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Mercs Profiles


Jul 12, 2011
Steve Shaw
Nickname: Bones
Age: 29
Position: Hand-to-hand Specialist
Weapons: Uzi, 9mm-holstered on his side, two knives sheathed on his chest
Height: 6’
Weight: 210
Hair color: black
Eye color: blue
Physical Appearance: Clean shaven (except for some stubble); square face no tats or piercings. Has a huge scare in his side where he was once injured in a fight.

Steve is an expert in hand to hand combat. He studied in Honk Kong for 4 years of wushu, and 2 years Thai boxing, in Bangkok. He captured the state wrestling champion Oregon before joining the army and ultimately the Navy Seal team. However his lack of reverence for military had often got him into trouble, spending 6 months in the hole at one point for punching his officer.
Although Steve is large to average build his quick reflexes helps him to take down much larger opponents. Steve is also an intellect, always burying his head into a book when he gets the chance and blurting out useless trivia.

As Day Fades

Feb 7, 2009
RE: Covert Ops Story...

Personnel Profile:

Position: Precision Expert

Name: Jeremiah Reks

Alias: Officially codenamed 'Longbow,' Reks has earned numerous nicknames within the unit, including 'Zeus,' 'The Finger of God,' or simply just 'God.' This list seems to see constant additions as his teammates see fit, and so long as they're in reference to his ability to deftly place a bullet where it needs to be, he certainly doesn't mind.

Age: 31

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 170lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Gray

Physical Appearance: Ex-Lt.Reks

Biography: Reks entered into the military later in his life than most, but though he'd only been enlisted for a few scant years he'd already seen several promotions, a small yet respectable handful of honors, and had his name tossed around in more than one closed door conversation among brass. This was due to a level of skill that others proved able to match on training courses, but live, in the field, he seemed virtually without peer.

This led to the marksman being hand-selected as a replacement for a team that did not exist, filling the role of their previous precision man, who, in death, existed even less. Speaking of death, the once-Lieutenant had heard his funeral was a nice one - a respectable amount of mourners and a lovely service, even if the food had sucked.

His life prior to joining the team is largely classified, and his life prior to joining the service didn't bear much of note. Nice house. Nice parents. Took up archery as a kid. Took up firearms as a teen. Took up tits and ass somewhere between.

As a sniper he is considered a master of the rifle and the pistol, is known to carry several grenades and a combat knife, has a utility rope and hook hanging from one hip, and possesses fairly decent hand-to-hand abilities. Though his area of expertise is clear, his skills allow him the versatility to lone wolf when necessary, to take on stealth missions when needed, and to act as filler for another position on the team in a pinch.

Reks' leadership skills are debatable. His ability to get the job done is a standard-bearer of sorts, but in the course of it he's known to take a direct, brash route, opting for results over tact. Examples of this can be found in the classified mission reports for Operation: New France and Operation: Pervasive Freedom. He can take the reins in a heated situation if needed, but shines best in a supportive role.


RE: Covert Ops Story...

Name:Johnathan Margrave
Position: Munitions.
Age: 26
Height: 6'2
Weight: More than you'd think.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

For as long as John has been chainsmoking, he's been smelling like gunpowder. For as long as John has been smelling like gunpowder, he's been selling guns, running guns, and making guns. It's quite a mystery why he would be in any form of military in the first place, but he is there nonetheless.

John is hardly an imposing looking man, even with his height, he cuts a scrawny sort of body, that manages to carry a heavy rucksack that seems to have mentions of high explosives, judging by the RPG tube strapped to the side and the rockets peeking out of the largest part of the bag. It's a curious guess as to how he could carry such a heavy bag, that has more mention of ammo and everything between.

Even more interesting is his long, heavy coat. Which has been mentioned to contain more ammo, and more holsters. While John seems incredibly capable on any firearm he gets his hand on, half of his day is spent not doing anything at all, often citing concerns of "tiring himself out early" or "making sure everyone is good to go."

Although, despite his laziness. It is his job to make sure everything is running smoothly, and seems to always possess reserves of ammo, and serves as a very capable heavy weapons expert.


Jul 5, 2011
somewhere in space between Google and Bing.
RE: Covert Ops Story...


