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A Compendium of Supernatural Stories

Content Warning: Knife-play, Blood-play, religion, dubious consent

As the knife sliced deeper, Emrys bucked his hips and arched his back, his hands pulling against the restraints they were currently bound in. A wicked grin formed on Alexei’s lips as he drew the knife out to admire his handiwork- as well as the angel panting against the tie in his mouth. Emrys’ blood ran down his chest, drawing intricate lines that flowed down his ribcage and pooled uncomfortably against his back from where he was held down on the bed. Alexei leaned down so that their chests touched, the angel below him hissing at the contact on his fresh wounds as Alexei ran a tongue over the rivulets of blood before leaning back, twirling the blade in his hand before teasing the tip of the knife over the man’s pec.

Feeling the angel stiffen below him, Alexei paused and smirked, lightly tracing the letter ‘e’ with the knife and leaving thin white lines against tanned skin. “Getting excited?” He muttered, grinding his own hips against the angel’s crotch and feeling his own cock stiffen uncomfortably in his tight jeans. Emrys weakly shook his head, muffled protests against the gag only causing more lines of drool to spill down his chin. A huff of laughter escaped the vampire’s lips as he let the edge of the knife slice into tanned skin, another groan emanating from the angel below as his body twisted.

A part of him wanted to take pity on the creature below him.

That part was quickly squashed, however, when he looked upon his work again. The lines were clean as he kept a steady hand throughout the process and he could not deny that seeing his name upon the angel’s chest did not please him. Pursing his lips, Alexei hummed in thought before sliding down the angel’s sturdy leg and resting his cheek upon his bloody chest, red eyes closing in thought as he spun the tip of the blade over Emrys’ chest. Alexei could feel the harsh breaths of the other and his pounding heartbeat as well as hear the muffled prayer.

Picking his head up, Alexei quickly sliced a line down and tossed the knife to the side, running a finger down the side of his cheek to collect the blood that was smeared there and bringing it to his mouth. The angel’s blood was delectable, the red ichor nothing more than a drug at this point. Emrys was a bloody, sweaty mess below him and Alexei felt a surge of pride at his work in undoing the angel’s normally stoic demeanour.

His fingers itched to debauch the other man more.

Taking his time as he scratched the wounds lightly on the other, taking a twisted sense of pleasure as he drank in each gasp and groan that spilled from the angel’s lips, Alexei slowly made his way to the platinum locks, bloody fingers tainting the silver strands red. Rolling his hips down as he roughly grabbed a fistful of hair, Alexei could not help the moan that emanated from deep within his chest, his own tightly wound control slipping, especially when Emrys choked out a sound that sounded suspiciously like his name from the muffled vowels. A frown twisted his lips, growing bored of being unable to hear his sweet voice cry out for mercy. Forcing Emrys’ head back by pulling harshly and exposing the smooth column of his throat, he leaned down and ghosted over his pulse, the tips of his fangs grazing over the flesh. He could feel Emrys shudder beneath him, arms straining against the restraints as his body went taut- as if he were expecting the bite that would not come.

“Want to make this more interesting?” Alexei spoke softly, his voice ringing loudly through the otherwise silent room. The question, while rhetorical, was met with Emrys becoming even more rigid to the point where the other was left wondering if he had turned into a statue. Alexei let the angel’s head go and, interestingly, Emrys kept his head back and neck bared. Red eyes sparkled in delight at the act of submission, glad that it could go unnoticed from the blindfold that blocked golden eyes from sight. “хороший мальчик.” Alexei spoke against his neck, fingers making their way to the makeshift gag and untying the knot.

“Alexei, pleas-” Emrys began to plead before Alexei shoved bloodstained fingers into his mouth, nearly pushing his tongue back and choking the poor man beneath him. Gripping underneath Emrys’ chin with his thumb, Alexei held his jaw firmly and let out a pleased sound when the angel bit down and sucked harshly on his fingers, a noise of disgust and the curl of his lip the only indication of his displeasure of the iron taste. Yet, inexplicitly, he still diligently twirled his tongue around the digits in his mouth, plush lips wrapping around his fingers as Alexei smirked again at the obedience. It was rare for him to get one up on the angel and to have Emrys laid out beneath him, a panting, sweating mess with his name carved into his chest, was euphoric.

