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Mercs OOC Chatter

So, here's my question. Would you guys be against deleting the Ranch thread, cleaning the slate, recruiting a few (not many) new players, and rebooting this? Because honestly, it got a little out of hand, and I'd like to go again, but with a different direction and a bit more focus and a lot more orderly.

Anyway, just give me your thoughts.
So long as I may keep Gray, I am up for anything that gets us moving again, I really do like the idea we have here.
We'll be keeping our characters, just rebooting the story. I'm thinking actually start while a mission is in progress just to keep it more toward the action and less sexual at first. I mean, sure, we can have sex and stuff later, but I wanted to get more into the serious story (or as serious as it gets anyway since it is kind of supposed to be a bit over the top, like The Expendables or just about every action anime ever made), and then kind of get into the lighter side of things here and there during downtime.

Anyway, that's two votes, just waiting for others to toss in their opinions. I'd just like to start out a little more focused and a little less silly and random than the initial start we got off to.
I'm essentially for it but I'd like to see it gone about in a slightly different way - rather than deleting what's been established, is there a way we can phase people in/out as needed?

Like here we have Ace, Ari, Gray and Reks, ready to go for now. Can we say the others were indefinitely sent off on another mission(s), or moved onto a reserve team, or something simple we can elude to briefly then continue on? Because I'm certain this is something we'll run into again, someone no longer continuing their character, and I think we need a better way to approach it in place.

A few suggestions for this time around:

Excluding people isn't fun, but neither is having a ridiculous sized team. It makes missions too big and clunky, gives people less room to shine overall, and can really overcomplicate/slow a thread at times. I'd like to see a hard cap like we first talked about, with a handful of different specialists, maybe roundabout eightish? Ten max.

Like I saw you'd written for the brothel's rules, can there be a sort of...quality check? Again, not to intentionally exclude anyone, but there were a number of characters whose players, in their profiles, didn't quite get this was supposed to be an elite group. I'd see something like, 'so and so was left alone all day and never got along with their parents so they got into hacking and when they graduated high school they joined the mercs'... Just, no. That's not how you get your butt into an elite secret ops group. And some were giving like two sentences for their posts. I like seeing people involved, but it really takes away when two or three out of the team just aren't a good fit for the roleplay.

Maybe we can try to keep the non-mission threads to shorter intervals, say no more than two irl weeks before making the call for the next mission. These should be the breaks between the action, not the focus itself.
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