Emilyn Belladonna
Age: 22
Position: Infantry
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145
Hair color: black
Eye color: ice blue

Emilyn joined the Military fresh out of High school.
She was never the type to have crazy fantastical "dreams" as a child of being a Ballerina or an astronaut, infact, when asked what she wanted to be she always replied: "I dunno."
So it wasn't any surprise when her parents badgered her to join the military.
She was reluctant at first, until the first time she felt the cold metal of her light machine gun fit perfectly in her hands in Basic training and the adrenaline rush she nearly fainted from the first time she fired it into human flesh.
Now, some people should have probably stopped her there and said, "Ma'am you're enjoying this a little much" But, who can resist a sugary sweet to-your-face personality and a hot killing machine-when-it-counts-gal enough to pry the cold steel out of her soft-french-manicured-hands and her sweet and harmless-seeming smile?

Emilyn is the type of woman who will put lip-gloss on before going into war and will wink at you, blow you a kiss and then blow you're brains out with a shot-gun.
She's not the type to be played with when she's angry, but man is she a flirt. She'll sit in your lap and give you a kiss on the cheek to get what she wants and she can be quite the tease at times, but she's normally all around lovable little Emilyn Belladonna, A.K.A "Poison" Since her last name is also a Very poisonous flower, along with her alluring, but deadly personality; Which gives the Nickname Reason.

Princess Pittooey

Beautiful Disgrace
Apr 30, 2011
RE: Covert Ops Story...

Alexia Lillica
Field Medic(ADV)
Code Name: Nurse
Two 9mm Semi-automatic Glocks
Appearance: (X) (X)
Alexia had studied human anatomy since she was a little girl and was absolutely fascinated by it...especially the males body. She became a doctor not to help people, or cure them of ailment, but to examine them and their beautiful flesh wound. She loved to study how quick their wounds mended after being was different for everyone, and that's what kept it fascinating. However, her favorite things were to cut people up and dissect them like you would a common frog in biology class. She also specialized in autopsies and could determine a cause of death in as little as thirty minutes. But her favorite, favorite thing to do...was to experiment with the bodies natural chemicals, like hormones. She was a bit of an apothecary, brewing things that stirred up a persons testosterone...what made people feel angry? What made people feel horny? These were infinite experiments to do. The human body was so amazing, especially when it bled...oh how she loves blood....​

The Succubus

Jul 5, 2011
The Moon.
RE: Covert Ops Story...

Name: "Creeper"
Age: Twenty-two.
Hair: Vibrant Red.
Eyes: Blue-Green.
Skin: Fair Pale.
Height: 5'6".
Weight: 112 lbs.
Appearance: Creeper has a very slender build, which makes it easy for her to sneak and slip quickly without being noticed, despite her eye-catching long, red hair. Where she is slender, she's extremely gifted in her female attributes which can give her both the upper hand and lower hand; upper hand being she can use her feminine charms to "sweet talk" her way out of situations and down hand to where some don't take her seriously, looking at her more as a piece of ass. Even still, she wears them proudly, using them pridefully to her advantage to either surprise or seduce her way out of things. Despite the fact that she's sly and sneaky, Creeper dresses slightly flamboyantly. She likes to wear yellow and black, resembling sort of a bumblebee. Her own personal joke with that she's like a bumblebee, all you hear is the buzz of her bullet then you're stung.

Biography: Creeper got her name from exactly what she does best: creep. Marines still don't allow women on the battlefield so after going through special training, Creeper was gone, leaving her name tags on the desk with a wave of her hand. Besides, their uniforms were so not her color. When she left, it was said Creeper became her own rogue missionary, working for a special branch of the military but that was just a rumor. Creeper's never shown interest in saying any of it was true or not. All that was known about Creeper was this: she was one hell of a killer bumblebee. She got her other nickname, "Bumblebee" from always wearing the same colors: black and yellow. It was always the same: black, lace-up combat boots that rose just below her knees, clinging black latex pants, or black fishnet, black shorts ripped to a tatter, and that yellow tank top: torn to a pulp but covered by a military style jacket -- black, off course -- with the sleeves ripped to her shoulders and the bottom parts ripped above her stomach so her hands could reveal her black fingerless gloves. Her choice of guns always carry her symbol: a bumblebee charm dangling from a small chain since all her guns have always been the "quickies," Thompsons, Uzis, etc. She never liked "seven only" shots.

