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Scarlett's Paradise of Sin (Sixth Floor)

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Nov 26, 2009
Realm of Bliss
Entering the Sixth Floor of the establishment is no easy task for anyone that wants to get with the pink-haired bombshell. The area does have around the clock security to prevent would-be thieves or looters. The purple and plum sliding door will take people to the most exciting private place in Blue Moon.

Stepping inside the wondrous room almost would made the people think that their on some kind of mini-island from one of the tropical destinations. The floor is made out of solid wood to prevent squeaking. Near the entrance is the bed that has a canopy for an added touch if the succubus want some privacy with someone; she sometimes leaves it open to sleep for the overnight and not her apartment that is located a half-mile from the establishment. The walls are made of beige, but it is well made. The dresser located at the corner is made for easy access for the things placed inside; the succubus leaves some spare clothing to wear as well as some intimate things to leave people with her performances. The seating by the windows leaves an awesome setting to look at the beautiful view of the city on the top floor. White, sheer curtains and almond-colors drapes cover the wall when more privacy is called for. A wireless phone is by her bed that contains some speed dial numbers to call the her co-workers and immediate bosses from the building. There is hi-speed wireless access at the other side of the bedroom; it is also where she can look at her check her security cameras from the outside. Hidden at the corner is hi-tech camcorder with a stand if she wants to give the paying members of her website a private show during off-hours which is entirely hyper-encrypted. Printing is done in her room as well. The bedroom also contains a plasma HDTV over at the right corner of the room.

Connected to the bedroom is the en-suite bathroom that gives of romantic feel. The area contains dark gray walls, rich marble flooring, a large mirror with a countertop made of marble. It has a comfortable bathtub that enough for the maximum of three people to fit in and have fun along the way. The shower area has a couple of showerheads in case another person wants to join in the washing down. Lastly, the toilet portion of the area has its own private area and for good reason. The custom-made door Victoria-type door is made so that people from the outside cannot see in.
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