Chasing the high, Alexei removed his fingers from Emrys’ mouth and let his spit-slicked fingers trail down his chin and chest as he nipped at his neck, watching as the man bit his own lips to keep any noises at bay. With a frown, Alexei grabbed the angel’s face harshly and leaned closer, feeling him shudder beneath him as his breath washed over him.

“If I wanted you to stay silent, I would’ve kept the gag in.” He hissed, nails digging into Emrys’ cheek. “Got it?” He punctuated his point by roughly shoving Emrys’ head back into the pillows and letting his nails scratch deeply as he pulled his hand away. Briefly admiring the four welts that quickly formed in his wake, Alexei resumed his previous position and trailed his fingers further down, scratching Emrys’ hips while letting his fangs graze the other’s neck once again, teasing at biting yet never fully piercing the flesh. Red eyes flicked up to study the angel’s face, almost zeroing in on the droplets of blood that beaded from the scratches, watching as he nearly bit at his lips again before letting the stuttered breaths out.

“ nac arwain ni l brogedigaeth…” Emrys breathed out, earning a laugh from the vampire as he recognised the prayer. Slipping his hand underneath the waistband of the angel’s boxers as he finally bit into the smooth column, drinking deeply as started to stroke the other’s cock, cold fingers relishing in the warm heat as he stroked the stiff length. “E-eithr gwared ni rhag drwg.” Emrys choked out, his legs shaking from the restraint he was currently practising in order to not roll into the grasp. With great reluctance Alexei pulled away and ran his tongue over the puncture wounds before shifting to lean back in order to look at the chanting angel below him.

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil?” He scoffed at the words, twisting his wrist in a way that caused the Emrys to strain against the restraints again. “I’m hurt.” He feigned disappointment, ceasing his movement for a moment as he watched the effect it had. A huff of frustration escaped from the angel’s lips and he looked conflicted, his silver brows knitting together as he worried his lower lip- the poor flesh almost bleeding from how much he tore at it previously- as Alexei could only imagine a million thoughts running through his head. “If you beg for it, I’ll continue.” With that statement, he completely removed his hand only to be met with great protest. “Go on,” Alexei goaded, picking up the knife before pressing it to Emrys’ inner thigh, “or did you need some more encouragement?” He asked, unkindly, letting the edge of the blade bite into his muscular thigh.

An almost broken sound echoed through the room.

“Alexei, I swear to all things holy-” Emrys once more began before Alexei cut him off with a slap to the cheek, once more grabbing his face roughly and forcing the angel still. Bringing their faces close together, Alexei sliced into Emrys’ thigh as he brought the knife up to the other’s cheek, ghosting the blade across the flesh. Emrys went still underneath him, even his breath dying out as he tried to anticipate his next move.

That didn’t sound like begging, now did it?” Alexei’s tone was quiet and deadly calm, idly asking the question like he was asking about the weather. Without much warning or fanfare, Alexei sliced a line down the side of Emrys’ face, hand moving out of the way and instead finding its way around the other’s throat. Slotting his leg further in between Emrys’ thighs and rubbing his clothed thigh against the angel’s hardened cock, another stuttered gasp wrenching its way from his throat. Alexei grinned once again, running his tongue along his lower lip as he thought, leaving the edge of the blade at the end of the cut on his face, eyes following the trail of blood that ran down his cheek and the side of his throat. Giving into temptation, Alexei licked down the trail and, with no warning, bit into Emrys’ neck once again. This time, he did not let up after a few moments and instead drank his fill, ignoring the protests that fell from the angel’s lips and the struggle he put up against the restraints- which only served to grind their hips together.

