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Jan 26, 2010
Why do you care?

First and foremost, the General Site Rules apply to this RP subforum as they do everywhere on this site. There will be no exceptions here. That said, the following rules also apply:


02) All threads created within these sub-forums MUST use the same name in their titles.

03) Please place all ‘character profile’ threads in Character Profiles Section. All Characters MUST have their name and age listed. Suggestions such as Gender, Sexual Orientation/kinks/turnoffs are handy, as well as a brief written physical description or site-legal image faceclaim. Anything more than that is up to the creator of the roleplay, and the writers themselves. Please do not make an all-powerful character, as it will most likely not make the RP fun for your partners. Keep their likes and dislikes in mind.

04) Advertisement for any RP in this subforum belongs in Group Interest/Coordination section. You cannot have multiple threads for the same RP idea. You MAY however, have multiple different ideas on the same thread. Group Roleplay interest section does NOT follow the 1x1 bumping policy rules. Just use common sense and don't go crazy bumping it all day long.

05) Any discussion pertinent to the RPs in this subforum belongs in Group Roleplay OOC Chatter Section. Please keep non-RP related chatter to a minimum, too much will result in staff intervention. You're allowed ONE OOC Chatter thread, but unlike the other threads, having one of these is NOT a requirement. If more than one is found, they will be merged without warning.

06) Don't be an asshole! No flaming or god-modding is allowed anywhere within this subforum. Also, spamming any thread is a definite ‘no’. Doing so will first result in a verbal warning. If the warning is ignored or behavior persists, harsher consequences will follow. If any disputes occur, please try to quietly resolve them away from the boards. If you are unable to do so, please report the problem to a Sectional Mod (Dark Pink), Global Mod (Green), or Administrator (Red). They will do what they can to help you remedy the situation.

07) For group RPs requiring multiple threads (at least 3 or more threads ) or larger groups (at least 8 or more people), a Child Forum may be requested. Please discuss this with a Sectional Mod to determine if such a thing is truly needed. If deemed appropriate, an admin will create the Child Forum, and assign a GM to it. Please Note: A GM is NOT a mod. They merely run/organize the larger group RP. Think of them as the group RP creator, nothing more. All interest/coordination, profile and OOC threads will be moved along with the RP into the Child Forum.

08) RPs that have no activity for more than 3 months will be deemed inactive and thus closed down. Any multiple thread group RP that is inactive for 2 or more months will be moved to the MEGA ARCHIVE. For these to be taken out of 'inactivity' for a reboot/revamp, the ORIGINAL GM must contact a Sectional Mod. Otherwise, a new subforum will be made in its place if it is deemed needed by meeting the standard requirements. If your group RP is going to be a slow one, but still be active, include "SLOW POSTS" in the title and it will not be closed down until 1 year of inactivity has passed.

Required Sub-Forums:
Interest/Coordination Subforum - Advertise your idea here, though don't turn it into a chatter-fest.
Character Profiles Subforum - Place profiles for your RP here.

Optional, But Strongly Suggested Sub-Forums:
Group Roleplay OOC Chatter Subforum - Place your OOC threads for your RP here. This is a handy place to talk about your RP. Communication helps tremendously to build a successful and healthy multi-partner story.

If you have any questions about anything, please PM a Sectional Mod (Dark Pink), Global Mod (Green), or Administrator (Red) and they will do their best to help you. Thank you.

**Be sure to check back often as this thread will be updated as needed.
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