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Headmaster's office 2023 (Frogger's edition Hogwarts)

Jun 11, 2021
The office as always has a sense of calm.. the gryphon statue that raised up to the small corridor, that connects the statue stair tmto the office, laid with portraits of the past headmaster's all enjoying a good long sleep. The office was kept in the same style as one of the older professors one Albus Dumbledore. One of the finest wizards of his age. Or so the current headmaster would insist.
The desk center of the raised area.. shelves filled with rare and magical in items that hold importance to the school and of course the stairs to the upper smaller office. With a door to the rest of the head masters suite and tower balcony.

Anyone that would enter would smell the tell tale signs of tea being made almost as they were expected. And making the tea stood Professor Lewis Potter. Of the potter household a few generations removed lewis worked diligently to keep this school to a high level of success after all this school had a legacy of getting into trouble and he being not just the headmaster but also the defence against the dark arts... Flying and charms teacher when needed had it's perks.

The office did have one subtle change to it.. it was clear that lewis was a well rounded quidditch fan. Be it the brooms all over or the snitch that flew around the office.. or the beaters bat in the table. It was obvious that Lewis played the sport.

Lewis sat at the table with a tea cup for himself and a steaming hot tea waiting for whoever might enter his office.
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