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Headmaster's office 2023 (Frogger's edition Hogwarts)


Jun 11, 2021
The office as always has a sense of calm.. the gryphon statue that raised up to the small corridor, that connects the statue stair tmto the office, laid with portraits of the past headmaster's all enjoying a good long sleep. The office was kept in the same style as one of the older professors one Albus Dumbledore. One of the finest wizards of his age. Or so the current headmaster would insist.
The desk center of the raised area.. shelves filled with rare and magical in items that hold importance to the school and of course the stairs to the upper smaller office. With a door to the rest of the head masters suite and tower balcony.

Anyone that would enter would smell the tell tale signs of tea being made almost as they were expected. And making the tea stood Professor Lewis Potter. Of the potter household a few generations removed lewis worked diligently to keep this school to a high level of success after all this school had a legacy of getting into trouble and he being not just the headmaster but also the defence against the dark arts... Flying and charms teacher when needed had it's perks.

The office did have one subtle change to it.. it was clear that lewis was a well rounded quidditch fan. Be it the brooms all over or the snitch that flew around the office.. or the beaters bat in the table. It was obvious that Lewis played the sport.

Lewis sat at the table with a tea cup for himself and a steaming hot tea waiting for whoever might enter his office.
A familiar scent wafted past her nose, alerting her that Professor Potter has, indeed, decided to stay up at this late hour. Lynette is not very fond of hot tea… however, it seems to be his drink of choice. Every step echoed off the ancient walls of Hogwarts, hinting at secrets she has no hope of unearthing… not in this lifetime or the next. Lynette brushed her fingertips along the cool brick, not startled in the least when the statue rose to give her access to the Headmaster’s office.

It was not altogether surprising to find the man behind his desk, a cup nestled between his hands and a steaming pot of tea right near his elbow… but what did take her aback was the fact she was not sure how to address him. Does she call him by name? Implying they are friendly with each other? Or does she call him ‘Headmaster’, or ‘Professor’?

Lynette decided to forego the dilemma entirely. "I've heard back from the centaurs," she relayed, stepping closer as to better speak with him. Light and shadow played over delicate features, hiding and revealing depths to a pair of dark blue eyes. Of course a heartbeat or two later, light refracted off the young woman’s glasses. “I inquired if we could venture into the Forbidden Forest every so often, with students… but unfortunately, I was met with a great deal of resistance. Perhaps if we try again later in the year, if no incidents occur…”

Truth be told, it is impossible to know what the future holds… especially seeing as how students love to bend the rules as they see fit. Lynette chuckled a little under her breath, removing her glasses to rub at her tired eyes. Being Deputy Headmistress, Head of Hufflepuff AND the Charms Professor of the prestigious Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, really wears one out… not that she will ever complain. No, Lynette choses to hide behind friendliness and a smile. Everything is fine.

“Do you need anything else before we retire for the evening?” Lynette chose to wear Muggle attire on this cool, crisp night, a pair of denim shorts and a simple black shirt she bought years ago at what they call a ‘yard sale’. It was comfortable. The lightweight, striped jacket was a nice touch, if she says so herself. A hand brushed aside some hair brushing at her cheek, tucking these behind an ear as she waited to hear what he has to say.
The much younger then normal headmaster kept his hands around the cup that sat just before him in the desk as he absorbed the deputy headmistress walk into the room and start her words he didn't speak allowing her to get all that was needed off her chest his striking blue eyes watched as she moved and as she spoke making sure that he took in each word and digested it with care. Before finally speaking once she was through.

"Lynette don't worry so much. The ground keeper has made sure any lessons will not go beyond the eaves of the forest.. and while we cannot stop the students from entering I will have the perfects in force ready to stop any that strayed too far and can be retrieved."

