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Mercs: The Story

Scotty Rage

Jul 21, 2010
Acworth, GA

There are sometimes missions that are best kept off the records. Some tasks require using agents who aren't limited by certain rules and restrictions. Some jobs require mercs...

Mercenaries, or mercs for short, are soldiers of fortune. Most have had military training, though not all have actually served in an official capacity. They often sell their services to the highest bidder, taking the jobs that most others won't, or can't, as the case may be. They don't answer to anyone's authority except that of the person signing the checks, and even then it's debatable. When a situation arises that requires a government to be discreet, they usually hire mercs to handle it. In this sense, they can deny any knowledge of the operation, and most mercs would die before risking their payment. Greed is a powerful motivator, after all.

Some mercs work for anyone who pays enough, while others have scruples, only working for governments or organizations that they deem as being 'righteous', though it's often a very blurry line. Whatever the case, mercs often make the perfect covert ops units because of not having specific ties to governments, therefore being able to think and operate outside of the box that limits most government operatives. Most of these groups tend to be made up of colorful individuals, usually who have served in some form of armed forces and have been forced to leave for one reason or another. They are quite often the best in their fields of expertise, but their quirks make them difficult for the more 'conformist' operatives and soldiers to work with, and so they find their place among the soldiers of fortune, who aren't as worried about rules and regulations, but would rather just get the job done.

This story is about one such group, the Wild Cards. They are probably the most unruly band of misfits and outcasts one could imagine, yet also probably the most effective covert ops team in the business, which is why they stay in business. This is their tale...
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