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Brighton Town Holding Pen (neighboring town)


.:The Vampiric Fae:.
Jan 26, 2010
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Brighton Town Holding Pen
(neighboring town)

Name: Francesca Harris
Nickname: Francie
Attire: Thin pale pink satin slip.
Location: Brighton Town, Holding Pen.
Tagging: Anyone.
Day/Time: June 7, 2088; Afternoon.

Francie hugged her knees to her chest, her eyes sore from crying and her lungs burning from a night's worth of screaming. When her supposed friends, the people she'd been living with for the past several years... people who had cared for her in times of need and sickness, who had comforted her when she thought all hope was lost... had learned her terrible secret about pain, glorious pain, oh the sick and demented levels to which they'd taken that. Never had she thought them capable of such horrors. Such thoughts and sick acts. She shivered in the dark of the holding pen as she recalled the things they'd done.

"How could they..." she whispered hoarsely to herself. Slowly, she shifted to sit up, her body sore and bruised. There were gashes on her arms and thighs and how they laughed when those were made. 'Pervert!' they'd shouted at her. 'Sick fuck!' they'd screamed. Fresh tears rolled down her dirty cheeks. Cheeks that had once been alabaster pale.

With shaky legs, Francie finally stood up and dared to look outside one of the windows of the pen. No one was about, but she could hear muffled voices, which meant someone was keeping watch. But obviously they didn't think her much of a threat. Why would they? She was easily overpowered, beaten down and tortured, made to endure and suffer their ridicule and degradation until she could no longer move or fight back. As she stood there, she knew she had to leave, get out. She didn't belong with these people any more. Not if this was to be her life, her future. She'd heard rumors of another place. Maybe, if she was lucky... she could escape and find it.

Biting down on her lip, Francie knew she had to do it. She had to. It was her only chance at any kind of life, at any kind of anything. Mustering up as much of her courage that she had left. She crouched low and snuck out of the pen, hoping that no one saw her.

(Exits to the Bright Town Square)
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