“Alexei please!” Emrys groaned out, finally moving his own hips with a sense of urgency. Pulling away from the bite marks that were still bleeding with a tinge of regret, Alexei dropped the knife in order to wrap a hand around the base of Emrys’ member, earning a cry of frustration. “Please,” Emrys repeated, his breathing coming out in short pants as his chest rose and fell rapidly. “Just… touch me.” His cheeks were stained a deep red with those words, the hesitation as he pleaded with the vampire bringing Alexei great joy. He was like a cat toying with a mouse, his grip firm and unforgiving as he hummed in thought.

Moving his hand ever so slightly and relishing in the pitiful sound it brought, Alexei tightened his grip once again before pulling away completely, getting off the other man and standing up. With a frustrated groan Emrys threw his head back and turned his head to where he was standing. Despite being blindfolded, Alexei was convinced that his piercing golden eyes were staring daggers at him. “Alexei.” Emrys breathed out again with a sense of urgency hidden in his tone and Alexei thought that he would not mind hearing more of his name spill from the angel’s lips. Chuckling lightly, Alexei took off his own pants and boxers before climbing back to his previous position, making sure to keep some distance between their bare skin for now. Emrys tried once to roll his hips upwards yet Alexei bent further out of reach, openly laughing at the huff of disappointment.

“Patience, котик, we have plenty of time.” Grinning toothily, Alexei gripped Emrys’ chin and brought their faces closer together, ghosting his lips over the other’s. “What was it you wanted me to do, hm?” He knew he was being facetious and he knew he was rubbing salt into the proverbial wound, watching as Emrys’ lips twisted into a sneer. He was curious to see what it took to bring the angel to the edge, to make him fall from his pedestal. He watched as a few conflicting emotions twisted the Emrys’ expression- a part of him regretted the fact that he blindfolded him, he wondered if there were tears of shame stinging at his eyes.

“Please…” Emrys muttered after a few moments, repeating the word like a prayer. Alexei seemingly took pity on him and rolled his hips downward, grasping both of their cocks in his hand and stroking lightly. “Ah, ffwc~”
A Fight
Content Warning: Blood, roughness

Alexei came home reeking of blood.

Emrys turned the television off, silencing the noise, as he turned towards the entryway in which the vampire had practically barged through. His golden eyes focused on the ripped clothing and the blood that had been splattered on it, his own lip busted and the numerous cuts that littered his face.

“Busy night?” Emrys questioned, earning a chuckle from the other man. Alexei leaned against the wall, nonchalant in the ever watchful gaze from the celestial currently sitting on his couch. The two stared at one another for a time before Alexei made the first move to break the silence.

“It was… disappointing.” He grimaced as he shrugged. “This meal did not put up as much of a fight as I wanted.” It was almost laughable how he could talk about his nighttime activities so blatantly with someone after years of hiding them.

It made him sick.

Still, it did not mean that he could not have his own fun.

“Perhaps you can provide a better one.” The grin Alexei shot him was positively feral as he stalked closer, bloodied hands itching by his sides. The urge to fight was even stronger tonight, it seemed, although Emrys was in no mood to give him the conflict he sought after. So, he sat still, posture rigid despite the overwhelming smell of iron coming from the man.

Out of nowhere two arms landed on the back of the couch, caging him in. “Come on, Emrys, does your God say you can’t fight?” Alexei leaned in close, fangs glinting in the light of the lamp, as his blood red eyes darkened. He could barely make out the sigh from the other man, so quiet and barely there it would have been easy to miss, before the Angel looked up at him, golden eyes inquisitive.

“And would a fight help?” Emrys asked, his voice light and patient as if he was talking to a toddler. It only served to make Alexei’s anger flare, his nails digging into the back of the couch as he snarled at the man, hoping to get some sort of reaction from the other.

It proved to be a futile attempt as the other merely blinked back at him, face as impassive as ever. Emrys tilted his head to the side slightly, as if waiting for an answer. However, it only served to feed the urge to punch the celestial in the face, to wipe the blank look off of his face and to finally get a reaction, to finally see those golden eyes widen in shock or narrow in anger.

