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Brief encounters - my first BBC

Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
There was no doubt about where this was going. We had clicked the moment we found ourselves seated next to each other at the wedding reception. After an hour, the only question was whether it would end in my room or his. That question was resolved half an hour later when my partner Larry asked for our key and slipped away with the blonde whose tits were fighting a losing battle to stay in her dress. Right now, her dress would be on the floor along with her underwear, assuming she was wearing any, and Larry would know whether she was a natural blonde or not. He isn't fussy about the colour, by the way, but he prefers them natural. Like me.

Wayne's hand was under the table, on my thigh and slowly working higher. He leaned close so that I could hear over the din.

'I know what your thinking.'

'Really,' I was slightly tipsy but not drunk, flirty tipsy. 'Tell me.'

He moved forward, his lips brushing my ears, and told me. He was right. The hairs on my neck prickled and a shiver ran down my spine.

'I never use words like those,' I told him and I spoke the truth.

'No, of course not, you are far too much the lady to say them. But you think them. You all do.'

'And who,' I asked, 'are the "all" to whom you refer?' I was proud that I got that all out in one go. Champagne always has a detrimental effect on my grammar.

He leaned over again.

'White women,' he told me. I understood what he was implying.

'My own experience,' I assured him, 'is that size isn't everything.'

He looked serious. 'You're right, it isn't. It's size and knowing how to use it.'

'And you're telling me that you know.'

He nodded and moved his hand higher, under my short dress. I clamped my thighs to halt his progress, held his fingers trapped for a moment, and then spread my thighs wide enough for him to continue, if he wanted to. He did. His fingers stopped when they encountered my pants.

'You appear to be wet,' he informed me.

'Thank you for announcing it to the whole table,' I told him.

'Perhaps you would be more comfortable if you took them off,' he suggested.

'Sure, so why don't I stand up and you can pull them down for me.'

He looked surprised, unsure whether I was joking, and checked over his shoulder to see whether anyone was looking.

'I would prefer somewhere more private,' he said at last.

Which of course meant his room.

Which is where we went.

Everyone saw us leave, but no one looked surprised. It was that sort of party. I wondered later if the happy couple had decided to spice up their wedding my lacing the food with some happy pills.

'Get undressed,' he told me as he locked the door behind us, 'and I'll show you what I mean.'

This was sounding rather too clinical for my liking, more like a doctor's appointment than a hot shag with a big bull.

But I did as he said, which was unlike me.

'Now lie down.' I did as I was told, again.

Then he stripped. Not in a showy way, just took off his shirt, then pushed down his pants. His dick flew out, which was a good sign. And big, another good sign. Bigger than I was used to, but not the biggest I'd had. Like I'd said, size isn't everything.

'Now,' he stepped forward, 'you just leave this to me.'

He took me by the ankles, pulled me towards him and spread my thighs, moving to kneeling between them.

I watched as he lowered himself until the tip of his cock was just touching my pussy.

He held himself there for a while, just looking me in the eyes, before he shifted his weight slightly and began to penetrate me.


A millimetre at a time, if that.

Slowly easing his way in.

Opening my pussy, stretching it, wide, then wider.

Filling me, till it felt like I couldn't take any more.

And once he was inside, he began to withdraw, just as slowly.

And so it went on, no idea how long, just one slow continuous cycle, with him in complete control, controlling both of us. In and out, in and out, again and again, in and out.

I'd lost count by the time the orgasm began to build and I began trembling. I'm sure I caught the hint of a smile, but maybe he was just concentrating.

I was at the point where I couldn't last any longer when he finally spoke.

'Now, tell me what you're thinking.'

I told him, screaming out the words that I never used.

Then and only then, he took me hard and fast, with my rocking under his body, even when my orgasm was subsiding, until I felt the gush of his cum inside me.
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