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The Autumn Blade Operation


Jan 9, 2011
Somewhere over the rainbow.
Alright my lovelies, this was written in the late hours of the night, because something woke me up and forced my hand to grab a pen and some paper and jot down some ideas. The next morning I woke up with this piece of paper on my face, and since then I have fleshed it out. It's a little bit of a mess, but I think it has quite a bit of potential. Just need to see who's interested. Here's the plot line.

For years the government has had a stranglehold on the populace of the great Allies. Britain, the U.S. and many parts of Russia. They claim that what they do is for the best, that they only want to keep people safe, and for the most part they do. Unless that person isn't doing as good as the government thinks they should do. For those people, a company is hired for.... rehabilitation, and most often that person is never seen again. The company used for this is known as C.B Limited. Based out of Britain, their influence runs wide, worldwide in fact. But the one thing they never seemed to be able to stop were pirates. People who refused to simply sit down and do what was demanded of them. They took to the air, and for a while, there was very little to stop them.

Then, in a move that would forever be known as the Autumn Blade Operation, cities of known and suspected pirates were firebombed. Many died, and many ships were destroyed. The only surviving airships were the government ones, C.B. Lmtd ships, and very few ships that somehow didn't fall prey to the firebombs and following clean-up crews. Now, four years after, the Pirates have made another entrance. C.B. thinks that there is now a small army of them, but in reality there are only four or five, Captained and Crewed by men and women who had been in 'rehabilitation' and managed to escape.

In the time C.B Lmtd and the Government started working together, weapons would have been upgraded to roughly World War II standards. So, planes like the P-51 Mustang and such would have been introduced. Instead of using balloons, ships will be mainly propeller driven, and the steam would be made in one of two ways. On the spot (most common) or in super-condensed steam balls. The steam balls are metal contraptions, roughly the size of a basketball, and they are very powerful. Seven Steam Balls can keep a large airship a-float for years on end. The process of making a steam ball however is very complicated, and therefore very expensive. There aren't many out in the world, only about thirteen. The Pirates think this could be the key to helping the world resist the influence of the C.B and the government. The C.B and Government see it as a way to give their large flagships more, longer lasting power. Anything that happens on the side, well that's up to the players.
You already know I'll be into this one, hehe. But I won't be able to really do anything until I'm back from my vay-cay. ;)
BUT....... I shall ponder possible characters. hehe.
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