Position: Scout.


Apr 19, 2011
RE: Covert Ops Story...

Player: Bloodlust_Beauty
Name: Jane Barnett "Hack"
Age: 20
Hair: waist length jet black hair
Eyes: Ice blue
Height: 5'3
Weight: 115
Position: Tech support
Orientation: Straight
Weapons: A machete that sits in a sheath that is strapped to her back, and a .45 S&W strapped on a belt that settles on her hips.
Personality: a little bold and quite blunt but shes nerdy and mostly sweet she has a bad ass side to her.
Markings: One tattoo of a quote down her side( ribcage) that says "And when you fight a fight worth fighting for you find your victory is well worth more" and one across her chest that says Disaster Piece.

Bio: Jane grew up in a orphanage, both her parents died right after she was born. She left the orphanage when she turned 18 and found her way into a computer store. She spent 8 hours sitting there figuring out everything to do with computers. She has a photographic memory which has helped her with her hacking.
She drifted for 2 years before the military swept her up. Now she works as a Tech.


Sometimes a Dream, Sometimes a Nightmare
Staff member
Jun 15, 2011
RE: Covert Ops Story...

BMR Name : Karameida Yamada
RPC Name : Ariana Lang
Nickname : Ari
Code Name : Sparks
Age : 19
Orientation : Bi-Curious
Height : 5'6
Weight : 145
Area of Expertise : Demolition Expert
Weapons : A small knife and a AA-12 gun.
Basic Demeanor : Rough, Stubborn, laid back, easy going.
Skills :
1- Bomb/Explosives Diffusing
2- Bomb/Explosives Building
Abilities :
1- Heavy Lifting/Carrying
2- Analytical Skills
Image : Ariana Lang
Bio : Having never known her mother she grew up with her father who coincidentally worked on bombs. At a very young age she'd expressed interest and talent in the explosives department. Hesitant at first her father showed her the ropes of bombs and various other types of explosives and she just ran with it all the way. At the age of 16 she was recruited into a "special co-ops" group, although hesitant she agreed. Shortly after her father died, with nothing left tying her anywhere she's remained apart of the group.
Extras : Her analytical skills allow her to measure out a building and pin-point the points to place a bomb to cause maximum damage.


Scotty Rage

Jul 21, 2010
Acworth, GA
RE: Covert Ops Story...

Wow. You two went completely opposite of what I expected. :p That's not a bad thing, though. I like surprises. Okay, that's a full roster. Might be able to squeeze one more in, but for the most part, I think we have a full house here. So, I guess it's time to reveal the big bad Point Man.

Player: Scotty Rage
Name: Unknown (He doesn't share any personal info about himself with anyone)
Call Sign: 'Ace' (Though some tend to call him 'The Ice Man' behind his back)
Age: Unknown (Looks to be between late twenties to early thirties)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195 lb.
Hair: Dark Brown, Long (Usually pulled back for convenience)
Eyes: Blue/Green
Position: Point Man
Expertise: Infiltration, though he is also highly trained in firearms, blades, and hand-to-hand
Personality: Quiet, not very social unless the job requires it, but a natural leader
Skills: Linguistics, Marksmanship, Personal Combat, Disguise, Stealth

Bio: The Point Man of the team, simply called 'Ace', a nickname which was given because he tends to spend a lot of time moving through tunnels and crawlspaces, their 'Ace in the hole' so to speak, is somewhat of a mystery. Little is known about him beyond his skills and abilities, and he doesn't seem very willing to share more than that. He has led the team successfully on several missions since they had formed, though, and while he might seem a bit mysterious and very reluctant to form personal bonds, he's proven to be reliable and he does look out for his own.

Ace comes across to most people as anti-social and doesn't seem keen on making 'friends', preferring to keep it professional. Often when the team goes out to celebrate after a successful mission, he is absent from these celebrations, and nobody knows where he disappears to. Because of his chilly demeanor towards others, some have taken to calling him 'The Ice Man' behind his back. Even though he is actually fully aware of his alternate nickname, he doesn't let on, nor is he bothered by it. The less they like him, the less it hurts if he dies is the way he tends to look at things, because eventually anyone who remains in this line of work ends up in a body bag.