He took a sip of his tea before bringing for his hand to click to summon her a chair before his desk and a cup for herself to take if she wished. "What I need from you Lynette is how you are feeling for the new year ahead. We have a week before the students arrive at the school and this being a new year with the extended school year reaching the late twenties.. what views do you hold on this plan?"
"I understand, I just-" Lynette's words were abruptly cut off as a seat was summoned, although... to be fair, it is not entirely unexpected. Her fingers curled around the porcelain cup instinctively, the very tip of her finger tracing along the edge thoughtfully. "I feel... anxious," she confessed at great length, albeit reluctantly. It was very difficult to do so, more than she cared to admit. "I know we have a week before the students arrive, but I feel as though we are never going to be prepared, not fully."

A soft sigh left her lips. It was not long until a wry smile pulled at her features next, revealing a dimple in the young woman's cheek. "Then again... will we ever be truly ready?" Lynette had a shrug rolling through her shoulders next, only for a chuckle to escape shortly after. "What views do I hold? I really hope we can survive another year." It was a joke... though, perhaps it was poorly executed. Lynette was never very good at making jokes.

"You and I did speak of having the Magical Creatures class be more... hands-on," she continued on in an attempt to change the subject. "I know I need to plan my first lesson here shortly, and make sure everything is as it should be..." The more she thought about it, the more Lynette could feel her anxiety rise. Conceal, do not let it show, she reminded herself, taking a calming deep breath. It will be just fine.

Lynette looked down at her cup, admiring the ripples of motion traveling across the tea's surface.
The headmaster watched as she talked he had a small frown to his face that was easy to see thanks to that strange hue of blueish black everyone in his year when he was at this very school thought it must because he was a ravenclaw destined to be there from day one with the house colours so blatantly on display. Even the hat made the jest of how his hair would look wrong in a red or green robe.

His eyes that deep blue focused on her as she continued taking the que as she changed subject Ben even that seamed not to help her calm, he took a breath as he started with a clear show of concern in his voice but one thing that was assured.. authority in his tones a clear sign of knowing what he is doing.

"Now Lynette. You should know better to try and divert me... We have time and we most certainly have the best person looking after the care of magical creatures class.. I would not offer the role to anyone else. Just like I'd not if offered Charms to anyone else than you." He smiled finally a small curl to the side of his lips but it was clear not of jest or of malice just his way of smiling.

"How about this.. practice your lesson on me... Rehearsal presay.."

He stands as he comes around the desk the shirt and formal suit he wore had a inlay of blue and silvers clearly he took his role seriously as headmaster but the ravenclaw was never without his old house colours.

"I'm a fresh faced student come to your class.. take your pick of a Charm and let's begin professor."
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Practice? Lynette held her teacup just the tiniest bit tighter, her smile waning. “Must I practice and make my anxiety into reality?” she blurted out, just to realize who she was talking to. “I apologize, I just…” Having no words, Lynette rubbed at her bridge of her nose, pushing her glasses up and, in doing so, revealing the blue of her eyes all the more. How can she put this in a way he would understand…?

Bits and pieces of dark brown swayed forward, tickling the curve of her jaw. “I… suppose it does not hurt to… practice,” Lynette confessed, albeit on a sigh. From her perspective, doing this is admitting she has a weakness. Another sigh left her lips, this one of resignation. “Ah… And you are a fresh-faced student?” she reiterated, lifting an eyebrow as a wry smile dared to pull at her lips.

“Tonight… I will start teaching you the spell Lumos.” Lynette set aside her cup of tea in order to pull out her wand. Light rippled over the intricate whirls engraved into the wood. “It is a simple and practical spell that many young witches and wizards learn early on, and could very well be one of the most useful. It produces light from the tip of your wand, like so.” Light lit the tip of her own wand.

“It requires no special motions, which is why once you have learned this spell, I will move on to the next - Wingardium Leviosa, the Levitation Charm.”

Lynette let the impromptu lesson stop there, otherwise she might make a fool of herself. Already she feels fairly silly, saying all this to the Headmaster of Hogwarts. “Do I… go on?” Lynette dared to ask, this time struggling not to laugh. A hand lifted to brush some hair behind an ear.
Lewis simply smiles as he watched her allowing her to get into the flow of the role ahead of her. It wasn't the most simple thing being ready to teach the young adults that might come through the doors of the castle but he was willing to make this work for his new charms teacher. After all he himself knew the fear behind a teachers first lesson.

