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My cousin becomes my lover part 1

Drunk poet

Oct 5, 2018
I've always had a crush on my cousin Bree ever since I could remember. I know it's a wierd thing to admit as a relatively attractive young man who was not short of any admirers, but there was something about her that just drove me crazy.

Both her and her older sister Leanne were incredibly pretty, but I always got on best with Bree, whenever we were together at family gatherings we would end up sat together laughing and joking and there was this incredible chemistry between us even though she was three years older than me. Although we were a little flirty at times, I never told her I thought she was beautiful and had even had some inappropriate thoughts about her as I got older.

The only reason I had not told her was because I thought my feelings about her were inappropriate, although I've later found out that inappropriate feelings towards family members are more common than you may think and partly because like many good looking young women she wasn't short of boyfriends. I had a few girlfriends myself too, but I couldn't help wondering if I would be better off with Bree.

The night the stars aligned for us was on the night of Leanne's wedding. I was 15 at the time and Bree had just turned 18. I knew from Facebook that she was recently single, as was I. I knew that as she had matured from her pictures but when I saw her in her bridesmaids dress at the wedding I was not prepared for just how beautiful she had become.

Leanne had dressed her bridesmaids in backless and sleeveless satin dresses in a tasteful shade of teal with black lace details and the colour complimented her reddish brown hair and beautiful pale skin and she had tastefully applied her makeup to make her soft brown eyes pop and her lips look lush and pink.

The cut of the dress was such that it gave a good but tasteful amount of her ample cleavage and ended at mid thigh so that it showcased her long slender legs perfectly. Bree had completed the outfit with some patent leather heels and I couldn't help but take a peek at her tight looking ass, perfectly accentuated by the tightly tailored skirt of the dress. I had never wanted her more than i did in that moment and all thoughts of my ex had gone right out of my mind in favour of more exciting ones.

As a bridesmaid, Bree was at the top table so I didn't get much chance to speak to her at the meal, but my chance came shorty after when the dancing began. Leanne had had this crazy idea that after the first dance she would invite all the happy couples in the room to stand up and slow dance alongside her and her new husband but then at her husband 's insistence had added that the singles should slow dance together as well. "You never know" she said gushing with new love, "you may even meet the love of your life guys."

Looking around I had noticed that there were not many single people in the room, let alone any my age. Remaining at my table I was fully prepared to remain seated, maybe even to sneak one of the adults drinks when all of a sudden I saw a soft manicured hand reach out, just inches from my face.

"Can I have this dance, or are you gonna be a wallflower for the whole night?"

Looking up I saw Bree leaning over me, her posture offering me a better view down her dress than a cousin ought to have. She was smiling her beautiful smile and I knew in that moment I was going to be unable to say no. "Sure" I added smiling back, "what's the worst that could happen right?"

Bree took my hand, helping me up and leading me out into the packed dance floor where like the other couples gathered around us I took a hold of my partner's hips as we swayed to the music. Her perfume was intoxicating and I started to feel my dick growing in my pants. I moved in very close to her and, without thinking, started pushing myself against her, along with pressing against her tits. I had never been this close to her. We had hugged many times, but this was definitely different.

While doing this, I gathered the courage, probably driven by desire, to look directly into her eyes, and I knew for certain that she was feeling my dick press against her. She just smiled at me and then she actually pressed harder back into me. I could tell that she was enjoying this.

This went on for several minutes while the song played. We were just locked together, with me grinding on her and her grinding right back. My arm was around her back, and I began to slowly move my hand around her back, just slowly caressing her exposed skin, just above the hem of her dress.

When the song ended, my face felt flushed, and as we parted, she whispered in my ear "That was nice. Are you alright?" The embarrassment was kicking in and all I could croak out was "Yes, I'll be ok."

Then, gesturing with her eyes toward my crotch, she said "You should go take care of that. And then we can dance again later."

I nearly bolted to the bathroom and masturbated furiously into a wad of toilet paper. Her smell was all over me and this made me finish really quickly. It felt like a ton of cum gushed out of me. My stomach was in knots and I was feeling very shaky. I peed and just breathed deeply and tried my best to calm down, hoping I wasn't about to throw up.

