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Post-apocalyptic BDSM Culture/Society????


Nov 23, 2011
Rhode Island
Looking for people who would be interested a post apocalyptic/BDSM group role play. This group will NOT be a smut based group and I would also like for everything to be consensual just because there is BDSM involved doesn't mean that things need to be Non Consensual. Okay so how about a little info on the RP itself to help people understand it a little more?

Back Story

In the year 2080 an asteroid hit earth causing a chain reaction of earthquakes, tsunami's, floods, dust storms, and other natural disasters all over the world. The event wiped out nearly three quarters of the earth's population and destroyed most of the water supply and other natural resources. Survivor's of this disaster went on to try and rebuild as much as they could with the little they had. After about five years small towns began to form, leaders were chosen, and laws were made.

One town started off with a small group of people that followed a BDSM lifestyle. They built the town and gated it off to only allow others that followed or were interested in following a BDSM lifestyle in. After a while the town grew to have a population of about 200 people all of whom had the same interests.

Although the town is based off of BDSM everything done is done consensually and anyone found forcing themselves or forcing someone into doing something they do not want are punished accordingly. The town has a group of people that are considered law enforcement and they watch over everyone and everything in the town. Also everyone is trained to fight just in case another town or group of people try and invade to take the resources they do have. Although the people of the town like to focus on fun and pleasure they also focus on keeping the town and the people in it safe.

1.Everyone must respect other players limits, no means no do not push something on another player that they do not want to do.

2.Everything will be consensual, If someone has a request for a non consensual scene that will ad drama to the plot and the two people involved with the idea agree to it then they must clear it with one of the GMs of the group and be prepared for their character to deal with the punishment given within the story if their character is caught.

3.All characters must be approved before being put into the game

4.We will be using headers in this group they make things a lot easier in a large group which I do hope this becomes a large group with a variety of characters.


If anyone is interested please post here and let me know I do hope this catches the interest of some people and we can start something up soon
I think so too...... also, I think it should be mentioned that if people have ideas to add to the mix to potentially enhance anything already given as a premise, we are always up for listening to that too. There are other ideas brewing as well that will come forward if interest is shown, so be ready for some of that, hehe. But anyway, people should feel free to mention things that help inspire. You just never know.......... :)
Possibly maybe, but it's only just been put up. It can take a day or so sometimes before people notice things sometimes. But possibly maybe. XD
It's probably better to discuss the questions here since this is a group. Mind posing your questions here? And hooray for interest!!! :)
yup yup seeing it's a group posting your questions on this could answer other peoples similar questions at the same time. (MIGHT have interest but not really sure ) Not into the BDSM angle of it but like the setting of the story
Do people have any questions about the premise of the initial plot starting point??? Or anything like that??? Or about anything at all??? Krys and I expect people to have several. :)
ok well here is a opinion/thought / idea for you . if it's multi thread what about possibly adding other towns (or just 1other town) that doesn't follow the BDSM lifestyle outside of that towns walls. maybe a town that they trade with for supplies or something it's just a open idea not something you have to do at all but figured id toss it out there. ya know something where you could create a even more open world in a way for people not into that sort of thing to also take place in the RP in a way in other areas of it . I promise if ya'll shoot my idea down it will not hurt my feelings at all jst giving input since you's both wrote that ideas and suggestions were welcome :)
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