Still, he ran a hand through his hair in irritation, fixing the man with a glare. “It would, is that what you want to hear?” He spat, the venom in his tone only spurring him to keep talking. “That I need a fight to go to sleep, that I need to fuck something with a pulse in order to feel alive?” He was aware he was giving the Angel exactly what he wanted- the means to help him.

Perhaps after years of being alone he did want to change.

Emrys raised an eyebrow and shook his head, finally getting to his feet and turning to face the vampire. “That was not quite the answer I was looking for.” He replied cryptically, barely giving any warning before throwing the first punch of the night, landing squarely on his cheekbone and the resounding crack sounding through the room.

Laughter ran out as Alexei raised a shaking hand to his cheek, delighted to feel the split skin and blood flowing freely from the wound. His cheek stung and his eyes watered like nothing else yet he still lunged over the couch towards the celestial, catching the other by surprise and tackling him to the ground.

The problem lay with the fact that he did not know how to hurt the celestial. The punches landing on Emrys’ sides only served to hurt his knuckles as the other just sat there, passive as ever as he planned his next move. Just as Alexei was going to throw his next punch, Emrys caught his fist and pushed up with an unnatural strength, forcing the other off of him and catching him by the throat.

That was all the warning he got before he was thrown on top of the coffee table, Emrys quickly hovering over him with a firm grip on his neck.

“What do you really want, Alexei?” Emrys questioned, his voice barely audible. The man underneath him still struggled, determined to try and flip the extremely uneven odds stacked against him. He was well aware of what losing meant specifically for the vampire although he was unsure if Alexei was aware that it didn’t have to be that way. Emerys did idly wonder if he even wanted to change what it meant given the way his breathing grew more ragged and his movements more desperate.

Nails dug into his wrist and drew blood, the scent of fresh blood returning some sense to the nearly feral man as his eyes sharpened and focused on the new source of food. Instead of trying to push the celestial away he was now trying to move his arm closer, though Emrys remained unmoving and impassive as ever, his golden eyes unblinking as he waited for his answer.

Frustrated, Alexei stilled after letting out a yell, closing his eyes before slowly opening them to look at Emrys. “What I want,” he stressed, “is for you to let me go.” He growled, his nails once more digging into the thin flesh of Emrys’ wrist. With a sigh, Emrys retaliated by gripping tighter upon his neck and raising him ever so slightly before slamming him back down onto the surface, earning a grunt.

“What do you want?” Emrys asked once more, voice frustratingly calm. He could feel his own resolve waning with each minute passed and the sharp pain in his wrist only grew with the nails coaxing the blood to flow. The thick liquid now freely flowed down his arm and spilled onto the pale white throat. Alexei twitched and tried to yank free, thrashing with a renewed vigour at the promise the fight would continue.

“Fuck… you!” Alexei shouted as he kicked out, hitting Emrys’ knees and knocking him off balance. Leaping at the opportunity Alexei pushed Emrys’ hand away and shoved him back, his fist soon connecting with Emrys’ previously unmarred face with a sickening crack. The angel’s back connected with a wall and Alexei pounced on him, grabbing his arm in a vice-like grip and biting down mere seconds later.

His hips rocked lazily against Emrys’ sturdy thigh as he drank, soft whimpers escaping every so often. Emrys knew he should put a stop to this. He definitely had more than enough strength to push the other away and yet he simply didn’t. He could always use the lame excuse that he didn’t want to risk any further injury to a vital part of his body although knowing for a fact that it would be questioned.
An Interrupted Hunt
Content Warning: Dubious consent, non-con talk, blood drinking, violence

Alexei stood in the club, lights strobing and bass pulsing, with a drink in his hand. He was scanning the crowd of moving bodies, a red tint to his eyes as the heady smell of liquor and sweat permeated the air. He had not eaten for a few days, not under the watchful eye of Emrys and his insistence that he try to space out his ‘meals’ and to try and supplement them with ‘real food’, and he found himself parched and desperate. It was too loud in here and the lights were giving him a headache yet this was the best place to hunt.

