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Name- 'Akasha'

World- Geos

Species- Human? In actuality, she can be any race or species she so desires, but she remains in human form to persuade and lead Asura to become a 'perfect hero' due to his gifts from the true realm of akasha.

Age- Unknown, appears to be 20

Gender- Female

Sexuality- Hetero

Appearance- Can change, but takes the form of a Caucasian woman with long, black hair, and red-violet eyes. She is 5'6", roughly 130 lbs.

Personality- She is almost always calm, and is a very capable speaker, but can be blunt or cold when she needs to be. She is a part of the sentient Higher Gathering Point of the multiverse and planes- Akasha. Unlike Asura, who was born as a disturbance, she was made deliberately by the true Akasha to make good use of the potential hero that was made. Therefore, she will do anything for him if she things it would persuade him on a better path, help him in general, or for the sake of the mission.

Skills/Abilities-Most of her abilities are magical, to meet the empty spaces in Asura's techniques, although she is also well versed in stealth manuevers.

Notable Strengths- Akasha has knowledge of almost all things, past and present, but not future, as it is constantly changing. This leaves her with great knowledge over opponents, and will use this to her advantage.

Notable Weaknesses- While she herself is a force to be reckoned with, she is an unnatural being, and if she uses to much power at once (which she has great amounts of) she will disappear and become one with the true Akasha once more.



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