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Miami Prison Processing Area (@ North Bay Village)


Nov 23, 2011
Rhode Island

Name:Randall Benson
Attire:Black Sweatpants, Black Tank Top, Sneakers
Location:Processing Area

Randy sat on a bench in a small room the door was locked and there were no windows. The man had been brought in for illegal cage fighting, he was caught in the cage when the police came in his opponent was taken into another room and the owner of the business where the fight took place had ran off before the police had gotten inside. After a few moments Randy heard the lock on the door turn and then the knob, he watched as the door slowly opened and two officers with guns pointing at him walked into the room.

"Stand up and put your hands straight in front of you" ,one of the officers demanded.

The man did as he was told not wanting to cause any more trouble for himself, even though he was going to prison for the rest of his life it was better then being killed. After Randy stood up the two officers pushed him out of the room rather aggressively and led him down the long hallway to where he would depart and be brought into the prison itself. Randy towered over the two officers and he was twice their size in muscle, the fear on the two officers faces was clear as day as they walked beside him. When they finally reached the point where Randy would be brought into the prison the two officers sent him off with another two that would bring him in.

(Exit to North Bay Village)


Dec 31, 2011
Northeast USA (New England area)

Name:John Ramsey
Nickname: Maniac
Attire: leather coat,leather pants, shackles
Location: Processing center
Tagging: none

Over the speakers a voice spoke out explaining the situation very clearly being sentenced to a prison that you can never return from so on so forth John was ignoring the majority of it he knew the drill for he himself had sent a number of people to Miami as well as to the prisons in NY and LA though L.A.'s prison was no longer getting new inmates and was quickly fading further under water due to continued earth quakes and tidal waves. two security guards walked along side John with there hands on there guns, they were taking no chances knowing Johns background and training.
the sound of the speakers finally struck John as being worth listening to, "If you wish to self terminate prior to entering Miami prison now is your chance. if you would like to self terminate please step the the left into one of the provided termination rooms. each room is equipped with a different means of removing yourself from this world. "
John stopped moving forward and thought for a second. Surely any method to self terminate would mean a chance at something that could be used for a weapon, possibly a chance to escape. The chances for escape from the process center was very slim but then again once he was in the prison walls he knew the chances of escape would be even less. This was his final chance and he was going to take it.
guard " Hey lets go buddy either pick a room and go into it or start walking forward we don't have all day here."
John " yeah i'm going relax already" John stepped into the next termination room He could hear screams from some of the other rooms. Sometimes the sound of electricity shooting through someones body other times a gun shot, or a rope being pulled tight with a body thumping side to side off the walls of a small room as they were hung. Suddenly there was a hissing sound in the room next to John followed by coughing what was that sound John thought for a moment and then it was clear to him, GAS. The room right next to his was a gas chamber and John knew if his room also ended up being a Gas chamber there was no chance of escape still it was worth the risk he stepped the rest of the way into the room and held out hope for the best.

the guard removed his handcuff and pushed a button for the door to begin to close . Unsure of what would become available for his use within this room but holding out hope there would be something worth while within the room.The door to the room was starting to close behind him it was automatic sliding into place the guards had already began to walk off ahead to go into a room that sits to the side of the termination room giving them a view of the room so that they could confirm when the prisoner was deceased. Noticing that the guards were not looking he stuck his foot in the doorway just as it was about to close he quickly loosened the lace to his boot and slid his foot out being careful to make sure he didn't pull the boot out of the door way. It was holding the door just slightly open and that was plenty John thought if it was gas it might still kill him but with the door cracked open the gas would quickly enter the other rooms and main hallway as well hopefully making it a low enough level to not be lethal but if it were he hoped it would do some damage to guards within the building as well so that it wasn't all in vein.

John looked around the room was empty but there was a area in the wall on one side of the room that you could tell was able to open up but had no handles or anything on it thus it must be opened some other way maybe by remote on the outside of the room this could be bad John thought for all he knew it could open up and be a spot for Gas to come into the room.
in the next room the guards sat in there chairs and pushed a button the spot in the wall began to open and John watched on waiting to see what would come out of this spot in the wall and wondering if it would be good enough to help him escape. the four sides opened up like flaps and a silver trey slide forward on it was a pistol.
guard " go ahead pick it up and end your miserable life you scumbag, you know your a real pussy taking your own life , to afraid to go into the prison you coward." john listened to the guard as he spoke and then the guard began laughing hysterically . John was getting rather tired of this BS and was going to give it a shot at escaping. he picked up the gun noticing it was unloaded and there was a single bullet on the trey it wouldn't give him much to work with but it would have to do. he picked up the bullet and loaded it into the gun he then walked towards the door and reached his fingers into the crack of the door and used all his strength to pull the door open the guards seeing this all going on began to run out of the room they were in and towards John.
with only one bullet he had to make it count he dropped down to one knee and aimed carefully as the first of the two guards came into sight and began to lift his arm to take a shot at John he focused his aim even more intently on the guard aiming right into his armpit the least protected spot John knew even if the guard had a bullet proof vest it wouldn't protect that spot he took the shot blood sprayed out instantly John had a direct hit on his target but he still had to move fast . He ran towards the man and grabbed his arm holding it in his left arm and stretching it straight out he came down with full force with his own right hand cracking his arm right at the elbow shattering the bone instantly. The guards gun dropped from his hand and John grabbed it as it was falling bringing the gun up under the guards neck he pulled the trigger the bullet entered under the jaw going straight up though his mouth and exiting out of the top of the guards head.
His second shot was to the second guard and was just as accurate the bullet entered right in the guards eye and exited the back of his skull going right through the brain killing the guard instantly. John began toward the way he had come into the building hoping he could get to the exit but then there was a pop and a second later a stinging feeling in the back of Johns neck. Everything faded and john was out.

