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Character Creation and Sheet



Being a Mercenary in Spectre's employ is a complicated thing, in many ways. Your character has all the freedom they could ever want, so long as they continue to work and continue to do what they do best. However, unknown to most of the mercenaries working for Spectre, if not ALL of them, they are there to continue the constant cycle of conflict. Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction at some point.

This is due in no small part to Spectre's constant manipulation of events, Eastern Europe is held in terror due to Vonistan's extensive terrorism industry that is all generated by one person.

That is the background for people hired by Spectre, you maintain the status quo because Spectre keeps tabs and alters things to serve the purpose. For a Mercenary, a win/win situation..although an unknown one. Yet again, there are rules..some that are taken from the interest thread. Post your sheet here, any questions? Shoot me a PM for cleanliness of the thread.

1. Have your age match the experience of the character
That's all I ask, I'll give some wiggle room..but mostly let's keep it a bit real, people.

2. Action doesn't always mean 'direct combat' You're more than happy to make a hacker character, a technician, a medic. It is assumed that they would at least be reasonably competent in firearms usage unless stated otherwise. Call me an ass if I start seeing a lot of hackers who are expert shots, but I'll be putting an end to that. You want some super awesome shot, be an ex-solider or something.

3. Being a Merc doesn't mean you can't be a good guy It just means that you're using your talents to make money, in a field that is typically known for it's gray view of things. You get hired for security, you usually leave your opinions at the door like any other job. Just remember, every action will generally have an equal reaction.
Below is a character sheet, due to the more independent nature of this compared to the previous one. Instead of position, you'll have a primary, secondary and tertiary skill. Basically, these are the skills that your character has been trained to do, or has very extensive knowledge in doing so. This does not mean your character cannot do something like field medicine, it merely means that a character with medic/first aid/field medicine as a primary or even tertiary skill will be better at it than you. This is not about having the best character, this is about making a character you want and using your strengths and weaknesses to get a job done, maybe with someone else, or even a group.

Character Information

Hair Color-
Eye Color-
Physical Appearance

Prior experience to mercenary status-



Character Information

Name- Johnathan Margrave
Age- 34
Hair Color-Black
Eye Color-Blue
Physical Appearance-Tall and lanky, John looks less imposing than you'd think. He has the physical conditioning of an athlete who is trying to quit smoking. (His wife forced him to do it)

Prior experience to mercenary status- John has no military experience to speak of on a official scale, but he spent much of his youth in the lands of Africa as a gun runner, and took part in many conflicts before he was hired on by Spectre.


Primary-Munitions and resource gathering, gun running, etcera.
Secondary-Firearm maintenance and usage.
Tertiary-Bootlegging, pirating..etcera.

Growing up to a wealthy set of parents in the south african lands, Johnathan Margrave's parents were killed during the Apartheid and sent him on a downward spiral into the dark underbelly of Africa. Having no where to go and his inheritance taken from him by his uncle and aunt. His father was an accomplished big game hunter and passed the knowledge onto his son. Who used it to hire himself out for whoever would pay him, that soon turned into a more lucrative business of being a courier to a local gun runner. At the age of 18, John Margrave had ran himself up the coast to Sierra Leone where he set up shop as a gun runner for the many forces vying for blood diamonds.

It was here that John made the most friends and enemies as he grew up, amassing a small fortune before he became high in demand worldwide, supplying arms to Chechen rebels during the drawn out Chechnya war and found himself eventually in the employ of Spectre, fueling the arms supply to every faction that needs it.

Seargent Pepper

May 9, 2011
Washington, USA
looks fun.

Name-Seargent Jacob Knight
Hair Color-dark brown
Eye Color-dark green
Physical Appearance-rather thin, muscular but not in a body builder way. Several scars across his torso. Hair shaved into a US Army Buzz Cut, slightly pale skin.

Prior experience to mercenary status-US Army Rangers, Cookeville PD SWAT Team (Tennessee), Blackwater
Primary-Closed Quarters Rifle Fighting
Secondary-Wilderness Survival

Jacob comes from a middle class family in Tennessee, USA. As a child, he greatly enjoyed shooting and joined the Cookeville Police Department at a young age. He was promoted to the SWAT Team fairly quickly and after performing numerous succesful missions for the department, he joined the US Army Rangers.
While with the Rangers, he did a tour of duty in Afghanistan which ended with his HMMWV (Humvee) rolling over after being hit by an insurgent rocket propelled grenade. Jacob managed to repel Insurgent forces until rescue arrived but was seriously injured doing so. After leaving the Rangers, he became a mercanery, briefly working for Blackwater before he was employed by Spectre.
Character Information

Name- Joseph McBride
Height- 5' 11"
Weight- 200 lbs
Hair Color- Brown
Eye Color- Green
Physical Appearance-

Joseph is rather... skinny. Even for a hacker, for a guy who stays in a dark room surrounded by screens of code (and sometimes video games), this guy is very fit, believing almost anything that goes inside the body should be taken in moderation, and in an even amount. Unless it's coffee, tea, or any other caffeinated drinks and Twizzlers. But even with this philosophy, he prefers to stay a bit athletic, mostly running. Though he does have a cough, mostly from his smoking habits.

He normally wears t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, jeans, a pair of Chuck Taylors, and a hip holster for his Glock 17. In the field, he'll wear a button up shirt, a pair of gloves, a pair of dark, durable slacks, a pair of boots, circular goggles, and some kind of MOLLE carry rig on his person, the color of these articles of clothing changing depending on the environment. The kind of clothes also changes during specific environments. For colder environments, he'll wear his sleeves on his shirt down, and thicker pants (he's got thermal underwear). In warmer environments, he'll just roll up his shirt sleeves; he grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he's no stranger to heat.

Prior experience to mercenary status- Michael has no real prior experience in military operations (other than playing video games, watching TV, and extensive reading on military strategy and books on tactical training). But belonging to a crew of meth cookers, distributors, and sellers has given him some real, if not unorthodox and undisciplined, combat experience. That, and having been taught to use a rifle by his father, and using one to either cover meetings or to intimidate others helps round his skill set out quite nicely. It doesn't mean he's the best in frontline combat, but one hell of a sniper. That isn't to say he's not handy with any other weapon thrust into his arms, he's just better with a pistol, a sniper rifle, or a knife Joseph has minor flying experience, having only taken five to six helicopter piloting classes and three plane piloting classes.

He... kinda crashed in all nine lessons... But details, who needs 'em!

Primary- Hacking, slicing into systems, entrepreneurship, persuasion, interrogation, money laundering, lockpicking, vault cracking.
Secondary- Sniper, reconnaissance.
Tertiary- Strategy, tactical insertion, piloting (very little)

Joseph grew up in a bad neighborhood when he was younger. Soon, he fell into the wrong crowd, and got a small criminal career, first being a con artist and a thief, then by being a seller, a planner and an enforcer for a hardcore crew who cooked very, very pure and high quality meth crystals.

After a year of cooking, killing, and covering escapes from the rooftops, the crew had died, one by one, until he was the only one left. He left the criminal underworld, but was unable to get a job because of his record. So he became a mercenary. The only problem? No one would hire him.

So he continued searching, until he found Spectre. Good money, room and board, and you had to not die. Joseph's forte.
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