Despite the fact that he makes no effort to form close bonds, Ace has proven himself countless times both as a leader and a comrade in battle, putting his life on the line on more than one occasion to save that of a teammate. Even though he tends to be anti-social, he has a natural charisma that makes him an ideal leader, and always seems to have a contingency plan, no matter how far things deviate from the original plan. Each member of the team was hand-picked by Ace for their special abilities, even though many have some very odd quirks. Each of his people is the best at what they do, and he knows it is perhaps because of their quirks that he was fortunate enough to grab them before someone else did, though the way he rides their asses sometimes one might not know just how much he really appreciates them.

Aside from his hair, and a few scars from many battles fought and survived, Ace has some tattoos as well in various places, including on his forearms, his back, his chest, and other places as well, all of quality work. He doesn't explain to anyone where or why he has them, and most people don't bother asking, since it can be intimidating enough to try and have a conversation with the guy that isn't about work, though obviously not all of the team members find him to be such an imposing character and badger him now and then about his past. He usually just responds with silence, or seems to suddenly have 'business' to attend to, making it hard to get to know him on a personal level. They all know, though, that there's nobody they'd rather have at their side on a battlefield.


Apr 19, 2011
BMR Name : Valchyrie.
RPC Name : Mariam Star.
Nickname : Star.
Code Name : MS.
Age : 23.
Orientation : Bisexual.
Height : 5’5 – 165 CM.
Weight : 143 Pounds – 65 Kilos.
Area of Expertise : Ex-military intelligence and Spy.
Weapons : Grief 6.2. (Gun in picture).

Basic Demeanor : Closed, Loner, Cold.

Skills :
1- Spying.
2- Being soundless.
3- Infiltrating.

Abilities :
1- Athletic – Fast.
2- Move silently.
3- Hide effectively.

Image : Mariam Star

Bio : Mariam had the perfect family when she was a kid, the perfect environment. Her parents were rich, owned more than one company, all of them which were successful, and yet, when Mariam grew old, she decided to go into the military. There were just a few problems with Mariam, she could be hard to handle some times, especially when it came to keeping secrets from her, no matter how hard they tried, she always ended up finding their secrets, so they turned her into a spy, which she was happy with. But why did she become a mercenary then? Well, the story goes she left by herself because of some very bad evidence against the military she found during one mission. This information also lead to the knowledge of her weapon and other very valuable information that the military didn’t get from her before she, “left”. Though according to the military files, she disappeared, and never left.

Now you might wonder why she became a mercenary with such a great home, and such a great position in the military. Well, the answer is simple really. Her family, despite they were rich and wealthy, were also some very bad parents. A father that abused both mother and daughter, and when the father wasn’t home, the mother’s frustrations were taken out on the daughter. Now you might think it’s annoying with a person that has such a background story yet again, but despite other people, she didn’t turn into this little scared person that some people turn into after this, it made her strong, it made her capable of being a spy and kill with no hard feelings, no matter who it was, and one day, the police found her parents dead, hanged from the ceiling in their big crystal lamp.

Extras : Got a ying and yang tattoo over her heart, a navel piercing, two piercings in each ear, and some secret ones. She is half Asian half French.


Jun 26, 2011
Player: Ariella
Name: Sara Kent, but also has papers naming her as Michelle Beyer and Jane Lee.
Call Sign: 'Papertrail'
Age: 21, although she still wouldn't look out of place in 10th grade.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 60kg (approx. 130 lbs)
Hair: Long, dirty blonde. Sometimes braided in a single tail which reaches to an inch above her backside, or into 2 tails that she hangs over her shoulders in front of her.
Eyes: Deep blue
Position: Technical analyst, researcher.
Expertise: Understands the internals of anything electronic better than most, a natural aptitude for it. She is also a master forger, and with modest hacking skills, she can create legitimate identities for anyone she wants to.
Personality: Although she is quiet and withdrawn, she does not like to be alone. She loves seeing the results of her work in use, no matter how minor a purpose they served. She does blush easily at any attention, whether it be praise, or even a prospective partner.
Skills: Reverse engineering electronic devices and replicating them or modifying them for other purposes, some foreign languages (when written, not very good at speaking them).

Bio: Sara was your typical smart girl at school, however she did enjoy the things that got her into trouble, like altering reports, or forging her parents signature to go on excursions they had forbade her to go on (like when she was grounded and the school took a trip to a theme park).

