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Monks Monking Monks Character sheets/profiles

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Brother Dowjin

May 20, 2012
Name Brother Dowjin
Age 35
Description A muscular and scarred man, middle aged, with white hair.
Bio He hails from the eastern wastes, and upon hearing about the holy order of monks decided to protect them and the secrets they kept safe. Unlike many of the other monks, he actually uses weapons and armor, however because of this he is sometimes considered less pure than the others. He makes up for this by valiantly protecting the temple master with his life.
aims/goals Protect the temple's secrets. Protect the temple master. Teach enlightenment to all who visit.

Brother Valetni

May 20, 2012
Name: Brother Valenti

Age: 52

Description: once tautly muscled and perfectly proportioned, Brother Valentis was a modern day Adonis, with sharply defined muscles from years of manual labor, and little to no fat. Though years of labor and dedication at the temple have taken their toll on him. A once classically handsome face, with just a 5 o'clock shadow, completes the image of tall dark and handsome, though with a touch of grey at his temples. A brown Monk's habit and robe cord are his only clothes, with sandals protecting his feet.

Bio: Brother Valentis has just one goal in this world, and it's been one he's been working on since he was old enough to walk. The temple must be maintained at all costs, from the most insidious forces of dust, dirt, rot and slovenliness. It is said that the Truest repairman, can repair man. Brother Valentis tirelessly strives to reach this state, of complete sterilization of the environment. Or, at least he did at first. There is only so much a man can stand, before he begins to crumble.

Aims/Goals: Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and is thus the route to immortality.

Traveller's Guide

May 20, 2012
Name: Morr
Age: 41
Height: 7'1"
Hair: Completely hairless/any and all burnt off

A stern, hardened veteran of many battles, Morr has started his journey to perpetrate justice as he deems true. A widower, his child and wife died in the onslaught of those who would be deemed villains and monsters, taking all of his hopes and dreams for a better future, turning him into a bitter knight who still desperately tries to cling to a self-made code of honor, which, as he must realize, does not hold truth for him any longer, he has come to the Temple of the Great Falls to perhaps yet gain an answer to where his quest shall take him, for merely punishing anyone who perpetrated injustice could not be enough to justify one's existence.

Morr exchanged the traditional red colors of his former order, deeming himself impure for them, in favor of simple grey ones, while keeping his full-plate, which he does his best to maintain, while he quite refuses to ever take off his helmet as he is aware of the fact that his burnt visage is unnerving to those around him.

Brother Nerrik

May 20, 2012
Name: Brother Nerrik

Age: 27

Description: A well muscled man, living for God and Lucha. He wears his mask 24/7. The mask is green with black stripes in a camo like pattern

Bio: When Nerrik was a small child he was orphaned. Thankfully he was taken in by a monk in a monastery nearby. While life was good for Nerrik, he wasn't quite cut out for traditional monkhood. It dawned on him one day what he was meant to do, when he was watching a traveling Lucha show. He would become a Luchador for God.

aims/goals: Protect the treasures that the monastary guards and become the best luchador for the honor of the monastary. Also help fund the monastery by teaching Lucha to all who seek training.
May 20, 2012
Name: Zato
Age: 70
Description: Old and gray haired, with a short beard. His eyes are a milky white from his blindness, and he wears an older set of monk robes.
Bio: Zato is one of the older members, and a fountain of wisdom- when he's not enjoying the temple spirits. He's the head brewer at the temple, making all manner of liquors. He's also been blind since birth, but can move around well with a cane. His cane also contains a hidden sword blade, which he has become an expert with.
aims/goals: Enlightenment via alcohol.
May 20, 2012
Name: Brother AL
Age: 34
Description: 5' 6", tan skin, bald, intimidating armor
Bio: Brother AL was born into his order. From an early age he showed great promise. He swiftly learned their arts; fighting hand to hand whilst armored. He has come to the temple to better study the taint of these artifacts and hopefully learn how to more fully protect the purity of this world.
Aims/Goals: Protect all that is pure; One day become a teacher himself


May 20, 2012
Name: Brother Greg
Age: 63

Description: 5'3, old, bald, small, and wrinkly. He wears a simple monk's robes.

As the head gardener, Greg tends to the gardens which dot the temple. Although usually amicable enough, he's prone to bouts of rage should anyone damage his violets. Many an apprentice has felt the sting of his wooden rake, with which he's developed a unique fighting style.


