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South Pointe - General Location


Dec 31, 2011
Northeast USA (New England area)

Name: Jessica Reign
Nickname: Jess
Attire: Black bra (with skull diamond design) Black tight shorts
Location: South Pointe
Tagging: any

South Point was one of the lowest area's you could get in Miami without a boat and it is a relatively uncrowded area (during the day time anyway) Jess found it a perfect place to relax and think. she walked along the shore line looking out at the water and thinking about what was to come during the rest of the night. She had been within the prison walls for 2 months now a time that felt like eternity. She had looked around to try and find her father but there was no sign of him she had all but given up the search for him and decided it was time to make moves on a future and securing her safety and survival at any cost. She had always live a life on the edge of the law and had no problem with fighting if it came down to it. she was sure to make sure SHE was in control of whatever she did with her time here.
The sun was starting to go down so it was time to move on. Plans for the night were to head up to the Saloon. She could use something to take the edge off and a nice Drink would do the trick. Of course walking into the saloon always left it up in the air what kind of people and situations you would find yourself in but it wasn't like there were a lot of places to go for a good alcoholic drink in Miami.
(exit to Saloon)
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