By 17, she had left school, simply not interested in it. She managed to get herself into university to study electronics degrees, and managed to get 2 completed before they found she had forged her admission papers. Instead of admitting a teenager could not only get the better of their security systems and complete 2 degrees, which would mean they had to take the degrees from her, they allowed her to keep them provided she never set foot on the university grounds again.

Fresh out of that meeting, she was bored and looking for a challenge with her skills.

Divergent Delicacy

Jul 11, 2011
Being a lilslut. ^_~
Player: Divergent Delicacy
Character Name: Ambrosia Blue Alabaster
Alias: Blue
Position: Mechanic
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 153lbs.
Hair: Blue's hair is, no, not blue. A shaggy mess of chocolate lock that fall just above her shoulders, she usually keeps them pushed back and out of her face with a pair of clear goggles.
Eyes: Vibrant green
Expertise: Since she was a small child, Blue watched her father work on cars like it was his life. He loved what he did, and shared his love with her daughter. She learned everything she could from him, but at his death of her senior year in High School, she graduated begrudgingly by her mother's wishes, and went to college for Diesel Engineering. Retaining everything her father taught her about cars, and what she knows from college, she can find her way in and out of anything that has a little grease on it and goes "vroom-vroom"...
Personality: A royal bitch. Blue's a hot head with a temper that she never had as a child. Built up anger at her father for leaving her, she'll never admit to anyone that she's still hurting over his loss. Taking every ounce of frustration and anger she can on beating the shit out of the unless engines this place has in their cars and chopper, she doesn't mind. Mostly avoiding the medic, and the boss when she can, she keeps her own stash of anti-bacterial and bandages... Sad part? She doesn't even really use them anymore.
Most times it's impossible to get along with Blue unless you can get into a conversation with her about engines, cars, or something mechanically related. You want her to handle a gun? Good luck. She knows how to load and reload. Point, aim, shoot. Sure. But trying and talk to her about cleaning? And names? Pshh. You might as well go talk to a tree, she's going to look at you like you're nuts.
Bio: Growing up a happy child with no wants what-so-ever, Blue was a golden child. She lived in a small one story house with her Mother and Father, favoring her father the most, and, though she loved her mother she hated dealing with her. Most days as a toddler, you'd see her on a stool with a peanut butter sandwich asking her father question, after question, after question about the car, and the engine, and why certain things did what they did. Patience was his virtue, and at the age of 4, she retained most every answer he gave her.
Her childhood was nothing special besides cars. She didn't deal with men, thought they were a waste of time, her baby was the 1994 Sting Ray that her and her father rebuilt, and she was given for her 16th birthday. Her prized possession, she'd never give it up for anything in the world... But she did in the end. Her senior year, her father became ill, and the funds that had been saved up for retirement, slowly, ever so slowly but surely, drained, and his medical became hard to handle. Quick thinking, and without hesitation to save the only man in her life, Blue sold her car for another lifeline of $60,000. Her baby gone, she bought herself 3 months of time with her dying father.
A week before graduation, he died in his sleep. She never said good bye.
Blue never attended any graduation parties. She didn't smile in that pretty purple graduation gown and cap. She didn't toss her's in the air like everyone else, and she certainly didn't cheer. No, this tomboy, sat there, arms crossed, and cried. That night, on June 7, 2005, she buried her father 8 feet into the ground, and never saw him again. She did, however, take her college funds, and went to NADC, one of the best Auto-Diesel colleges in the country. She spent 4 long years learning everything she needed to, taking special military end courses, and entered straight into the services once she graduated. But, that didn't last long.
A year later, Blue was dismissed under terms of poor attitude and punching her higher officer. That was a thrill alright, and she'd do it again, little punk bastard spitting in her face. Like Hell he'd get away with it... And now? Now she's stuck in this little shit hole of "The Ranch" because no other unit would take her ass. She did love being a bitch.


