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The Assembly Of Thoughts Rules

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.:The Vampiric Fae:.
Jan 26, 2010
Why do you care?

01) This sub-forum is solely for the purpose of coordinating and checking interest for group-style RP's (specifically Persistent & Shared World RP). Random conversation and spam is not meant for here. If conversation starts to drift and is no longer pertinent to the RP, take such things to PM's.

02) Only ONE coordination/interest thread per RP. All others will be merged into the originally created thread without warning.

03) Flaming of RP ideas, excessive bumping or negative comments are NOT allowed.

04) Disregarding these rules will result in consequences for those causing problems. This can also eventually lead to a temporary lock down of the RP's coordination/interest thread.

If you have any questions or problems, please PM a Sectional Mod (Dark Pink), Global Mod (Green), Sub-Admin (Light Red) or Admin (Dark Red) and they will do their best to help you. Thank you.

**Be sure to check back often as this thread will be updated as needed.
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