His hands came to lightly clap as he nods. "Splendid start Lynette but I do suggest more work on the pronunciation. Lu-mos make sure that people don't start copying the last gentleman that had the pronunciation incorrect and blew up a feather mhmm?"

He smirked recalling the times before their current tenure as staff where many students ended up causing more then one bird feather or worse the defence against the dark arts creatures running a muck.

Lewis stood as he came around his desk the long flowing royal blue robe he wore hanging to his frame as he stands and gestures with both hands for the woman to stand.

"And remember in class you will seldom sit get use to lectures while standing as your voice is louder and carried more when you stand." He would aid her standing if she would accept as he shows a example of what he ment. Clearly taking this very seriously.

"Good morning class today we are recovering the Lumos charm. The light charm. Recall the pronunciation of Lu followed by Mos to get the desired effect." He raises his wand the rowan wood seams near perfect in shine and polish a beautiful blue handle on it that curls it's design to the hilt where a ravens head is mounted.

"Lumos!" He calls as the rooms light becomes a good percent lighter around them.
“You jest,” Lynette had to laugh, just shaking her head. Of course she did not do ‘splendidly’! Lewis is just trying to make her feel better about her first day teaching. Her laughter leaving her to fill the room with rare, sweet music, it was a minute or so before she could cease enough to follow the conversation. “Emphasize on pronunciation, right,” Lynette repeated, making a mental note. It would be disastrous if a student was to set their feathers ablaze during class.

Lynette brushed her hands over her shorts before rising up out of her seat, realizing belatedly how she stands only up to Headmaster’s chin -give or take a few inches. Wow. It was rather awkward to be doing this… especially so late at night. Anxiety uncurled in the pit of her stomach. Was she truly that horrible…?

Dark blue eyes darted about as the lights brightened considerably. “Perhaps… you should be the one teaching Charms, instead of I,” Lynette spoke at great length, finally speaking her true thoughts on the matter.

Perhaps it was a mistake to accept the position of Professor here. Lynette is clearly too inexperienced to be teaching Charms to the next generation of witches and wizards.

A lump swelled up in her throat, making it difficult to breathe. Lynette fought to do so, despite this, hands curling into the fabric of her shorts. “I-I, ah… I see what you mean, Headmaster,” Lynette managed to tell him. “I will… keep your advice in mind. Maybe it is time I leave you for the night. It is very late.”

If she leaves now, Headmaster will not notice her so upset over this mundane matter. Lynette offered him a wave smile, already twisting to fetch the cup of tea he was generous enough to make her. “Here you are. I hope you have a good night, sir.”
Before she could give him back the cup she finds his eyes them deep blue eyes of his own almost electric watching hers she could tell that he has taken alot from the headmaster that taught him and now uses their methods to great effect as he simply waves his wand and she hears towards the exit the locking of metal against metal as the door clicks shut and locked.

"Lynette... Don't make me have to pull out my own headmasters tricks.. I won't be teaching any class unless a member of faculty is unwell and yes I'm good at charms. I'm also good at defence against the dark arts and flying but you don't see me stealing other teachers roles? Now my dear I don't like the tone or the timid nature your adopting in this moment. So I must ask."

He comes to make sure either of she allows his hands taking hers between the two or making sure she faces him. As his words turn to that of complete compassion and concern for her.

"Is there something you wish to tell me? Lynette?"

He said it as if it was something he read or heard used before by another speaking it slow.. and without force but clearly respect behind his question.
Lynette’s heart leapt up into her throat, almost to fight with the lump residing there already. Must he push? Can he not just let her leave, so she can hold onto some dignity? A pink flush began invading her features, fast and hot. Lynette went to take a step back, but somehow or another, Headmaster took her hands into his to prevent escape. Anxiety curled in her stomach, tighter and tighter.

