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Steam Powered Stories


Jan 9, 2011
Somewhere over the rainbow.
As you could probably guess, there is a little bit of a trend already set here. Especially if you took a look at the titles of the other threads. Yes, you might have guessed it. Steam Power. Anachronism. All that other fun stuff. This story takes place on Earth (just Earth), in a time not so long ago. Think World War Two era with steam tanks and large airships. And... you know, less World War. There has been hints of Germany and the other Axis powers preparing for war, but this hasn't happened yet. The most prominent incident of this story as of yet is the 'Operation: Autumn Blade' in which many airships were destroyed. Granted they were rogue airships, but still.....

Anywho, we do have a few of the wonders of World War II, such as the planes and the weaponry. The tanks, maybe, but they'd be steampowered. Concerning the number of ships.... yes, I really do mean four or five. We can't really have a large amount of rogue ships running around, otherwise the skies would be somewhat crowded. So, for those of you who are currently in the RP, PM me with your ship design, and if it is flyable, it will fly. ;) Anything after that, you'll either have to be part of the crew of one of the five, or you'll have to be one of the bad guys with an entire ship (plus the crew) to control.

For those of you just joining, enjoy the Steam Powered Stories. I guarantee you, it'll be one hell of a flight. And no, we do not show in-flight movies. Please, strap in, grab the person sitting next to you, and prepare for take-off.
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