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Description and Guidelines (READ THIS BEFORE POSTING ANYWHERE!)

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Scotty Rage

Jul 21, 2010
Acworth, GA

Building Exterior Description
In the business section of the city there is a building, much like an apartment complex, of simple brick, painted a shade of pale blue. A sign hangs at the entrance that reads "The Blue Moon" in bright blue neon letters among the plain looking exterior. The windows all have thick curtains that are always closed, making it impossible to see inside. Upon entering the building, one is greeted by quite a different sight than the plain looking exterior.

The building stands eight stories, the top two stories being a penthouse, and shares its block with a few other businesses nearby. Outside the door are two bouncers, checking for identification to make sure those who enter are of proper age to do so, though it is known that once in a while someone slips a fake ID past them. Usually, if one has enough money, they can be convinced to look the other way for a brief moment.

There's really nothing that particularly stands out about the building other than the sign. Most people know it to be a simple strip club and bar. Those with the right contacts know it to be a bit more than that, housing the most prestigious brothel in the city behind those plain looking walls.

A sign hangs in one of the windows, the words written in blue magic marker. "Now Hiring, All Positions, Male and Female".

In another window a plaque hangs with words engraved in a delicate font. "Proper attire, including shirt, pants, and shoes must be worn."

IC Rules
1. Before you can enter the brothel, you MUST purchase a VIP card. There are NO exceptions to this rule, barring employees.
2. The customer may not buy, only rent the services of a worker for a specified time.
3. Respect the workers. Any abuse or disrespect will result in your immediate removal.
4. Payment for services is made up front. No exceptions, and no refunds.
5. After purchasing private services, please move to a private room or to the appropriate theme room so you do not take attention away from the other workers.
6. Unless you have purchased the services of a particular worker, hands off. Our workers also are performers, and cannot put on a show with you pawing at them.
7. Trying to enter a restricted area without an invite, escort, or express permission will result in your immediate removal, as well as a ban from the property, and most likely a good pounding from security. Don't go where you don't belong.
8. Just because you make a proposition to one of our workers does not mean that he or she has to accept. Our workers have full discretion over who they choose to spend their time with, and may turn anyone down at any time.
9. The rules may be subject to change or alteration without notice.

OOC Rules
1. You must have a profile created for your character in the Character Profiles section of the Open RP forum before you can partake in the activities in here or any other Open RP game. And you must include a link to your profile in your first post. Do it!
2. To preserve continuity, please make sure your character purchases a VIP Pass in the main club before entering the brothel. The elevator to the brothel has restricted access that can only be unlocked by a VIP Pass card. You only need to make the purchase once.
3. Please attempt to keep correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. People make mistakes, and this is understood, but at least showing some effort to keep your posts literate would be very much appreciated.
4. When moving to a private room, please take your RP to the appropriate private room thread, theme room thread, or to PM so it doesn't interrupt the flow of the RP in the brothel, and the brothel posts don't interrupt the flow of your RP.
5. We reserve the right to refuse anyone if we feel they wouldn't work well with what we've established here. This is nothing personal, but we are trying to keep this thread respectable and would prefer people who show at least a measure of literacy and competence.
6. If you start a private role-play with an employee, please try to be consistent with your posting so he/she doesn't remain tied up and can return to work as soon as possible to keep the threads flowing and alive. If you can't do that, please don't initiate a private session. If you complain about being left after not posting for a few days, you'll be asked to leave. Life happens but you can always come back.
7. Let's be realistic people. You can't be two places at once, so if your character is in one area, don't go posting the same character in another area, because that just doesn't make sense. Wherever you are, that's where you are, period. Don't make me eat you...
8. While we encourage and welcome new employees, if you do create a worker for the club or brothel, please do NOT just claim a 'Top', 'Lead', or 'Management' position without first consulting with me, Candira, or Sinful Bliss if you cannot reach one of us. Any normal employee is fine, such as dancer, bartender, courtesan/whore/gigolo, waitress/server, or security, but the 'Lead' positions are for more experienced and trusted players. Don't just jump in claiming to be the 'Head' or 'Lead' anything. Ask first, or you will be warned. If you do not correct it after a warning, you will be asked to leave the thread.
9. The most important rule is, enjoy yourselves. This thread is meant for people to have fun, and it is highly encouraged for you to get in there and use your imagination to help us create a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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