Young adults filled with booze and loose inhibitions was a dream come true for many vampires as many of them forgot what was happening without any glamour.

Knocking back whatever drink he had ordered, Alexei set the empty glass on the bar and pushed off of it, making his way into the crowd of dancing bodies and trying to find someone who was dancing alone, someone looking for a good time with a stranger with no strings attached.

It was not until he reached the middle of the club that he found the perfect target- a young woman in a tight black dress. She was currently dancing with someone else although it was easy enough for Alexei to move in, slipping between her and presumably her friend as it was almost too easy to step in and for the other to back off, a playful smile on their face.

“What’s your name?” She shouted above the music, the slur in her voice telling him that she had been drinking perhaps a little too much. “I’m Marie.” She, Marie, added as an afterthought. Smirking at how easy it would be to get a quick meal before Emrys was any the wiser, Alexei leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“Alexei, it’s a pleasure.” He ramped up his accent, knowing the effect it had on people- especially those looking for a new experience. Strong hands made their way to rest on her hips, bringing her closer as he bent down to nose at her neck, his fangs almost aching from their resting place as he finally had something in his grasp, her scent mouthwatering from his hunger fuelled haze.

Pressing a few small kisses on her neck, Alexei smirked when he heard the soft giggle from the woman, almost pleased with how easy it was to lull someone into a false sense of security. Breathing in deeply before going in for the bite, Alexei almost had his fangs in the soft flesh of her neck when he felt himself being yanked backwards by his hair. The tight grip betrayed who it was, a scowl twisting his lips as the grip moved from his hair to his wrist, turning him around to face angry golden eyes.

“Outside. Now.” Emrys left no room for argument as he dragged Alexei through the club, muttering apologies to the people he pushed aside. Alexei offered no such pleasantries as he tried to pull away from the angel to no avail.

“Missing you in my bed”

The music filtered out of the club as Emrys dragged Alexei behind him, a tight grip on his wrist that Alexei was currently fighting against. When they neared the mouth of the alleyway, Alexei managed to twist his way out of the angel’s strong grip and used the surprise to his advantage.

“Fucker!” Alexei shouted, punching Emrys square in the jaw and grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, pushing him roughly against the wall of the alley. “You starve me and won’t let me have *one* thing for myself!” He punctuated his points by continuing to shove Emrys against the wall, feeling a twist of satisfaction in his stomach each time he heard a grunt of pain escape the angel’s lips.

It was like a switch went off in his mind and he was no longer content with merely shoving the man, switching to his using his fists to inflict pain. He was surprised that Emrys was letting him wail on him like this, letting him express his frustrations in a ’non-constructive manner’ such as this, when a particular hit sent his head to the side and displayed his neck. It gave Alexei pause, hesitating to throw the next punch, and enough opportunity for Emrys to take control of the situation.

“Tell me what you wanna do”

Grabbing the hand that was about to hit him, Emrys quickly pushed Alexei backwards until his back hit the brick wall, hands pinned on either side of him. Too stunned to react properly, Alexei kicked out at Emrys though it was to no avail, the angel knew his tricks already.

“It has been one day, Alexei. Are you telling me you can not even pretend for a day?” His monotone voice was nothing more than an annoyance at this point, the manufactured calm grating his nerves for no good reason. Chest heaving with artificial breaths and with annoyance, Alexei still himself when the ironclad grip of the angel only tightened, a silent warning to be still and *listen*. The music continued to filter out the club, the bass sounding too loud in his sensitive ears, as he tried to pay attention to the others words, although the pulse point on his neck looked too tempting to ignore.

