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**Faculty Class Thread**


.:The Vampiric Fae:.
Jan 26, 2010
Why do you care?
All faculty have the option of posting assignments should they choose. This is TOTALLY OPTIONAL! If they choose to post something in here, it is to enhance the RP and plot itself. It is NOT for the sake of busy work.

As an example, if someone has a character that is a Potions Professor, they have the option of posting that students need to gather an ingredient that cannot be purchased in either Hogsdale or Hoggington Isle but only grows in the Haunted Forest. This can enhance plot lines and add drama. Students might be daring and try to get the ingredient without help while others go in groups and others ask a professor to guide them. Another example would be that an assignment might force people of opposing views, say a Death Eater and a muggle-born, to have to work together as partner which could cause serious tension. THESE are what can be done here.

Again, totally OPTIONAL! Drama will occur anyway, but these are some ways we can make sure it happens if we so choose. Outside of this thread, classes will be non-existent and merely glossed over and just spoken about. They will not actually be held as a hardcore day-to-day set thing that must be posted to before people can post to other things.
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