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The Land of Averonia

If you wish to play, What Kingdom would you play In? (Post specifics if you wish)

  • Aviana (Avian types)

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Magica (Scalie types)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Dogs of War

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Felonia

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Teikah Temple (the Ursine/Human types)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Shadowlands

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  • Total voters
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Asuarah Garretson

Jan 12, 2010
Somewhere in Europe
Calling those that like playing anthros, evil creatures or even humans or magic users! I've spent 2 years making this world and there's still so much that needs to be done!

All the info I have thus far is on this site here v​

Here's some background for you to read, but feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

In the Begining...
There were Five bands of wanderers, Nomads that journied the world, The Goddess and God, Luna and Solaris, brought them together for reasons that none living would ever know. Upon the site where they were brought together, The Great Temple was built. For a time things were peaceful, but as each band grew and grew, tension built between them. The Goddess and God then planted an idea in the minds of the Head Preists and Preistesses of each Band, They woudl become Kingdoms, and the Bears, the monk-like Bears, would serve as mediators for Negociations of peace. and such it was settled; there would four Kingdoms. From the North, the magical Dragonkin and repltiles reigned. From the East, came the Agile and graceful Felines. The South held the Flyers, ever peaceful and intellegent. the West belonged to the Dogs of War, Canines that specialized in the arts of war. The Goddess and God took the lands of their children, and gave it lift, rising it above the land, and a Sea grew in it's place. The kingdoms decided to call their new home, Averonia...

For One thousand years these four kingdoms reigned seperate. Each year, a representitive of each kingdom was sent to the Middle Lands, the home of the Monk-like Bears. Thier territory was declared a nuetral ground for negociations of peace and policy. for one thousand years it remained this way and peace reigned supreme. Such was The Way.

just below the floating lands of Averonia, the Humans were just starting to grow into a florishing empire of kingdoms. the humans were arrogant and foolhardy, Thinking they the supreme rulers of the lands. The waged war ont he other kingdoms around them. The Prey kingdoms fell hard and journied up to Averonia. Petitioning the kingdoms for help. Five heros took up the call and fought against the humans to protect the prey kingdoms. Little by little the prey kingdoms were integrated into Averonia.

As time wore on, the Heros prooved Victorious, but when they returned home they noticed that their kingdoms were in dissary. Civil Wars broke out in many of the kingdoms, save the flyers, but it was a tense time even there. The Heros then and there decided that a council would be formed. The Five Heros, Keirian, Baju-Lairei, Seirack, Nataji, and Tai-Kah, Set up a Council of Heros Upon the ruins of the very site where Their Ancestors had worshipped thier Goddess Luna and God Solaris.

Wanted and Needed players!
Most Important:
The Darkness: Evil Manipulative cruel (Note: As this is a very important character I will be pickier than hell about him)

Canine Councilman/woman- Headstrong, Confident, Militant type, cunning in the ways of battle and negociation
Feline Councilman/woman- Sweet, musical, jack of all arts (on the flipside this one is actually pretty cunning a negociator as well.
Dragon Councilman/woman- Wise, adsorly type (brotherly to the Avian Heir, Karnai)
Ursine Councilman/woman- Calm, Buddist/Taoist Monk type

Not as important:
Other residents of Averonia - (Varies, Player dependent)

(Big note on this folks, I WILL be picky on the heirs as they MUST be active, at LEAST 2-4 times a week is preferred.)

Canine- No breed pref
Feline- Mostly reserved for twin players, but I will accept single characters
Dragon- Must be strong and dominant, doesn't have to be a dragon, I WILL accept Nagas, Crocs, etc. (Reptiles or Scalies only please)
Ursine Beta Monk - Peaceful Monk (Panda preferred)

Avian heir- I seek players to play siblings of Karnai, bro/sis, single/twins accepted) up to 3 slots.
If you see to play an Avian heir, you will be a member of the Shikitaama fmaily, and I would like one extra detail, I must be either Roleplayed with, or given details of where the heck your sibling character has been for the past 4 years. (Be Creative please!)
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