I got cleaned up and went back out and sat down. In about fifteen minutes she came and sat by me. Again, her smell hit me like a truck. "All better now?" she asked. She obviously knew that I had done as she had suggested. Slightly calmer and feeling a little bold, I came back with "All better... for the moment."

This made her smile and laugh, and she said "Yeah, I know how it is being a horny and fifteen. I was at your age. Want to know a secret... I still am... Horny a lot that is." And then she laughed even harder.

I just sat there in disbelief at the way she was talking to me. She then asked if I wanted to dance again, but I just said I wouldn't mind just sitting there for a bit and talking to her. Besides, I was starting to grow hard again already and didn't want to walk out to the dance floor with an obvious boner.

She said, "Well, I can talk for a few minutes, but I don't want people to start looking at us funny." She was obviously aware that other people, especially my mother and her aunt would be keeping an eye on me and be wondering what we were up to.

I asked her why she allowed me to dance with her the way we did, and she said "Oh, I've seen the way you look at me sometimes. Do you think you can ogle my butt or my chest that often and I will never catch you?"

Damn. I thought I was being so super-stealthy when I checked her out. I just replied "I guess not... Sorry about that."

"Don't be sorry. Boys will be boys. Anyway, I just figured I would get you back a little by holding you close to me when we were dancing. But, I think I went a little too far and made you, ahem, uncomfortable."

I managed to get out "Yeah, the thing is, your perfume smells so good, and I lost control of myself out there. You... you just look so beautiful tonight... I mean when I think of you I can't help thinking how great you look."

Those words just hung there in the silence for a good thirty seconds. I detected that now her face was getting red. I could tell that she was pondering what to say next, and finally she said "So, you think of me when you're... uh..., how should I put this, alone?"

I just nodded at this point since I couldn't speak. She then said "Wow that's really honest of you but it's refreshing. I wish the guys i dated were as attentive and honest as you. Well, I should get up and go talk to some of the others over there. I'll be back in a bit, ok? I need to think."

So, away she went. My mum was just coming back from dancing and sat down next to me. The first thing out of her mouth was "So, I see you're getting along with Bree. Did you like dancing with her?"

Obviously she had been watching my little dance performance. I just said "Yes, it was good. She's a pretty good dancer." I couldn't really say, "Oh, and I had to go jerk off in the bathroom because I'm lusting after my own cousin." But that's exactly what I said to myself, and I could feel my head about ready to explode.

Mum agreed "Oh, yeah, she's a little firecracker out there, and so pretty." Looking intently at me, she asked "Why is your face so red? Are you feeling ok?" She then put her lips on my forehead like she always did when I was little to check me for a fever.

I tried everything I could do to just breathe deeply. I said "Yep, I'm good. I think I just got a little hot out there when I was dancing."

This seemed to satisfy her and she went over with my aunts and Bree and they were all talking and laughing and drinking, something I couldn't do yet. I continued to sit and just listen to the music. I flexed my leg muscles rhythmically to try to get my boner to go away, and it finally did.

Once I was back to normal, I drifted over to the group and stood near Bree. Once again I could smell her perfume. I caught myself before checking out her ass again and decided to ask her if she wanted to dance one more time. She smiled and said "Sure." We started walking and she said in a lower voice "We'll have to see if we can't be quite so naughty this time."

This time a faster song was playing, so we didn't get the opportunity to get really close. But, sometimes she would turn around and I would automatically look down at her butt. A couple of times, when she turned back around she smiled at me, knowing just what I had done. I just kind of smiled and shrugged and said "I can't help it." This made her giggle and she said "No worries. I like it when I know you're looking." And then she turned around again. She was completely teasing the shit out of me and was loving every minute. So much for not being naughty.

We danced to a couple more songs that night, and as the night went on I could see some of the happy couples leaving hand in hand, occasionally giving each other's asses a crafty squeeze as they headed off to carry on the party in their own rooms. When it was time to go, we hugged. Once again, going on desire alone, I turned and kissed her on the cheek. She was a little surprised and kissed me on the cheek back, and said "Oh, well, thank you babe. You are so sweet. I love you." With a slight pause, she finally added "And I'll be thinking of you too."
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