May 20, 2012
Name: Mary
Age: 13
Description: a young girl with fair hair and blue eyes.
Bio: Mary came under the care of the temple and it's monks after being abandoned there as an infant, she has grown up under their tutelage and helps around the place in any way she can.
aims/goals: Mary want's to find out about the world outside the temple, although not necessarily abandon everything she's known thus far, a curious girl fond of bees and flowers.
Dec 18, 2011
Name: Nikolaos
Nickname: Switch-Nik
Age: 22
Description: Nikolaos is a man that stands at a proud 6'2, has hip length black hair and milky white eyes due to blindness. he also has a goatee. he is also seen wearing a blindfold most of the time.
Bio: Like his Uncle, Zato, he was born blind and has found ways to manage that slight handicap. However, he is also training to become not only a monk but a reaper as well. He has come to the temple to not only train, but to finally confront his uncle for abandoning his family. (Thought I might add a little side drama.)
aims/goals: To become a successful Reaper.

(Reapers are like knights only with Scythes instead of swords.)

Victus Sorn

May 20, 2012
Name: Brother Vernasus.
Age: 38
Height/Weight: 6'5 and 220lbs
Hair: Shaved head.
Bio: Brother Vernasus was left at the doorsteps of the temple as a small child and knows nothing of life outside it's walls. He has found his calling at the Forbidden Temple as a simple beekeeper. He lives to protect the hive.


May 20, 2012
Name: Leonard
Age: 36

Description: Wracked with disease and ailments, from a broken, unhealed knee, to Consumption, Leonard is a decaying husk of a man. Antisocial in part due to his poor state of health, he is none the less a kind person who will hobble to his post before the sun rises, and is almost always the last person on watch. He takes his role as guardian of the Monastary with the utmost severity, and spends most of his free-time in prayer, or fitful sleep.

Whatever is in his past is bad enough that sleep is fleeting, and without good rest he cannot fight off even the most basic of diseases, and it takes all of the Monks healing medicines to keep him from simply falling apart like a dried out mummy.

Leonard has a fully bandaged face treated with herbs and medicines that keep him from spreading his fetid sicknesses. Because of the constant, intensive care he receives, he is well versed in medicine, and can do basic first aid, no matter how primitive or ad-hoc it is.

Leonard is almost always bare-chested, his scars and tattoos of a distant life of military service on display, although his humble and stand-offish attitude make them anything but proud. He favors a Broadsword and Kite shield, and is just as dangerous with the shield as he is with a blade.

Bio: He really, really does not talk about it, and those who have been with the Temple longer than he are sworn to silence regarding his past. He goes to great lengths to keep it as such as well, deflecting and becoming agitated when the subject is broached. What little is known, is that there is a great deal of shame, and he seeks spiritual enlightenment as a means to atone.

aims/goals: Protecting the Temple and Mary at all costs, up to and including his own life and those of his fellow Guardians.
May 20, 2012
Father Seamus
Age 86 Height 6' 1''

Gray hair, dull blue eyes, wears all white, carries a big walking stick

Father Seamus was out in the world doing the good work when the bridge broke, now that its repaired he finally returns.
In his old age he is slow to anger and slow to act but is still as sharp as ever, possible more so as his years have taught him many things.
A long time ago when he was just a wee lad he had a girl, who was taken by slavers, he hunted after them and when he found them unspeakable things had happened to her. He held her as she died in his arms. As she drew her last breath he swore a vow to fight such evil where ever it lay. Since then he has not rested nor grown weary as the image of what happened to his love drives him ever forward. But at the same time he struggles with the hate in his own heart searching for peace within, he has yet to find it, he may never find it; but with each toll he takes apoun him self is one less for others. He now returns to the Temple to train the young-ens and reaffirm himself before he sets out again. Forgot to mention is Dead and a Ghost some times he is in-phase some times he is not, He is also unaware of this. If the ghost part does not fit I will drop it just let me know. I just though playing a ghost priest coming to terms with his condition would be different/fun.


May 20, 2012
Name: Arngeirr
Age: 31
Description: Arngeirr is a mountain of a man, around seven feet tall. He is thick muscled, but despite his bulk is an agile and dexterous fighter.
Bio: Arngeirr ‘s family was once entrusted with the scared duty of gurading a priceless relic of a bygone era. Arngeirr was very young when the relic was lost, and grew up in the wake f his family’s excommunication. Despite their hard lives, his parents did their best to raise him right, and instilled in their son a strong sense of right and wrong. They taught him to always seek out justice, and to be a right and honorable man. He trains diligently, honing his great physical strength and quick reflexes, so that he may fight injustice wherever it be found.
aims/goals: Arngeirr has taken it upon himself to find the ancient relic and restore the honor of his family. He has recently heard a rumor that the Temple of Buzzia collects and protects dangerous artifacts, and has decided to travel there to try and learn something of the relic’s history.

