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Harry Potter - Finalized Characters & NPCs Lists

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Jan 26, 2010
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Finalized Characters
Student Roster
Gwendolyn Borogove (Slytherin, 2nd year)
Nicole Gammel (Ravenclaw, 2nd year)
Sydney Mistlethwaite (Gryffindor, 2nd year)
Lucius Sarathorn (Slytherin, 2nd year)
Severus Strioportius Snape (Slytherin, 3rd year)
Stacey Jones (Unsorted-Ravenclaw, 1st year)
Noelle Whitman (Gryffindor, 2nd year)
Eleanora Grayhaven (Ravenclaw, 2nd year)
Marrick & Lane Crawford (Gryffindor, 3rd year)
Zachary Donovan (Slytherin, 4th year)
Cameron Donovan (Slytherin, 2nd year)
Kevin Reyes (Gryffindor, 3rd year)
Kasey Reyes (Slytherin, 2nd year)
Astrid Shadowstorm (Unsorted-Gryffindor, 1st year)
Arienne Nightshade (Transfer-Ravenclaw, 6th year)
Alice Koenig (Gryffindor, 2nd year)
Elizabeth Harper (Unsorted-Ravenclaw, 1st year)
Riku Taven (Ravenclaw, 2nd year)

Faculty Roster
Remus Theodore Lupin (Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions)
Paxton Fettel (Muggle Healing, Muggle Defense - assisting)
Chadwick Zachary Breaden (Magical Law, Muggle Defense)
Ashley Morgan Reyes (Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology)
Orion Steele (Headmaster, see NPCs below)
Andrew Finik (Transfiguration)
Isobel Destima (Charms)
Gabriel Alexanderson (Divination)
Sebastian Kozlof (Flying)

Staff Roster
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