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Dating the fisherman. (Blood n gore)


Seeking dark snuff plays..
Jul 25, 2018
A short story written a while ago now.

The sign said closed for maintenance but John had the key for the pier and the gate soon rattle open only to be closed and locked as soon as we were in. "Its all finished now, your the first visitor" he said smiling as we strolled towards the far end..

Boy, he was a hulk, we only met a few hours ago at in the café but I'm like a bitch on heat,, every part of me craves those powerful arms around me, his powerful cock ramming deep inside satisfying my urgent carnal desires , god if he doesn't make a move by the time we reach the end then i'm going to rape him... I laugh to myself at the thought especially as I'm so small compared to his bulk..

We make polite small talk to we reach the end and stare out to sea.. Im expecting him to turn, to kiss me, but instead he bends over and picks up a rusty fishing knife laying on the wooden decking surrounded by dried blood... "I wondered where that went," He said "must have left it here the other night".

His dark eyes stare into mine, somehow the mood had changed, he seemed far away. "have you ever seen a fish being gutted" he suddenly said "all the blood and guts slopping out. Its fascinating how they flap and twitch don't you think" I stare at him feeling very uneasy all of a sudden and wanting to get the hell out of there.. "I wondered if a person would behave in the same way" he continued. "thats why I bought you here"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, is this some sick attempt to scare me.. My eyes catches sight of the blade tightening in his hand, his huge arm muscles tensing. Before I can react he lunges forward ramming the knife deep into my lower tummy, holding it there as it takes my breath away, pushing be back into the railing, my hands gripping tight the top rails in fear of being pushed over into the sea...

"You sure gawp like a fish" he says coldly, his huge hand reaching down and tearing my short dress away in one quick motion... I feel the tugging at my tummy as he pulls the knife out, the deep heavy pain starting to well up inside.. My head bows down, my big brown eyes frightened to look but needing to know what he's done..

The blood trickling down my panties bubbling from the neat hole just below the navel, I watch for a second as it travels down my inner thigh dripping onto the wooden decking. He grabs my hair forcing my head back.. "Please.. please dont hurt me" I manage to splutter out not knowing they will be the last words I ever speak.

"How does it feel fish" he says, his huge hulk towering over me.. My mind races knowing at that moment he's going to kill me, I want to run, want to scream, want to fight, but I'm frozen in fear, my hands still pathetically gripping the rails as he thrusts the knife hard up between my legs..

I feel the powerful upward thrust as my eyes bulge with the horror, His arm makes back and forth movements as I feel my belly being ripped violently apart... Warm fluids pour down my legs, popping and sloshing noises coming from down below, a hideous smell filling my nostrils.... I realize the only thing keeping me standing is his strong hand gripping my hair and my hands still gripping tightly at the railings.. My stomach heaves and I cant prevent the bloody contents spilling up out of my mouth and nose spraying all over the man in front of me..

"Grossss" is his only comment as he allows me to sink to my knees in a sea of pain, head bowing down, my eyes staring with total disbelief at the sight of the huge pool of blood and guts spilling down between my legs.. I just kneel there. my hands attempt to hold in some of the contents of my belly, but I know its a pathetic effort as most of my stomach is already spilt in a slithering heap between my thighs. The blood continues to flood from my mouth, my throat gurgling as my barley functioning lungs drown in the viscus fluid..

John now splattered with my blood towers over my helpless body, his knife cutting away my top releasing my perfectly formed white breasts which quickly become blood splattered as the red liquid is forced up my throat and out between my lips.. He watches as violent spasms jolts my body throwing it across the decking, arms and legs thrashing aimlessly... His arousal needs a realise, he quickly tugs his belt loose, pulling his trousers half way down his thick muscular thighs, taking his erect circumcised manhood in his hand and with urgency starts pumping as his eyes watch the gruesome site of the small girl spasming in the huge pool of blood and guts.. He kneels beside her in the ever growing puddle of blood and aims his thick cock directly for her jiggling breasts which swirl around powered by her convulsions, amazed at the sight of her nipples poking out, hard as little cherries. He watches her big brown frightened eyes staring upwards, trying to hold back to the exact moment of death when he will sow his seed all over her twitching torso.. "Let go my little fishy, let go"

I stare up at the blue sky, my mind detached from my squirming body wondering how long it will take, how long can I hold onto life.... I can only watch as the man masturbates over me, his huge cock held tight in his hand which moves rapidly back and forth above my breasts Its the same cock I wanted inside of me only a few second ago. the same hand I wanted caressing my breasts, pinching my nipples. It seems like a dream as my vision fixes on the cock pumping out its fluid over my body, a splatter finding its way across my open mouth falling on to my taste buds.. Its the last thing that registers in my mind as the thick vale of fog sends me drifting into eternal darkness.
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