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The Roads/The Outside


.:The Vampiric Fae:.
Jan 26, 2010
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The Roads/The Outside

Name: Francesca Harris
Nickname: Francie
Attire: Thin pale pink satin slip.
Location: Brighton Town, Holding Pen.
Tagging: Anyone.
Day/Time: June 7, 2088; Afternoon.

Francie was finding it difficult to breathe as she ran along the road. She wasn't sure if she'd find this rumored town or not... was her attempt in vain? Would she die trying to find something that didn't even exist? She had no idea. But she figured it was better to die free and trying than in that holding pen. A groan escaped her and she stumbled, her body in need of care and medical attention. She was getting dizzy, everything was becoming a blur. But still, she wouldn't stop. She couldn't. As she forced her legs to move, she saw something in the distance... a gate? A town? Her heart sped up as she pressed onward, her legs burning... but she wouldn't give up, not until she reached her destination.

When Francie neared the gate, her breaths were coming hard and she could barely stand. As everything started to go black, she reached out and knocked on the gate hoping someone would hear her. Anyone.

(Exits to Town Entrance)
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