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Posting Rules


Jan 9, 2011
Somewhere over the rainbow.
Okay, not much to really get in trouble with. All you have to do is this.

1) I shouldn't have to say this, but I will anyways, just in case. Site rules AND Group RP rules must be followed. You don't do this, you don't play. Got it? Good.

2) Now, this may seem familiar to a few people, but to keep things at least somewhat organized, I would appreciate it if tags were used.
*See below post for tag code.*

3) All characters for this RP must be PM'ed to me first. If the template is followed, you'll get in. Simple right?

4) There will be a 'transition thread' called the Seven Skies. This is used for travel between the sites in the RP. You cannot fly directly to a location, unless it is really close. Also, this may be where quite a bit of the fighting action takes place. When you transition, use () or - - to show the action.
Ex. (exits to the Seven Skies) etc.

5) No doing something so big that it completely alters the storyline, unless it has been agreed upon in the OOC threads.

6) I understand that real life gets in the way of things here, or maybe this site isn't your top priority. However, this is a group thing, and there will be people waiting for your post. If you're going to be gone and you know you're not going to be able to post for a while, either take the time to PM the person, or post a notice in the Absences thread. Also, if you could put up a post that would leave the other characters some wiggle room, I would be much obliged. And for the other people, give your partner AT LEAST 3 days before pestering them.

And that is it for the rules. I hope you enjoy your time here. While this isn't a rule, it helps.

People, remember, this is an RP. If you don't have fun doing it, what's the point in doing it at all? HAVE FUN!
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