Emrys seemed to notice where the blood red eyes were looking and he swore he saw the ghost of a smirk on the man’s face before it disappeared in an instant, replaced by the façade of calm. Stepping slightly closer so that their bodies were almost touching, Emrys leaned in ever so closer, just out of biting distance. This earned a groan from Alexei, the angel’s blood had tasted divine- for a lack of better word- and he was eager to get another taste, especially after a day of nothing.

“Why don’t we make a deal, hm?” Emrys started, the monotone broken by a slight laugh, as if he was telling the world’s funniest joke. “On the days where you cannot bear it anymore, you will be allowed to have one meal from me.”

“I don’t wanna breathe without you”

Alexei could not believe what was happening. Was Emrys under the influence of something? Who in their right mind would offer something like that, especially phrased in such a way. Scoffing at the offer, Alexei shoved with all of his strength and broke away from the now loose grasp the angel had on him. Pushing away from the wall, Alexei crowded into Emrys’ personal space and looked straight into his golden eyes, eyebrows furrowed in annoyance.

“I’m not some fucking pitiful creature.” He growled, teeth bared and fists clenched. “You can’t just… fuck!” He swore, shoving Emrys back and turning on his heel, frustrated he could not get the words out and frustrated with himself for ignoring the pang of hunger in his stomach- for giving up on such an easy offer. However, it was the principle of the thing and he could not believe the audacity of the angel.

Slamming his fist into the wall, Alexei swore violently as he felt his knuckles split against the brick, pain coursing up his arm and lighting his nerves. He heard footsteps behind him and spun back around, throwing a blind punch and smiling when he felt it connect once more with some part of the angel- hopefully the face, judging by the sickening crunch he heard. When he stood to full height he saw Emrys cradling his nose, a steady stream of blood flowing from where he hit.

Once more stopping in his tracks and fixating on the blood,the hunger in his stomach only growing, Emrys paused as well and seemed to be deep in thought before he took bloody fingers and drew an ‘X’ on his neck, just above the tempting pulse point, drawing Alexei’s eye to his neck and causing his mouth to water.

“Tell me what you really wanna do”

Ignoring all rational thought that told him how bad of an idea it truly was, Alexei nearly tackled the other man into the wall with how quickly he latched on to him, fangs bared and breath heavy on his neck, inhaling the sweet scent of his blood. It took little time for him to finally sink his fangs into Emrys’ neck, nearly moaning when he felt the metallic fluid hit his tongue and coat his throat.

He did not know if angels could suffer from blood loss but it was a chance he was willing to take. It also served as a twisted way to punish the male for trying to curb his feeding habits. Taking in gulps of blood, Alexei felt like a greedy child as he held the angel in a vice-like grip despite Emrys offering no resistance.

In fact, past the blood rushing in his ears, he swore he could hear the man praying in Welsh under his breath. After a few more herty gulps he pulled his fangs out of Emrys’ neck and started to lap at the wound, his disappointment palpable when the wound healed over--
Easy Come Easy Go
Content Warning: I didn't finish this and I really want to
“Good boy.” Emrys breathed, his hand coming up to tangle in Alexei’s mess of black hair. The action earned a glare from piercing red eyes, sharp nails digging into his muscular thigh. Emrys was unsure if Alexei had heard him over the muffled thrum of the club’s music although it would not surprise him- the younger man seemed to have an uncanny ability to hear the smallest noise. His own nails carded through Alexei’s hair after he nipped at his thigh, sharp canines almost drawing blood.

Tugging Alexei’s head back, the paler man groaned as his hair was tugged and subconsciously bared his neck, Emrys’ golden eyes studied him for a brief moment before grabbing the whisky on the table beside him and holding it to Alexei’s lips, urging him to take a sip. Alexei obeyed, grabbing the glass and shooting it back, the thinnest line of amber liquid spilling from the corner of his lips. Emrys watched it carve a line down to the pulse point of Alexei’s neck before he leaned down and traced the line with his tongue, stopping just as he reached the other’s lips.

Cat-like eyes watched him closely as he leaned back into the plush couch, his legs spreading ever so slightly to allow the man between them to push forward.
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