“S-Sir, I… I do not have something I want to tell you, no.” To admit hiring her as a Professor might have been a huge mistake is not what she wants to tell him. No. Lynette wants to be fit for the role… but her anxiety and nerves might make it impossible. “I-I am fine,” she lied, offering another smile even though tears stung her eyes. “I think I am just tired, and want to retire for the night.”
He looked her over a moment as he has seen all he needs to see. He nods with a smile. Before allowing her hands the freedom they desire, before he waves a hand to the door wandlessly opening the door for her once more.

"If you say so I trust you but know that I am not one for making wrong choices. No one that has even taken the head masters chair at hogwarts has been found making critically bad choices."

He winks to her as he gestures her a chance to leave if she so wishes to take it while he heads to start to clean up the left over tea. Nearly happily whistling a tune.. the school song in fact the tune following from the start to the end unless stopped.
“I… I believe you have placed too much trust in me.” Lynette swallowed hard, though it did little to help settle her nerves. Tears threatened to spill. “I have the dreadful feeling I am not fit to be a Professor, and that I will prove you wrong.” The confession finally spoken, it was then that the tears began to fall, one by one, sparkling like diamonds on her cheeks.

Lynette sniffled, roughly rubbing at her eyes. “I-I apologize. I know I am being a nuisance. I-I will… leave you, and h-hope you have a pleasant evening. I-I shall see you in the morning.” Each and every word was weak, the syllables crumbling.

Her heart feels as though it is in a vice. Oh no. Is this what it is like to have a panic attack? Hopefully not. Lynette turned to leave, a hand roughly pulling out a hair tie and releasing dark brown to cascade about the young woman’s shoulders.
Sighs as he looks over to her as she speaks his sigh wasn't... At her it was more relief that she spoke and finally told him.. he did give a small look to the portrait of dumbledore as if he knew the professor would approve of his delivery of the previous headmasters trick. But he remained now looking at her. Letting her speak her mind before he saw her try to turn and leave.

"Lynette.. please sit back down. Your words trouble me and I find myself not ready to let you leave without at least hearing my wisdom on your tenure here."

His form comes now towards the chair she was at as he makes sure he can assist her if needed if she takes the chair he gently pushes it in as he comes around the table to his own seat.

"Your not a nuisance.. truest me I was at this school before the war.. I knew my fair share of nuisances and you my dear are far from a tenth of what they were." His hands come together before him as he continues. "My fear is that you are going to persuade yourself your not good enough and thus fulfill your own fear. So I am going to have to ask you to trust. If not in yourself... Trust in me and I trust you.. do your best and everything will fall into place like rain against the glass of the great hall in autumn. Or the sun piercing the leaves of the forest at dawn."
Dark blue eyes, hazy and shades darker because of sorrow, blinked at him from behind twin panes of glass. In the presence of Headmaster Potter, Lynette almost feels like a fifth year, crumbling under the pressure and stress of O.W.L.s. It is a little disheartening, to say the least. Every breath accompanied with a small sniffle, Lynette removed her glasses in order to rub at her eyes.

“I-I… I do not know what to say,” she confessed, the words as insubstantial as smoke. It required great effort just to string the syllables together. “I-I-I just… I have difficulty believing I-I will be good enough for this position.”

Unfortunately, it is the truth. Perhaps she should have taken more care in accepting his offer over the summer… Lynette bent her head, dark brown falling forward to hide her face from view.

More tears fell, one by one, falling like rain into her hands and into her lap. How can she trust herself, when the reality of it is… she might be too inexperienced to fulfill the role of Professor. Lynette let out a shuddering breath, ever so slowly gathering her hair back into one hand. “Headmaster… I do not know…” she replied on a sigh. “Maybe I need time… I just do not know.” Anxiety does not disappear in a day. Lynette went to fetch her glasses, sliding those back on and letting the situation shift into clarity. Does he have an expression of pity on his face? Or one of sympathy?
As she scanned his face she finds that he is showing a level of sympathy but clearly he holds more conviction and determination to make sure she is ok by building her up.

