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SPACE PIRATES!!!! Character Profiles


Jun 19, 2013
The Basics ~

Name: Kenso Lygenris
Nickname: The Captain, Pleeber, or a combination of the two.
Birthday/Age: March 3 (24 years old)
Birth Planet: Nephelai
Race: Human Augment
Role: Mercenary

Appearance ~

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: White Blue
Weight: 178 lbs
Height: 6' 5"
Basic Physical Description:
Other Features:
Visual Representation: (pictures should be approximately 150h x 100w pixels; real people images only*)

Background ~

Personality: Quiet, powerful, and
History: (How and where did your character grow up? What was their childhood like? Did anything notable occur in their lives?)
Family: (provide information regarding parents, siblings or any other pertinent relatives; may include a mini bio on them if needed)
Likes: (of the nonsexual kind)
Dislikes: (of the nonsexual kind)
Fears: (list at least 2)
Best Memory(ies):
Worst Memory(ies):
Favorite Color(s):
Sexual Orientation: (straight, bi, same sex oriented, other; submissive vs dominant vs switch vs vanilla; very experienced all the way to virgin)
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