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The once great magickal realm/empire.

Skye Bliss

Jul 27, 2018
The was a forbidden realm that no man was ever allowed to venture into, for it was said to be dangerous with creatures that would kill them eith no remorse, of course there were if you were in the dark parts of the realm but there were other parts that were beautiful and wonderous.

In fact this is where the Queen Rayne Bristol and her mighty conqueror King Jaeherys Bristol had ruled for centuries during peaceful times, their people wanting for nothing. There was food to go around and crime rates were low due to the King sending out noble knights to defend the city of undesirables. It was even said that there was a gate built around the city walls and the city was so prestige that you had to pay to enter.

After all it was were the royal family had resided and they all that to be protected at all cost, there was the oldest daughter who was a beautiful red headed young woman almost of age to be married, her pale skin matched with her green eyes as dark Auburn hair, then there was the twins. Cameron had been a young boy around ten and his sister Cammy the same age were spoiled and didnt have the same upbringing that Aurora had of course. She was expected to learn about the kingdom at first until the twins came, relieving her of threat of being heir..

Then she began to be groomed into an offering to a prestige little family with lots of and money and soldiers to add to her father's alliance. She wondered where he would be sending her off had she accepted any of suitors. They only wanted her for her dowry or her looks, either way it was abuse in her mind and she rather be a male rather than female made to marry.

The day that their father Jaeherys called the first coming out ball in years was to present his son as his heir to the court, the last ball the hall had seen was when his first born daughter was born but that was the last of course. Now, he spent and doted more on his son more than his girls, though his youngest didnt notice and she hoped she never would have to endure that.

Her and her father once had a great relationship as he taught her how to be a warrior like him, teaching her to shoot bow and arrows to kill prey how to hunt, shoot... but it all changed once she had gotten her first blood moon. It was as if he was now embarrassed to even look at her any more much less talk to her.

That day she wore a deep crimson red gown, her princess tiara and best jewelry, she showed up to dinner on time looking her best. Her father of course barely acknowledged her, instead he stood and made a toast to his heir his pride and joy Cameron who smiled and thanked everyone for their claps and cheers. Idiot, she thought they only clap because father presented you and doted on you all these years. You are too kind hearted and not meant or fit to be king, brother. Though the words never left her lips.

He stood and even lifted his glass, "I promise to be the best King after my father, I only wish to be like him when I'm older. Suck up. She though to herself with a smile upon her face, lifting her own glass "Here here brother you will do just fine, you have all of fathers trainings." She knew that would be a deep blow to their father since he too had shown family secrets to her as well.

Secrets that could get her killed if she had a mind to uprise against her brother, though she showed no true want for the throne. She wanted a life actually, wanting that though she knew she would have to eventually fight her father on what his plans were for her, or run away.

(To be continued...)
Jaeherys looked at his oldest daughter Aurora with a distained look in his eyes, a silent warning to her that she need to hush it or leave the table. His daughter knew all too well that look and she also knew not to push him to that point of anger, something that his heir had never known. Perhaps he would be a better King, and if Aurora could stay in the palace and choose her own suitor and live there instead of elsewhere, she could guide the young Cameron to be kind and not so quick to anger or show his iron fist.

There was a reason that their kingdom was offset from the rest of the world and protected by motes and deep rivers with sharks and all sorts of predators like fish that ate the flesh from the bones of men that were still alive and dared to go swimming. She had learned that at a young age, the young stable boy and her wanted to go swimming, only he challenged her to a race which he won and lost at the same time. She had gotten her fathers swift end of his punishment since the little stable boy was actually his ward from a nearby struggling land that was growing and also a threat.

They had kept his death a secret of course and replaced the ward with another from their own lands that looked just like the stable boy she once frolicked with as a child. Now that the years had gone by, no one would question if it were truly the ward or not. Word was sent that he was to marry the youngest daughter of the twins, Camille. It was said they could choose to live in the homelands of Jaeherys or return to the wards home instead, both opted to stay though which had angered the young boys "father" for he had cynical plans to torture the daughter of Jaeherys regardless if she was his sons wife, which would end the peace treaty.

Now that his plans were destroyed by his own sons choice, he set his eyes on the other parts of the world that were not cloaked by magic shields, he figured the more land and people, he would be the rightful king; though no one openly supported him. Those that supported the true royal family were allowed to come and go into the protected land, but once they went inside no one wanted to leave due to the abundance of everything they could possibly need or even want.

Time had passed by slow there due to the magic force field keeping the unwanted out, and keeping the people safe. As if time itself passed by for the rest of the world but left them alone to be a peaceful kingdom. Though old age did eventually creep up, and sickness did enter their lands with every outsider that wanted to be free and happy.

Cameron had grown into a young man, following in his fathers footsteps, surprisingly being the king that Aurora could have ever hoped. It came the day that their father called court, sitting on his throne he passed on the crown to his son and only heir, then he turned his sites to Aurora calling her forth. She was dressed in a beautiful violet dress, ladened with gold her hair pulled up in a braid with the baby's breath flowers in it. As she approached she knelt down to show her respect. "Rise child."

She did so and he looked her over once, from foot to head and smiled. "You have always been the headstrong one in this family, I told you once that I would prepare a marriage for you to ensure our alliances," then he looked at Camilla their little sister. "Camilla will marry the neighboring kingdom, in your place Aurora. I hope that you are pleased by this. You get to stay in the realm and chose your husband, HOWEVER." His eyes grew cold as they glared at her, "You know our traditions, if you can not find a proper suitor that your brother and I approve of, you will be marrying Cameron."

Aurora's blood froze, surely she knew of the traditions of old, but could this really be her fate? Everything in her being wanted to scream out and say no, that she would take her fate from Camilla, to let her stay and marry Cameron but she couldnt open her mouth." Instead she lowered her head with a nod, "How long do I have to find this suitor, father?" The king regent and his son the newly appointed king smirked, both said in unison. "A months time." It was not very long to find a suitor that would be in it for the right reasons, but she accepted. Never one to turn down a challenge.
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