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Post-apocalyptic BDSM Culture/Society Group Town Laws


Nov 23, 2011
Rhode Island
Laws Of The Town

1.All acts sexual and non sexual between Dom/Domme and sub/slave should be safe, consensual, and within reasonable limits. If anyone is caught abusing their sub they will be publicly whipped while handcuffed to a pole. Depending on the severity of the abuse done one may be banished after being whipped.

2.Do not murder anyone in the town, Punishment for this crime is death or life imprisonment.

3.Do not rape another member of the town, Punishment is public lashing and possible banishment from the town.

4.Do not steal from anyone in the town, shops, or supply houses, If you are caught doing this punishment is decided by the person who had their belongings stolen. All punishments have to be within reason.
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