Jacob Laplace

May 20, 2012
Name: Jacob
Age: specifics unknown, physically around late 20s to early 30

A man that perpetually wears a formal dress suit and carries an air of civility, Jacob is well adapted into his role as a wandering butler. He carries various butler paraphernalia, most of which is contained in an enchanted Holding Pocket he keeps on his person. He prefers to defer to the orders of those that seems to be the master of the house, and is more than willing to take assist those in need.

A note-worthy item on his person is a small, battered pewter bell with a worn wooden handle. A not attached to it says of a "Little Mary" that he must seek and protect, a fact that he does not know the reason of, seeing as most of his memories prior his career as a wandering butler is oddly missing. Jacob takes this in stride, more concerned with serving others than of himself, though he seems to slip into bouts of paranoia and rage when his missing memories are triggered.

Brother Korsarro

May 20, 2012
Name: Korsarro
Age: 35
Description: Despite his age Korsarro appears to be no older than 13 at the very oldest. He wears the skin of a group of ducks upon himself, which had been thoughtfully provided by the local groundskeeper. He has fashioned them into boots, loincloth and a long belt-like strip that he wears across his chest diagonally. He often removes this belt to whip it in the faces of those who will not serve him his delicious alcohol. He is the only tanner in the Temple of The Great Falls and takes great pride in his niche there. Due to... certain tendencies to be slightly overzealous when in posession of blades and meat at the same time, his small body is covered in various gruesome scars, some gouging, others mere scratches that didn't quite heal. They are all plainly visible due to his chosen clothing style. Much to the dismay of most everyone who sees him.

Aim/goals: To skin a mighty demon and create the worlds first demon-flesh decorative tea-cosy set. For now he is happy to serve in the Temple skinning the various killed animals of the janitor to hide the slaughter from Mary.


Apr 16, 2012
Name: Sister Bertrille (Layname is Malcom Haraldson)
Age: 172. Born Again Christian, so about 4 if you use her membership card.
Height/Weight: Several feet off the ground/Can't stay on a scale
Hair: Can't tell under his cornette
Aims: To drop fire and brimstone on the unbeliever as if Persian carpetbombing them. Flyers and candy is dropped on the believers. He also works hard at quilting bees, white elephant sales, bake sales, and has the most delicious strudel! Not to mention the choir practice, though it takes a bit of whipping with the ruler to get the class to work as they should. She will pretect them from others, of course, especially when out carolling to the savage heatens in the dead of winter. A bit of nun jitsu is more than sufficient for those times he is on the ground and out of ammunition. Not that she wouldn't be willing to use his rosary beads for spare ammo, but she prefers to garrot his enemies. Recently he has lost her pilot license and must now find other ways to travel and has has to pole vault across mountains using the Ruyi Jingu Bang borrowed from Sun Wukong on those times that he hasn't been able to hitch a ride with Joseph of Cupertino or Nikolaos of Myra. He is looking for the Temple of the Great Falls, where he should be has his levitation license renewed by a siddha or yogi.


May 21, 2012
Name: Devlin Blake
Age: 37
Description: An Apothacary who has seen more than what he wanted out of this world
Aims: just wants to find a quiet place to retire


May 20, 2012
Here's my derp e.e'

Name: Alyssa di Marionne
Age: 27
Description: Athletic but worn down, her sun tanned skin has numerous scars from old injuries. Alyssa's hair is a dirty blonde short cut to fit in a helm and avoid any nasty hair pulling. Standing at five feet and four inches she doesn't radiate an intimidating presence outside of her battered armor. Typically favors heavy leather over softer clothing when the weather permits.
Bio: Born into an upper middle class family, Alyssa was able to continue the martial tradition of the Marionne family line. In her duty as a knight a chance encounter with a potent artifact known as the Canticles of Forty-Five Martyrs left the majority of the unit she was in dead. The survivors recovered the Canticles from the deluded cult and brought it to Impiro who was the Magistrate. Impiro made a declaration that he was keeping the artifact. He claimed with the position of his influence and the assembled resources he had taken time to gather he could shift the balance of power in the oligarchy. He claimed they had seen the strength of the Canticles and made an elaborate and wordy speech to convince them that it was in their best interests to assist him rather than squander their hard won lives.