Mar 16, 2011
Act I. The Profile
Player: QueenSheiba
Birth Name: Tiara James
Current Name: Alicia Black
Alias: Sherlock
Age: 25 (Can still pass for 20)
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

Role: Intelligence and Gunslinger

Act II. The Diagnostics
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145

Hair: Her hair is a dark brown with a slight red tinge to it. She normally keeps it short, but when dealing with her underground contacts and business deals, she gets tracks, making her hair long .
Eyes: Dark brown. she wears green contacts while undercover.
Skin: Soft brown, not really dark, but her african american heritage shows.
Birth Mark: She has a dark patch on her belly, about the size of a dime and in the shape of a star.
Tattoos: none
Distinguishable Mark/Scar: Alicia has a large scar running from her hip to her ankle on her her right leg. She usually wears skinny jeans with one leg cut into shorts so the scar is hidden from every one.
Model: Rosemarie Calloway

Act III. The Dossier

Attitude: She quiet, a loner by nature. But she likes cats. Cats are like people. Studying them helps a lot with dealing with people she needs to track down. Her mood varies from happy to a severe depression, but she throws herself into every assignment, not giving up until she's sure all of her intel is correct which is why she's the best when it comes to gather information.
Habit/Twitch: Everytime she sits to work she listens to Big Band Era and Jazz music.
Quote: N/A
Weapons:Alicia's weapons of choice are 2 colt .45s. She keeps one strapped to each thigh and she's an expert at using them.
History: Not very many people know about Alicia's past and she's become an expert at keeping it that. She learned early on that people would simply think she was an easy target if they knew half of what she'd been through. She did grow up in a loving single parent home, at least until just before her 16th birthday. After that, certain events landed her in the foster care system. Like many, she rebelled and ran away. Luck for her she ended up with a strict yet caring Private Detective who had spent several years in Special Forces. He trained her to be an unrivaled investigator and expert gunslinger. Once she turned 20 she decided to make her way to the world. She bid her adopted "Father" goodbye and joined up with one of the many Merc Groups as an intelligence gatherer.

Add Information: Alicia has a titanium rod in the leg that bares the scar.


Feb 20, 2009
Player: Dark_Times
Name: Jason Gray

Call Sign: Reaper

Age: 22

Height: 5ft 11'

Weight: 170lbs

Hair: Short cropped dark blond

Eyes: Greyish Blue

Position: Militia

Expertise: Blades: Be it a knife, sword or thrown blade Gray has perfected his skill with it. Ballistic Weapons: His skill with guns in well rounded but no way does it match his knowledge of knives.

Personality: Gray is not a kind man, nor does he try to be. He is up front, blunt, and extremely violent.

Bio: Jason was handling knives from an early age, his father first taught him how to skin when they were hunting then how to gut, this was all before he turned 14. He got in a lot of trouble throughout his younger years, most of all in school when the other kids would pick on him because he never spoke. When he turned 18 just before he finished school, he dropped out and joined the army.

About a year into his service time, it became evident to both his CO and his subordinates that he was not entirely stable. From time to time he would snap and attack the closest thing to him, one event consisted of a private questioning his authority he swiftly disarmed the young man and beat him half to death with his own rifle, after tossing it aside he drew one of his many knives and carved the word 'Pathetic' into the mans chest.

Six months before he turned 22 he was discharged for trying to disembowel his CO, after that he began to sell his skills to the highest bidder, he soon found his place. The life of a mercenary ment he had almost total freedom when he worked, though on every job the bodycount would be higher than the last, this earned him the name 'Reaper', because nothing stopped him taking the life he was sent after.


Feb 19, 2011
Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts
Name: Jacques-Henri Broussard

Nickname: Jake

Born: Opelousas, Louisiana

Training: U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis), 1981; Flight School (Pensacola) 1980.

Experience: Grenada, 1983; Panama, 1987; Kuwait/Iraq, 1991; Bosnia/Hercegovina, 1992-93; Blue Angels transport pilot, 1996-97; Afghanistan, 2001-02.

Specialty: Insertions/extractions. C-122/C-130 specialist; would give right nut to get his hands on a CV-22.

Home: Houston

Height: Six feet, one inch.

Weight: 220 pounds.

Hair: Dark brown, turning gray at the speed of light.

Eyes: Green, sometimes perceived as having orange flecks.

Marital status: Married; has no idea where his wife is (hell at tax time; just fine otherwise).

Political Status: Republican.

Personality: Gruff to say the least.

Other: Has occasionally been used as a sniper, although not school-trained. Dead (as in you're dead) shot from half a mile in.
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