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The Security Center (Club)

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Scotty Rage

Jul 21, 2010
Acworth, GA
The security center of The Blue Moon is a high tech station, protected by two foot thick concrete walls and one foot thick steel doors, complete with monitors that are connected to digital cameras set up throughout the brothel. Aside from having remote access to control the angles of the cameras, it comes complete with facial recognition software as well. This allows the security team to scan and pull up records based on one's appearance, running it through a database to see if there are records that match the face.

The monitors are set up in a grid, several rows across and down, with each monitor usually on a dedicated camera, though there are some that alternate between cameras. There are three seats at the monitor station, since there are usually three members of the security team at any given time watching them. Each seat has a computer at it that can link directly to any of the monitors and pull a picture for running a facial recognition check.

Toward the back of the room is a small table that seats six people. This is usually reserved for higher ranking security detail and management to have meetings to discuss issues involving suspicious activity. In the back of the security center is a row of doors that lead into holding cells, just in case someone has to be restrained for authorities. There's also a fridge for the workers to keep their food and beverages in, as well as a flat screen TV for the off duty workers to enjoy while waiting for their shifts to start, with a leather couch in front of it for seating.

This room also serves as a panic room and fall back station in case major trouble breaks out within the brothel, giving the employees a safe place to hide. Usually only management and the security detail are allowed in this area, but in case of an emergency, employees are instructed to make their way into this room where they can be kept secure from any danger in the brothel itself.
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