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Jun 29, 2019
Blue side of the Moon.
Just so that everyone understands this about Blue Moon....

This place is a WRITING SITE first and foremost. We understand that due to the nature and content of various themes of the writing, certain subjects and behaviors can and will arise. However, this does NOT mean that we the staff of BMR condone people advertising cyber sex or self porn/self camming or other such things. People should only be advertising what they are willing to write. If what you write happens to fall in line with what you like in real life, then so be it. But you shouldn't be seeking that out as a top priority or trying to dive into the personal lives of others by seeking out such things from other people.

This is NOT a meat/meet market. This is NOT a porn site. It IS a WRITING SITE. Please treat it as such. If you have personal cravings, by all means feel free to vent or tactfully and intelligently discuss them in your journals, should you choose to create one. But please. Do not say you are searching for a male or female or what have you ON THIS SITE to contact YOU so that you can get your jollies by cybering with them. That is NOT what this site is about nor what it wishes to promote. So please do NOT use it as such.

Again, we understand that such things might happen eventually between RP partners as you get to know each other and communicate with each other. Things like that happen. But don't go proactively advertising for it. To be blunt, it comes off creepy, in some cases whorish and can even make you look like a potential predator when most likely that is NOT your intention. Be wary of this when you write things in your profiles, request threads, etc.

That said, tone down the 'personal' in your advertisements. Thank you.
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