Seven out of the eleven who survived the battle agreed with him. Alyssa and three others didn't, unwilling to waste the element of surprise she proceeded to split open Impiro's neck with her longsword before he could utter any words of power or conjure a daemonic entity to his service. She retrieved the artifact and with the other three providing a doomed rear guard, fled the city. With the surviving turn coats giving out their version of what had transpired there she later learned Alyssa di Marionne had been stripped of her knighthood and any claims of estate from the Marionne family. She also disturbingly learned Impiro had miraculously recovered from his “grievous injury”.

Alone and directionless but with a clear goal, she eventually heard of and was directed to the monastery to deliver the Canticles to people she trusted. After wards she signed up with a band of relic hunters, using her upper class education to work as the group's junior apothecary under the Surgeon Arnulf.

Aims/Goals: JUSTICCCCCE *cough*
Make certain Impiro dies a second time in a more permanent fashion
Make certain the last two surviving traitors are pushing up daisies before her
Do something decent for the world by helping the Monastery
Help out the Marionne family recover from the black smudge of her record
Invent oscillating blades


May 25, 2012
Name:Hassan al-Muqtadir


Description: Hassan is an Arabic man of average build, with dark skin and silver teeth that dot a broad, omnipresent smile that seems more manic then genuine; he wears dusty robes. Affixed always to his head is a white turban, and on top of that is a fez.

Image of Hassan in his natural habitat

Bio: Straight outta Baghdad! Hassan, known by his friends (you've never met 'em) as CRAZY Hassan, is reportedly the single most prolific trader of camels and camel accessories from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Developing an (in)famous reputation as a legendary trader of hoofed mammals, he travels the world in search of fresh markets, some less conventional then others. As his eyes gaze upon the walls of the Teigee Temple, he cracks a leathery smile at the prospect of whatever sales he could procure within.

aims/goals : Sell sell sell! New camels old camels slightly dead camels one-humped camels! You seek it, Hassan has it, and if he doesn't he'll have it within 30 minutes or your money back! Hassan's ultimate goals are utterly eldritch and unknown to the common customer; has he seen the face of Allah and gone insane? Is he an outsider from another dimension? Did he stay in the Arabian sun too long? No one knows but Hassan, and he ain't tellin'


May 20, 2012
Name: 'Swiftbeak'
Age: 28
Height/Weight: 4'8" at shoulder (length is 8'10", wingspan approx. 20 feet from tip-to-tip when fully extended and laid flat).
Hair (or more accurately, fur/feathers): Chestnut brown feathers with sandy brown fur.

Description: This strange chimera is a hybrid of eagle and lion; taloned forelimbs, feathered chest and head with a sharp, hooked beak, wings of tremendous size, and leonine hindquarters. Much of his body is hidden beneath the bulky coat of his feathers, but his rear half bears the wirey muscle one would expect of a big cat, and when he moves on the ground it is typically with a plodding and deliberate gait indicatve of great strength, but at a pace well at odds with his agile, speedy flight.

His beak is a faded grey color and his talons long, hooked and black; not being a natural creature it is hard to determine much from his appearance alone, as there is no contemporary to compare him to, but a lack of wounds and scars indicates this creature has not seen much combat. A tattered leather strap is wound around its mid-section, keeping a small satchel tucked securely beneath his right wing; the assembly is tight-fitting but haggered, clearly taken from something else rather than made specifically for this purpose, and the satchel itself is branded with a knightly symbol.

Bio: It calls itself 'Swiftbeak', and when questioned on this will only say "it's as fitting a name as any." It has rarely been seen, let alone spoken to, until recently, as a series of outposts leading to the Temple have seen its wings cast their shadow overhead. Strangely, it has made a point to fly over each of those outposts in turn, almost as if using them as a guide; this must surely be coincidence, for otherwise it would indicate some knowledge of the Guard.

It may be furtive, or simply not have had opportunity to expound on its history; certainly, few would be willing to sit down and talk with such a creature. Its like has not been seen before; its existance is unnatural, that much is certain, and for it to come to the Temple would surely be suicide for anything of demonic intent. What past it has will likely have to be taken straight from the gryphon's beak; there is no hearsay or record of its life to go upon, and it has only now set off for the Temple of the Great Falls.

(Just realized there was another thread for this, and it looks like this one is more recent; I'll post this here to avoid confusion!)
Jan 10, 2009
Name: Kira
age: 28
Race: Female human
Weight: 120lbs
Height: 5'5
eyes: Hazel Green
Hair: Blonde
Wears: A tradtional white ninja outfit and always wear a ninja mask over her face to hide her true beauty frm other guys.
Bio: Kira grew up in a small ninja village and her abities are: Healing wounds and injuires that any gets in battle from fighting against other ninjas or monsters. Her father is a Sensei and he sent her to this temple to figure things out about her life.
Weapon: Two battle fans that her mother passed down to her before she died about a year ago.