(exit to Miami Beach)


Jul 2, 2009

Name: Andrew Christopher Evers
Nickname: Ace; CrissCross
Attire: Blue Jeans, socks, leather boots, button-up cotton shirt, leather jacket with patches all over it. dark shades in pocket
Weapons: None yet
Location: Miami Prison Processing Area
Tagging: None yet

Andrew Christopher Evers was waiting for what was inevitable, and it pleased him to no end. The room he was in had only a chair that was magnetically bolted to the floor. They had given him a very thorough search, which was something he expected. He had nothing on his person yet, which was part of the reason that he had even given himself up on that last run. His only regret was the one new girl, whom he was able to trust on sight, got caught as well. Fortunately, she was not armed but that didn't matter. She would be sent to the "the Devil's Dade", and that was his only real regret. As for what got him where he was, he had nothing at all to regret about that.

An orphan, Ace, as his few friends and associates called him, had been placed into a government orphanage less than twelve hours after his mother croaked right after the delivery. He had liberated the records, learning that she had obviously been kept somewhere for most of her pregnancy, taken care of just enough so that he could be safely and healthily brought into the world. She also, as the autopsy showed, had been beaten and injured repeatedly. After he had been noticed in the "special classes" that the school and orphanage he was at , at twelve they selected him for a year-long intensive training program. Using a combination of real world and virtual reality simulation training, they turned him into an agent that they could send into situations that a full grown adult would be suspicious in. He was what they needed: smart, creative, cunning, and determined. He never failed an assignment, not in all the years of junior high and high school. They made certain that every one of this "school trips" were coordinated for him to execute and assignment. He also was given freedoms other students didn't have at the same time.. and that was their big mistake.

He made his plans for carrying out assignments more long term, making it where he had to do more time on computers and such for planning. That was when he started learning the truth, that the United States had long abandoned its real democratic ideals. He learned the only reason he was free was because he didn't question anything.

"So.. what's the story with the tight young thing that was with him?"

One of the two guards, a male, who were watching Ace, inquired of the other. His partner, a very nice looking female herself, looked at the pad with the information. She smiled, looking through the two-way mirror at Ace.

"She is going in right after him. They were both searched, but she was on the rag they said.. so they only scanned her down there. Nothing. Him.. the only thing they didn't find on him was something radioactive. It's a shame... he was one of the best.. like the legendary Snake Plisskin before he turned bad. Kind of ironic.. he turned after hacking into PlisskenWatch.... Really too bad... I was on the approved list when we were both in college for him...."

The male shook his head, groaning at her obvious dismay....

Ace smiled, knowing what was to come very soon. He had turned, having spent the entire first year in the ROTC in college gathering precisely what he would need. When he went over to Britain before they abandoned the USA, he gathered his resources and allies. He also met The Man himself, learning all he could from the Legend Who Shut Down The Planet. It lasted long enough, and the Resistance had time to get working. They raided Cheyenne, busting through and making of with more than enough to get things rolling, so when Ace hooked up with them he was just keeping things going. While still "doing his duty", he was helping his assassination targets flee and building a sort of Underground Railroad for getting people out. Plastic surgery helped turn them into new people, and when he graduated with honors.. and as a Major in the Corps after the age requirements for promotion were suspended, he headed home.

Twenty guards were in the hallway, two of them moved to open the door and go in. He had been processed already, just had been made to wait. They pulled him to his feet, keeping care as he was that damn good. As the others were in formation with him and his hands and ankles bound so he could just move where they made him, his charges and sentencing were read out to him.

He and his people were on what would be their last run. They had smuggled so many people out over the five years, they knew their time was near out but not how much it had run out. The woman who had been with them for over a year, who had been vouched for by one of their fuel suppliers, turned out to be an Undercover on loan from the Military Police. She was good, having given him his best fight in years. He almost hated to ram the blade into her heart.. almost. The truck had gotten to the boarder where the fence was going to have its last switchover then never to be lowered again. He and three of his men took one of the jeeps that it was pulling to get across the border.. not knowing that the young woman was there...

As he was injected and he started slipping into sleep.. he heard them mention one of the beaches......

In the firefight, he delayed as long as he could, watching the truck disappear. He watched his men go down.. good men. The young woman couldn't hide she was with him.. but because she didn't give up a fight, they left her alone... That was something he smiled about.. as he knew about her... and what they didn't find...

(exit to Miami Beach....)
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