payback for being pushed out of the limelight, her oldest sister decided to tell their Father that Maureen wanted desperately wanted to be married, preferably as soon as possible. Despite Maureen's own protests, her Father believed the lie and decided to find somebody for her to marry. Maureen became distraught. Aside from being devastated that she was forced to marry somebody, she also knew that it was family tradition to test your sexual compatibility with the other person first (knowing that a lack of sexual compatibility could easily ruin a marriage), meaning she'd have to sleep with them upon their first meeting. One of her maids, a 25 year old with an equally mature, though slightly playful personality decides to take it upon herself to "teach" Maureen and help her explore her sexuality more. This leads to many awkward but heated moments, as Maureen is as knowledge about sex as a shy, ditzy virgin is. [Despite this being mainly sexually-oriented, I would love for this to become more plot-based. We can also include her meeting her the potential suitor, either a male or female, and perhaps we could have a threesome between Maureen, the maid and the suitor? I've never written a polyamorous relationship before, so it would definitely be fun to include that into the roleplay.]

◄Any verse storyline - Two Doms x Two Subs - M/F/F/M, F/F/F/F or M/F/F/F►
❝Two (or possibly more) Doms/Masters/Tops/etc decide to hook up and bring their S-types along for a little play date. This could include a variety of things; group sex, comparisons/competitions, simply friendly behavior, etc. But I would love to include a scene where the D-types penetrate one of their S-type's holes while the other is shared with the other S-type so that all four are connected through them. (this, for example. NSFW) Can also include as many D/S-types as we want, i.e. it can be a harem-type thing where it's one D-type and multiple S-types and vice versa.
(Kinks it could include: double/triple penetration, bondage, sex toys, mutual masturbation, partner swapping, etc.)

◄Fantasy storyline - Angel x Demon, with a twist - M/F, F/F or M/M
❝I've always wondered what it would be like if their roles were reserved. If angels were the evil, twisted ones and demons were the goodie goodies. I was thinking either something along the lines of a conflict between the two of them (angry sex is always nice xD), or perhaps even a forced friendship of some sorts. One thing would lead to another and they'd eventually end up growing on each other, for better or for worse. (I would be playing the demon)

◄Fantasy verse storyline - Owner x Cowgirl - M/F or F/F
Claire had always felt left out due to her rather.. different physical appearance. She was born with a pretty face, milky white hair and bright yellow eyes.. but her small chest and plain body frame were a dull comparison to her other curvaceous cowgirl companions. She did her best to work hard despite her disadvantages, but due to being unable to perform as well as everybody else, her Owner has finally decided to sell her to somebody else. To make matters worse, all of the other pets at the auction all seem to fit their roles perfectly, both mentally and physically. Who would ever want to adopt a simple cowgirl like her?
(Kinks it could include: lactation, milking, licking, breastplay, oral sex, bondage in the form of collars, leashes, etc., farm tools, etc.)

pictures and gifs for inspiration (VERY NSFW) -
(these are to be used for plot ideas either using as the exact on-goings in the picture as inspiration, or just basing our ideas off of it)

Little Red x Pet Wolf
Teen Little Red x Adult (F) Wolf (preferably futa)
Large Monster x Girl
Pet/Slave Girl x Monster Gangbang
Priestess x Tentacle Monster
Warrior x Futa Monsters
Girl x Gel Monster
Male x Sub/Bottom!Female x Female
Sleeping Girl x Gangbang
Pet Girl x Bondage & Toys
Girl x Machines
Two Maids/Hostesses x Gangbang
Horny School Girl x Fellow Student/Teacher
Sacrifice/Offering Girl x Tentacle Monster
Captured Demon Girl x Futa Amazons
Demon Girl x Humans
Mature Woman/MILF x Gangbang
Male Geisha x Client
Reluctant Older Girl x Horny Younger Girl
FxF Harem or Three/Foursome
Fantasy Harem/Three/Foursome
Prisoner Girl x Guards - could also be some form of public punishment?
Reluctant Girl x Rough Guy - Public Pool/Beach Sex
Fairy Girl x Her Owner/Companion/Whatever - Obviously wouldn't include LITERAL penetration in her fairy form
Experienced Woman x Inexperienced Guy
Random Stranger x Younger Teen Girl (can be reluctant or fully willing)
Feminine Male Bottom x Female Futanari Top
Girl Being Used for Milk by Bar Owners x Patron
Girl Being Impregnated x Plant Monsters
Patient x Nurse
(Egyptian?) Explorer x Mummies
Poor Nurse x Sadistic Doctor
Kidnapped Queen (who ends up being quite happy with her "punishment") x Monsters
Futa Yuri Threesome
Futa Demon x Slave Girl
Giants x Girl Group Sex
Maid x Mistress
Priestess x ???
Captured Spider Girl x Captor
Yuri with Plenty of Toys and Fisting
Mistress x Maids or maybe Older Sister x Younger Sisters?
Werewolf x Girl
Guy x Insect (Moth) Girl
Little Red x Werewolf
Tentacle Impregnation
Bug Impregnation

Please feel free to PM me if you're interested!


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