Jul 27, 2010
Name: Sister Vanessa brown

Bio: She knows from the stares the others give her that they do not fully trust her for she wont give them her full past. Her family was killed due to the fact she had an uncle who sold his soul to the devil and he was the one who wanted her as a bride and killing her family. she killed him before he could force her into marry him and took off not too long after that. she does not tell people how her family died just that she found them that way. She lives in the temple as the cook for she knows how to cook just about anything . She also has a habit of singing while she cooks.


Jun 17, 2012
Name: Urist Tharama
Age: 24
Height/Weight: Notably Tall/Somewhat Heavy
Urist is a rather heavy-set fellow, with much brawn and little brain.
He wears a set of dented and slightly rusted chainmail supplemented with strips of leather and padded cloth where it's been damaged, and wields a massive axe, like that of executioner, its edge circled with pulsing runes of power.
He's a rather loud fellow, too, and boasts of his great skill in battle, but he can't name any fights he's won recently, strangely enough...

Bio: When he was but a boy, Urist still had his considerable strength, and was the muscle of an orphan thief-gang, having no talent at stealing on his own.

This changed one day when a merchant company, looking for guards, noticed his strength and hired him there. He spent several years guarding caravans along the roads of the land.
This, too, changed one day, when he saw a most curious axe being transported by his hirer, and so he took it on a whim and fled into the night.

Now he wanders the land, searching for his fortune, wherever it may hide.

Wealth, Fame, and all that.


Jan 31, 2009
Name: Kaleed Muinatit

Age: 22

Description: Kaleed is a disturbing sight, even for a world such as this. His features consist of a shock of brilliant curly white hair. Which in contrast to his dark brown skin, makes him look even more unnatural. His eyes are a dark, dark brown, almost black in dim light. A faint scar near the end of an eyebrow, another across the side of his neck. Easily, the most disturbing thing however, is his mouth. Dark red thread, almost half a centimeter thick, shot with looks like woven silver thread, woven over and over bind his lips together, letting no real communication escape. As to who or what did this to him, he refuses to communicate. He is able to eat and drink however, and must do so with some preparation, pounding meats, and greens into almost paste, and combining them with hot liquid, is how he gets his intake. Small openings near the corners of his mouth allow a small straw to pass through. This diet has left him somewhat skinner than most of the present Hellguards, but it is undeniable in the way that he carries his body that there could be the possibility of impending danger. He stands at 71 inches tall, which is 6" even. He has a huge scar cross his abdomen, and several smaller ones adorning his body. Both ears are pierced with simple silver studs.

He dislikes being watched while he eats however, and will not usually partake with others, or will prefer to eat with a small group.

His normal choice of wear is a dark grey tunic, and trousers, with knee high leather boots. The boots are soft and supple, and due to boiling the leather heels to soften them, combined with his talent at being sneaky and unseen, he can walk almost undetected. He carries two simple daggers, about 3 inches thick at their base, flowing to sharp points. On both daggers, the words "memento mori" have been inscribed along the blades.
His movements however come from an very old and little known style of fighting. His daggers are sharp and could kill as well as any other weapon. It is the movement and flow of the body that lets one kill. Be it demons or humans. Slow but deliberate, on a 1 on 1 fight he is able to close the distance, while ensuring that no blades come near his body. During battles with large groups of opponents, however, the slow dance becomes a mad shuffle, using blind spots, and the momentum of the enemy to cause havoc and confusion. Imagine rushing a man with 4 others, only to find your point man being spun around and flying back towards you, with a very very grim looking man with white hair following closely behind with a sharp dagger. Terrible indeed.
He cannot speak, but is literate. Although, he does not easily converse, he does enjoy learning. He is skilled in apothecary, knowing his way around even a masters shop. Among his small meager amount of belongings are a few leather bound journals, details and illustrations of plants, and vegetation, different parts which can be used for various poultices, or posions. Dosages for men and women, even children are included alluding to a darker past.

Bio: Kaleed Muinatit has been slowly making his way to the Hellguards for almost a year now. His land of origin is far far far off to the east. During his trek, he has stolen what he has needed, killed when threatened, and determinedly made his way. No one is quite sure what his purpose for coming is only that he is headed there, and will not stop. Friend or Foe, The Hellguards will have a visitor.

aims/goals: To be activity engaged.
To others, Kaleed is either running or hiding from something.
His own purpose for going to the Temple remains his own for now. Needless to say, it is entirely possible for someone to show up looking for a dark skinned man with white hair.
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