"Take all the time you need but know this Lynette. I would not insist unless I knew and I didn't get a outstanding in divination for making up lies or falsehoods."

He smirked at her finally letting her go as he clicks his fingers the door opening for her if she wished to leave.

"My office is always open."
Indescribable relief swept through her, and although she still felt doubt… Lynette did not find it so overwhelming anymore. A bubble of a laugh escaped the young woman unbidden.

“Divination is a silly subject, I hope you know,” Lynette told him, taking this moment to rise up out of her seat. Hands fluttered about to get rid of any invisible wrinkles -not that there were any. “It is very unreliable. I prefer cold, hard facts to… misinterpretations of tea leaves.”

Perhaps this may be inappropriate, but how else is she to express her gratitude? Lynette hesitated before walking around his desk, her hands now twisting together as their eyes met for a heartbeat or two.

“Th-Thank you, Headmaster.” The words lingering in the air still, Lynette leaned in to press a kiss to his cheek.
He smiled at her words of how foolish the divination classes might be but he was going to prove to her how they might not be so foolish.

As she reached to kiss his cheek in thanks he gently turned his face so that she might think it a accident but lands on his lips. He returns the kiss gently and only stays as long as she allows the kiss to linger as he simply smiles afterwards.

"I don't use tea leafs" he muses "but my foresight did alert me to such a notion and I thought I'd offer you a way to calm down albeit perhaps inappropriate?"

He softly comes after speaking to cup her chin if she allows it to place another kiss to her lips only stopping if she talked or resisted.
A polite expression of gratitude transfigured into something else entirely the moment her lips touched his. It was an accident… an inappropriate accident, one she could lose her position for.

Lynette's heart began beating harder, faster against the cage of bone in which it resides, giving the impression it will escape free any moment. Once the kiss disintegrated, an apology was there, right on the tip of her tongue… so… is there a reason why she could not say it?

No, he cannot be serious, Lynette scolded herself. Why would he consider such a notion? It is not as though he thinks of me in that way... Their eyes met again, making it difficult to think straight.

In that very moment… she did not know what to say, or what to think -a rare occurrence, indeed. Lynette usually knows how to feel about a certain situation, and yet… never has she imagined herself to be in this sort. A strange fluttering feeling going off in her stomach, almost as if she had eaten butterflies, Lynette's eyes ever so slowly drifted shut as he leaned in for another scandalous kiss.
Scandalous indeed was a good word for it. As their lips continued to meet turning from such a shy kiss to a big more passionate. His head tilted lightly as he also closed his eyes the soft sound of the door closing quietly behind her as he once more uses wandless and even wordless magic to grant them a level of dignity and secrecy in their act.

Softly he edges her to sit into his desk allowing the intrusive thoughts win for a moment as his hands slowly came to her hands to hold them. To seize her hands incase she was struggling like he was to keep still.

His face was turning a light pink as he does what he can to resist breaking every rule there was left to break but a losing battle was ahead as feels his body start to tremble fron the thoughts and actions that were starting to collide together. Each kiss as if he napped it out already
It was shy, but that was to be expected of a first time. It did not take long, though, to melt into passionate. Lynette knew, deep down, she should be pushing him away… and yet… she could not seen to do so. Maybe it's because she hadn't kissed anyone in a very, very long time… or been intimate in any way. Anxiety and work had proved to be successful distractions.

The edge of his desk pushed into the small of her back. Lynette did not hesitate to take this opportunity to sit down, even if it was rude to crumple the documents there. Headmaster Potter seized her hands in his, gently holding on as he pressed in close. Did he see this happening-? Did he… want this to happen?

Lynette tilted her head up to better meet this kiss, light pink invading her own features meanwhile. A soft sigh had her lips parting… and with that, a slow, sensual dance of tongues began.
The papers on the desk moved by her sitting cause a few items to flow from the desk and to the floor but the main thing she finds is that when she introduced her tongue he is all but happy to dance with hers with his own. Soft caresses of tj gue again at hers as he lets their lips seal softly around one another.

