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Dodge Island - General Location


Jul 14, 2011

Name:Hector Ocaties
Nickname: (if any)
Attire: Brown Khaki pants, a green shirt, sandles
weapons:knife, 9mm handgun

Hector knew this area pretty well and knew several people whom where among this areas gangs, they were clients of his when he was a gun runner, they were rebels from the Florida area whom were finally caught, after years of rebellion in the area north of the prison. They were caught of course long before he was, but still he knew them and had connections in the groups.

Hector walked down the island's new shore line looking for a tall black man whom was his contact. Once meeting the man he nodded quietly as he noticed the man had the gift he was looking for, and handed him the bottle of booze. The large man smirked as he carried it off, to enjoy the spirits most likely, the likelihood was, that it was his favorite considering the nice bargain he got in exchanged for it. He picked up the decently heavy box and headed off to, back to base and then to figure out the next move in the pseudo mission of theirs.

(exit HAO HQ)
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