The act was enough to drive any man mad against the expectations and hopes. His hands holding hers come now with hers in town to her shirt that she was so carefully straightening out as his fingers set to work trying to slowly undo the clothing bit removing it yet but most certainly opening her up to him.

He breaks the kiss for a split moment to look at her before unless stopped he comes down to her neck and starts to kiss there. Each passing moment she can feel his hands work to free her from her clothes and his lips.
An electricity crackled in the air, sweet and seductive and tantalizingly tempting. Lynette felt her clothes parting under his hands, exposing skin he should not be seeing… shouldn't be touching. A shiver went down her spine. Is this truly happening…? Or had she gone to bed, and is now in the grip of a shockingly realistic dream?

Lynette trembled under his touch, and when he broke the kiss, she bit her lip. It ached… and it was already a little swollen… which means this has to be real. Air brushed against her skin, making her realize her shirt was wide open. There was no hiding from his gaze. Pink darkened to red in a heartbeat.

Every inch of skin was like pale porcelain, but with a touch of rosy pink. Lynette's breasts were cradled in blue lace, the nipples already hard and poking through the thin fabric. "A-Aah…" Lynette sighed, eyes drifting shut when his lips began kissing at her neck. Ever so slowly she let her head fall back, exposing more flesh for his perusal.
The man stops for a moment as he looks over her form his eyes trying not to linger too long as he tries to gather himself together. Before speaking.

"Lynette if you wish me to stop only ask.. I'm not going to harm you or think less but at this time I find myself unable to stop. On my own accord."

His hands come slowly to cup her soft lace bra as he softly massages them with his hands the thumbs being attentive to her nipples that lay below, as his lips resume the gentle teasing of her neck.

His breathing shows how worked up he is regardless of his offer for this to stop. The hot breath exiting his nose and going against her neck as each kiss leaves a small wet spot on her neck for the air to rush over.

"Unless you find yourself also unable to resist."

Was it a magical force making him unable to stop or was it the divination he did that lead to this after all not all visions are so easy to interpret.
No, wait -is he serious? Lynette’s lips parted, as though she meant to protest… and yet, no words slipped free. Is this what she wants? Is this what he wants? Potter did imply he’d done divination… but he didn’t make it clear if he wanted this or not.

Another jolt of electricity shot down her spine when he began softly kneading her breasts, lace providing additional stimulation to her sensitive nipples. It didn’t help his thumbs were being so attentive… rubbing ever so gently. A soft sigh left her lips, head falling back for his kisses.

“I-I… I…” Lynette couldn’t collect her thoughts, couldn’t put two words together to make a thought. Every breath more of a pant, Lynette licked at her dry lips… just to bring a hand up so the fingers could tangle into his hair.

More than likely, she’ll come to regret this later. Potter is Headmaster, and she’s his right-hand man, the Deputy… Head of Hufflepuff and Charms Professor. Maybe… he intends this to only be a one-time occurrence-?

Lynette swallowed past the lump in her throat and, gently gripping onto the soft threads, pulled his head up… making it to where her lips met his in another kiss.
Each kiss that he laid onto her neck he made sure was worth it before she drew him from her neck to her lips to resume the kiss. Was this what he wanted it would make it clear now that it was as she feels his hands leave her breasts and come to his own clothes as he carefully but with speed starts to undo the robe on his body.

As the robe fell she could see his bare chest before her. How was it such a handsome face as he had would be so battle scarred across his upper chest... Down his left side and what looked like healed scorch marks on his right hip that is partially covered by his trousers and what can be seen by the hem just visible his briefs.

It was clear with his past that she knew he was at the school around the time of the battle of Hogwarts and that he showed the scars of the battle proudly not trying to cover them or hide his heritage.

He allows his hands to come to try and gently push off her robe from her shoulders so she was nearly at the same state of undress as he was. So his hands can have free reign over her torso as each hand caresses her skin with the tender touch of his firm hands.
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